Every one needs one.

Who is yours?

How do you honor her?

Inquisition karma rectified.

New yet ancient one, seen again.

Navigator of the dimensional fields of grain.

Weaver of visions and dreams, she is.



Holder of the void. Keeper of the visions.

How well do you know her?

Are you afraid of her power? How about her love? Her anger?

Arms length just to be safe?

Pushed away the best you can. You know you could do better. Drown her in the abyss.

Who is she to see you?

She operates in the space inbetween worlds.

Master of the liquid light and shadow.

Her medicine grows in green leaf all around you, she knows how to communicate with them clearly.

Language translated into words of higher meaning by way of ether. She tells you she loves you and you run screaming. Malnourished male energies swirling. Dying of thirst.

Suckled tit of the oracle. Asking questions only enhances the mixture.

Believe in yourself once you know yourself.


Harvest your reapings.

Empower your creations.

Love her within yourself.








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