How do you infuse consciousness?

How do you go into the different bands of consciousness swirling around you at all times NOW?

Deliberately. With intention. Will.
You choose freely.

How many people do we have on this planet?
A lot.

Each person is a lifetime that swirls on the planet RIGHT NOW, happening all around you.
Spinning in circular moments. round and round of the same?
How do you move through all of them at once?

If we are all one, then you are another of my lifetimes, and I am yours.
Those we keep closest to us are our most recent perhaps?
or maybe those we need most to remember right now.
to help show us what we need to remember.
right now

How do you reach out to the rest of the lifetimes around you?
You speak UP. You say it LOUDER.

Then when they all look and start to listen, when they HEAR your call.
Then the life force is one through all consciousness. You create a clear direct way to source.

Unified rings of power.
free energy.

It feels like listening to a symphony as it makes sound inside your head.
Ah HA conceptions of Divine love merged into the philosophers stone with each specific tone.
Did you listen closer?

Try again.

As you try to invoke my Dark Mother I see her and we smile.
Now she only rages when someone hurts the EARTH.
Protectress of life.

When all are in source, nothing but love can be known.
The big catch 22.
You can’t be anything else. Why would you want too?

Here the field is unified.
Describe that in terms of Physics.

So call into all of your lifetimes, both past and future.
Say your prayers.

If that means going into other levels of consciousness, yours, society
if it means taking on the main vein of consciousness on this planet,
if it means breaking into mainstream, if it means jumping comfort zones the way we jump time zones, then do it.


Good, then you know its for you.
Open your eyes and see

the divine deliberate coordination of grids and maps into all levels, all lifetimes of YOU, ME, WE, 1
Is all around you. Can you move through it consciously?
Can you meet everyone one on one and see yourself in them and fall in love?

Test me.
I welcome it.
I want to love you.

Let it in.
Learn how to receive, so all your lifetimes can remember too.
Light up the masses.

Open HER up. Form stars in the dark. Spin constellations. Stir the myths.
Say the prayers here in this sacred space.

Impregnante the womb with a thought formed from that stance.
See what happens.

I dare you.
because I love you.


YOU, are a Universe born of your mind, flavored by your heart.
WE, are a Universe born of our minds, flavored by our hearts.

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