A Date with Destiny: My Trip to Yale on 11/19: Part 1

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So I am off to Yale tomorrow to view the famous Voynich Manuscript in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library on campus. I could not be more excited. What a whirlwind this book has created in my life. But not the chaotic kind of whirlwind that uproots everything and creates a kind of stress, but a beautful swirling love filled spiritual whirlwind that lifts one up higher and higher. I am truly blessed to have found this piece of work and for the vast richness it has already brought me.

I will be publishing my theory on the piece in a french based magazine http://www.science-et-inexplique.fr/index.php
When the editor approached me and asked me to write the piece I was even more excited because of the area of the world the magazine is located. It is distributed all across Europe but the seed of the article would be launched from the sacred land of France. The manuscript was discovered in a chest of old books in a castle in the south of France in 1912 by Wilfrid Voynich. The manuscript was named after him because of his discovery but it has an unknown author. Experts from across the planet have been unable to determine what language it is written in, but they do agree it is an actual language because of the text structure throughout the piece. So it came from somewhere, written by someone. It was found with a letter written by John Dee describing briefly the trail the manuscript had taken. It had been in the private collections of kings, emperors, and ingenious thinkers such as Roger Bacon, and John Dee just to name a few. What a magnificant trail of happiness it has left.

Now it stands forever in the Beinecke Library protected and under guardianship of its curator and specialists. It has been studied by language experts from around the world, and even the FBI and secret service have been among the many admitted viewers trying to crack its code. So you can see why I am so intrigued. Yale does offer a free online PDF of the manuscript for all to view. You can find it here: http://brbl-dl.library.yale.edu/vufind/Record/3519597

As I have been reviewing the reproductions of the book, and the PDF print out from Yale in preparation, one of the things I have chosen to do is only read the history of the manuscript and to avoid reading other peoples theories on it. I have decided to do this simply because I’d like to see the actual book without any preconceived ideas about what it is. I have my own thoughts carefully organized as I have looked through images, and many people have sent me their thoughts unsolicited but I have simply filed them for later use. I will compare notes after I have put mine to paper. There is something to be said about simply using your own space to access all that is without attempting to bring in other peoples opinions and thoughts into it.  I want to use my intuition without tainted filters. I want to recreate the unpolluted childlike mind as I examine it first hand. I believe strongly this is very important so I am trusting my gut on it. After I have seen the manuscript in person, which I will tomorrow 11/19, I will write my article for the magazine with my experience and theory on it, and then when it comes out I will post the english version of that article here on my blog along with some other in-depth relevant experiences pertinent to my adventure with this manuscript which grows daily.

The amount of people who have contacted me simply in interest of this manuscript, who have watched me post about it online, or talk about it on the air, has been wonderful. So much interest in why I am doing this, why I am so focused on it, and then when they hear the story of how it all happened and what has transpired since the inital agreement I’ve made with the universe about agreeing to work with it (I’m not so sure I had a choice! because quite frankly the way this has all manifested is nothing short of miracle status, and to ignore that would go against everythingI believe in) has been astonishing. Both personally and professionally. It has required I let go of many things that do not align with this magic, and in shedding those things I have felt refreshed in so many ways.

As a psychic when I touch things I get impressions. When I see things I can read the energy of these items. When I read words other elements make themselves known. I am excited about what I will see, feel, and intuit from the actual book itself, and it is the main reason why I am making the journey to Yale to see the manuscript in person. I am called and practically magnetically pulled there, I have learned not to ignore such things. What will it psychically reveal?

There is a grand story involved in all of this. A story I can’t wait to share. But for now I must hold off until the time is ripe for that sharing. I offer this glimpse into it, mostly a teaser I know, but you must trust me that in holding back the rest, it will only deepen its meaning. This is a grand crossroads for me. It is a moment that has slowed down time, revealed many insights and visions I will share as well. But for now, I simply offer my excitement in the journey. I hope you will share this amazing adventure with me as it unfolds. So much has already come out of it, so many synchronistic alignments made, so many amazing ‘ah ha’ moments already had, with more to come.

I have fallen in love with this book. Literally. It feels familiar and yet remote. Challenging my curiosity and senses to KNOW IT. To feel it. To approach it with honor and care. It invokes a level of respect like the kind we ask and require of our teachers in life, to only offer love and understanding from the heart and asks us not to come from our wounds. It feels fragile like a baby bird, yet strong like diamonds. A teaching that has withstood the tests of time, held fast through the ages, and for each person it has been in the hands of, it has captured a part of them as it has traveled. It has captured me in many ways already. Willingly I go. Following my heart, my intuitive senses, and my childlike curiosity.

I don’t care if anyone reads my theory. All I care about is the relation I am building with this work. May I honor it like a grand lover, approach it like a king or a queen, may I feel its gentle essence on my fingertips, may I do it with the upmost respect, and may I find the heart of it where the gates and portals of the worlds it shares are. Being in love creates a kind of energy that envelopes you, protects you, guides you, shows you things you may have otherwise missed. It keeps the distractions away, the negative energies at bay, and keeps one focused on it in ways that other states of feeling do not.

Will this manuscript be the great love of my life? I believe it already is, and has been for many lifetimes. The journey is personal, and yet collective. Balancing between both points of reference takes patience, skill and grounding. It is about you, and yet it is not about you. To know the difference takes practice and wisdom. Am I wise? I’m wise enough to know how I can work productively in both states of mind.


Voynich Manuscript 2


  1. Have you contacted the Beinecke Library in advance of turning up there? The curators’ policy has for some time been to not allow any visitor to handle the Voynich Manuscript themselves. Just so you know…

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