Mysterious Passes, Flying Cranes

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You make all the myths come to life within me

You cause me to have seizures of epiphanies

overcome by all the beauty, i submit


allowed to enter my heart completely

i conceive a vision

emanates out to everything

caressing the golden fleece that overlays creation

we create a sound, resonating across our planet and into our sun
two into one


reversing old ways

11:22 – 21:12
3D dimensional, make it real

sacred poles, or pillars
9/11 open


opening portals and finding mysterious passes


you, the other, ignite me and fuse all my loose pieces into one
you unite me

here in this space, the great inbetween lies an altar
who will you sacrifice? death time is as important as birth time

two in one, new dimension in the 3rd dimension, open portal
catalyst, Magi visit 9/11

decoded woman who has no fear
made from you

how do you feel about that? asked the Oracle to the Old Man

(11:33 The Oracle Series)


Song Of Xizang Shizi Hou Pai

“Cut through steel and smash through iron and you are a genuine master of
our school. Even when the blows fall like rain, the center is calm and
still. If you understand this you travel like a dragon in water. If not,
looking down for a worm you miss the phoenix. Separate dragons from snakes
and jewels from rocks. Seeing one, understand three. In this way you stand
on the summit of the highest peak a master of the way. Able to penetrate
without obstruction the place where even a needle cannot enter.”

A young monk felt he was prepared to deepen his cultivation practice and his master gave the assignment to cultivate inner quiet and discover the secret of the source of life and its application to the preservation of health and vitality. He gave the suggestion to focus on the Earth Elixir Field (Di Dan Tian). After some months of practice, the young monk reported to the master that he felt sure that the most practical answer regarding the secret was nourishment, rest and the conservation of Qi and inner resources. The master encouraged the young monk, “You have found the secret to preserve the Jing and sustain the body, but you have not found the source of life.” The master teacher asked the young monk if he was still interested in pursuing the deeper secret. The monk nodded and the elder gave him the suggestion to focus on the Heart-Mind Elixir Field (Xin Dan Tian).

This time it was considerably longer before the monk visited the elder. When he returned, now older, he responded that the secret of the source of life and its preservation were associated with accepting what naturally arises and bringing love and compassion into the world. The master agreed and encouraged the monk to continue his good work of compassionate service. The monk said to the master, “I know that I have penetrated to the secret of highly refined interactions of the Qi and the opening of the Heart-Mind. It has inspired me to be of service to my fellow humans. It is clear that this sustains life, my own and others. But I have not determined the secret of the source of life.” The master suggested, “Focus on the Celestial Elixir Field (Ling Dan Tian), the entry place of Heaven in the living human being.”

Some years passed. When the younger monk returned he was older. The elder monk said, “Tell me in one word”. The younger monk said, “Unity”. They both smiled quietly, knowing their was nothing more to say. They parted, both knowing that even though they would not meet again, they were always together at the Source.

Can you hold the frequency through 9/11/13?

guess it depends on…
how much love can you handle?
can you stomach my Earth frequency?

what do you think Dalai, can we do it?
so many distractions in the world


“The Mysterious Pass stays in the human body, yet people cannot name the certain place of its residence. Such infinite emptiness and stillness, though nonexistent, is capable of gestating an unlimited magical function, and being free of birth and death from the very beginning, if ever.” from Hu Xuezhi’s commentary on verse 6 of Laozi’s Daode Jing

…and you bring me there every time you fill me with your love.


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