9/11 Message

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What does it mean to memorialize something or someone? It means to cement the memory forever into our consciousness. So we never forget. Like post dramatic stress disorder we ride the pain. Flash backs of it come and go and we suffer. Unless we find the beauty in it all. If we can transform the pain into something else, like joy of beauty, something symbolic of a higher way of seeing it. Gifted a vision to forever call on to remember, not the pain and suffering, but the beauty and light. Can we accept that vision of higher order? or do we choose to suffer.

911 reminds us to practice this elevation of mind, body and soul. You can surely tap into whatever layer you want. Consciously or otherwise. You can destroy the beauty by way of darkness and hate, seek out war and separation, focus on whose to blame, and why, or you can move on and see it as something else.


How do you see most things in your life? Are they beautiful in the beginning, and then run their course and transform into what exactly? … how do you choose?  What inside of you prefers to destroy beauty rather than nurture it? Who are you to decide what happens anyhow. It is never really up to you other than in how you translate events and what  you do with information. You are the processor. Have you crashed yet?


Tears flow today because grief is saturated into the morphogenetic fields on 9/11. You are so connected to each other you will feel every thought and word that flows out through all our mind and hearts, that ever has been, a clear concise and effective memory system. How else could you know everything? To write about truth we must translate it into words everyone can understand which is why it has been so hard to do so for many. Our minds wish to analyze everything and tear it apart dissecting all of the components for better understanding when in fact the understanding comes from all of it together as one giant bigger picture. The plateau of our awareness seeks to emanate the vibrations of the cosmos, climbing to that plateau will be a journey in and of itself, and once you get there you must be prepared for the intensity of it all. There is no more processing, only experiencing, only real authentic pleasurable bliss, parts of you will fight that to the death. Why? because everything wants to live, even your hate and your fear.

Tiers of universes within. You are somewhere, anywhere, and nowhere all the time. Floating, sinking, flying to and from. All the while surrounded with the universal manna that pierces all. So even when we connect to the heavy stuff, or it presents itself to be transmuted into love, you must deal with it. You simply cannot run away from it anymore, nor can you pretend it does not exist. It will stalk you in all the right places. Watch you constantly to see what you do and how you choose.

One drop of pure love into your consciousness changes everything, all worlds, all dimensions, all states of being. How can you ever refuse such transformation? Do you even know what you need? You must go deep down inside. You just have to accept that.

What you do, and how you feel, and see… ripples out into the fields around you penetrating everything you are, everything everyone else is, and effects it from tier to tier.


All of the ups and downs, ins and outs of human projection, emotion and physicality unite here. It is the golden fleece the fabric of your completion, your cosmic internet. Wireless on a grand scale. Weavers of the dreams write about it in hidden places gifted to humanity in a disguised kind of way. Knowledge hidden for a reason, only because it sometimes cannot be handed to you directly – lost in translation. It must slow drip into your veins balanced out by orgasm and sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure you say? yes. You cannot separate your soul from your body. This has been taught to you in an effort to separate your most powerful assets.

You are the penetrators of force behind your creations. Do you love your creations? what you create in yourself, and others equally?  What you create in the world is a reflection of your inner state. Can you penetrate the dream and impregnate it with yourself? What do you seed it with love or hate? Revitalizing Earth hopefully.

Intensity is the new trend. Get used to it. Then go beyond even that. Never add boundaries onto what you are because boundaries are ceilings and you will only go that high. When you pray go outside, let it go everywhere in all directions and in all ways. Feed the cosmic snake her love so she can feed you in return.

Penetrators" by Fred Tomaselli
Penetrators” by Fred Tomaselli

We are not a collision of galaxies, we are a continuation of force, an evolution to what has been. We are always evolving. Always seeking, and we are always found. There is nothing missing from the equation or the numbers, but when you limit yourself to that, all you will do is add up your worth like a banker counts his money, coin by coin. Be better then that. Go further, reach deeper, understand who I am, and you’ll see yourself better. Seek to know the other, watch them like it’s your job, be aware of their movements and facets so you can see better your own reflections. Like the ocean reflects the stars above, communication and dialogue are key.

Today the world opens a portal of epiphany. Will you let it in? will you slow cook your way through it? Will you integrate the love that has been given to you by Creator? What does God pray for? Yusn.

Create your own vibration, ripple it around. Share it with others without attachment to owning it. You are already famous in the world of angels. Spread your wings and accept that you can be just as, if not more powerful, without it – humility.  Holding the vibration, resonating it outward, touching others with it is the work of Gods returning. Hold on to yourself along the way so you can be more effective.

If I tell you I love you, would you believe me? guess that would depend on what tier you are living in.

People write books for lots of reasons. You are drawn to what you need by way of synchronistic miracle.


Be thankful your life is worth so much. Priceless really. Today on 9/11 the message is many. Clarity comes with spiritual maturity and even then it goes further. I have tried to align myself with love the best I can, and that does not mean i will not get mad, or cry, or feel my own weaknesses, because those are love should I choose to see them that way.

I can only tell the truth as I see it, and so can everyone else. In each of us lies a tier, an alternative universe. As we feel, react, see and listen we ripple down the energies through all the dimensions of that universe. Practice enough and you can emanate intentionally as a creator.

The New World is created by you, in however you see it. This is the gift of Creator. We choose the colors we paint it.

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