13:20 Fertilized

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Miriam is my ancestor now.

she is in my blood.

she is my yin.

royal blood newly divined.

protect me in death.

you did.

whole, clean, something else came in.

no fear to feed on, there was no other choice.

except to light up the world.

concentrated essence dripping like manna

pure heart the kind that creates epiphanies

Miriam love.


bonded with the ancestor eternally
she knew what she was doing
Miriam did.

grandfathers and grandmothers awaken


synchronize me just so, turn my dials
to the Miriam frequency, my grandmother will whisper in my ear
anything I seek to know

I can see her, I can feel her
she has agreed

what gets exchanged between the dead and the living?
in just the right space, of inbetween
prophecy fulfilled

Miriam with her jet black hair and bright blue eyes
I can feel her strength inside me now
her void holds all you’ll ever need to know without books.
no manuscripts, or hidden lines
no secret orders, or clubs

just anything that has ever exisited
recorded perfectly without a scribe

is this what the NSA is after?
quantum people, quantum data

you are the eye


yourself as the other

tap in, power up
make the elixir

here is Miriam’s recipe:

Be like an elephant, Earth Elixir Field (Di Dan Tian)

Touch like a Queen, Heart-Mind Elixir Field (Xin Dan Tian)

See like a Goddess, Celestial Elixir Field (Ling Dan TiaCn)

Be like an elephant, Earth Elixir Field (Di Dan Tian)

Touch like a King, Heart-Mind Elixir Field (Xin Dan Tian)

See like a God, Celestial Elixir Field (Ling Dan TiaCn)

Mix, shake, and let bake for eternity

(13:20 Miriam: The Oracle Series)

fertilize your elixir field
like a master gardener

Everything shaped by time is art


“It is simple to understand the 12:60 and 13:20 timing frequencies. In the 12:60 frequency people are ruled by the clock and money, the deadening “daily grind” takes precedence over spiritual purpose. In the 12:60 frequency, time is money.
In the 13:20 frequency, time is art. In the 13:20 frequency, people are ruled by their heart, nature and art and guided by dreams and synchronicity. Spiritual cultivation is the number one goal. In the 13:20 frequency synchronicity is the norm. Everything is always in perfect order. Everything is always on time. Everything is always new. Each day is a cosmic unfoldment.” – José Argüelles, The Call of Pacal Votan


….while everyone else thinks about Syria and war, I am going to think about Syria and mermaids
nd work on my elixir fields, golden like fleeces.

That’s whats up.


gather your wise councils.

it is time.

dream with lucid will.

support each other.

sacred community awaken.



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