Maria, Maria-nne …… The Sisterhood Rises

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Maria, the mystery, found in Greece, like an ancient artifact. Unearthed.
In a gypsy camp. Nurtured by the Gypsy.
Star child seed unpolluted mind of innocence.

Your other half.

Rise up Sisterhood, Rise
Awaken your hearts, and shine your light
Face the darkness of your wombs
See inside yourself until you find the constellations
Beyond the known

You can only be the rose, if you are truly being yourself.
Unfold your layers of love
Let go of your essence, give it away
Let it be known

Maria has returned from the stars to give us grace, courage, power, love
Her parents are not of the Earth
Starseeds flow within her blood

She remembers all the healing songs. She has all the records inside her
Carefully stowed.
Guarded by a Gyspy. Well. Keeper of the one.

Laws are lifted, prayers are heard.
Can you hear them?

Maria-nne. Maria. Charging through the usual patterns. Being seen and heard
Passing power on through thoughtful hearts
Thinking better visions, then doing them
Follow Thru

Inspiring others. Lighting lights.
Can you move beyond the complaining and the BULL?
How do you see it?
It’s not always about you.

Everything is symbolic of something for everyone
Same finds same.
Like attracts like. For a reason.

America wake up, your soul will rise, like the SISTERHOOD Returning
Brothers soften your gaze, see her better, stop such rational lines, choose better lighting.
Love her anyway.

Confirmation in synchronization
Validation in visions manifest as I becomes WE
If you don’t like what you see, choose to infuse love into it, by acting on it
Stop being such a chicken shit

Can you let go of your identity? everything you’ve accomplished, are KNOWN for?
Can you find humility on your pedestal?
It’s not about how many books you’ve written, or how many times you’ve been acknowledged
It’s not about who you are, it’s about WHAT you are

Marianne will enter thru the 33rd district stargate.
Divine feminine arises.
Maria will help us remember our origins, by way of the genetics
when she reunites with her true family.

How do you validate your vision?

Hillary Raimo
Written 11/22

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