Out of the Void, into the Meat

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I AM talking to you.
You can see it.
Why is that?

Who do you think you are loving me like that?
Entering the gate of my heart fire.
Burn, baby burn.
Bones, to ashes, ashes to dust, dust to stars.

Some of us communicate differently.
Some of us aren’t afraid to love.
Some of us know how to protect that love.
Where most have forgotten.

If you want to test someones level of fear,
tell them you love them, and mean it.
watch what they do.
Study them.
See them for who they really are.

Test them so you can see further into them.
Dissected fear.
Then when you have found all the pieces of them, all the masks they wear,
merge them into ONE.
Holy See.

Lift the vision higher.
See them beyond their known heartspace.
Grow further, expand.

Lift the vision brighter.
See them pure, from YOUR innocent holy child state.
Keep going. Climactic epiphany here.
See them clearly.

Take the Vision Further
Next level shit.
Be warned. You can only love them deeper here, penetrating their bliss.
Can you hang?

I have my doubts. But that only weakens my life-force.
So I will stop doubting.
I will see you for who you are in all ways.
I will watch and observe your integrity.
Weighing your heart worthy of this kind of
powerful love.

Be the holy container.
Pour selectively.
With intent.

Fertile grounds, awakened.

Your blessings are potent when in your full power.
Send that out into the world any chance you get.

Who are you to tell me to be quiet. Or else.
I smile at your ignorance. Ripen your wise.
You should know better.

My words are sacred.
So are yours.
So speak up and speak better.
Together our voices are stronger. ME mirrored into WE.
The words we speak, go further.
Through billions of years of ancient memory. Stirring.

That is the only place I’m interested in talking.
Communication invocation.
Calling you home.
Take it or leave it.

Everything is multidimensional.
Even what you are currently reading.
Can you travel through them?
What do you see?
Am I talking to you?
Can you hear me?
More importantly, can you find me.

Time tracking. Dimensionally.
The more you find, the more places you can go with what you say.
It’s like being a moth whisperer
You emit a frequency only certain others can hear.
Under the radar. Channels. Follow them.

Maybe you’ll learn something.

Secret worlds. Doors. Gateways. Portals. Cosmic and Earth.
Can you find them?
Do you really want too?
Maybe its just easier to pass on it all. Maybe next lifetime.
Yeah. You think you’ll get off that easy?

How many times will you read this looking for me?
How good are you at your study?
We shall see.

For now you are worthy of my silence.
Find me there. Then we can talk.

Hillary Raimo 


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