Big Fish, Blue Fish, One Fish, Two Fish? or THE Fish? You Decide.

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I see you.

I feel you even stronger.

My emotions are the clouds in the sky reflected in your thought oceans.

My body moves according to your force.

33, indeed.

All your numbers add up.

Real. Pure. One with the Mother.

Found at home by himself.

Dome illuminated. Weather created.

liked my 11:22 by chance, synchronicity at it’s finest. new level of love.

ashes to ashes, dust to dust. full circle.

Godly coordinated. bigger than you.

better at holding the charge, Kali accuses while she smiles.

I wiped out your dream, so you could start a new one.

your own.

I cut the umbilical cord to the great mother, so you could grow up.

mature your wise.  just the way I like it

I will hunt down your ugly and love it.

I am the fish. try and catch me, I pray.

34, new number.

I loved you through your initiation. Touched you for confirmation.

Yes was my first word to you, at 11:22 – reborn
That much creative force makes everything listen.

I pointed out the time of your birth, over billions of lifetimes, because I was there.
You did not know your entry point in TIME, when you were born until you became aware of the real me, and I met you.
Goddess Moth Whisperer.

I work with many flowers, my essence is the base of all, like your primal fears
Deep rooted, connected to all

Or maybe you are just that good….at setting fires. I welcome the thought. Maybe I will empower the vision.
depends on how you honor me, said Kali the transformer

If I wipe out the dream as it is, what will replace it?
What empowers YOUR yes …. love or hate? what time will you answer? and only answer like your life depends on it

I am the mother of Jinn, and I have learned to love my children.
Could you?

How much love can you handle? I know what your capable of.
You cannot reach the answers without moving through me, she said clearly.
she then began to tell a story:
The Story of the IFFY Goddess

The IFFY Goddess is a powerful legend only women can tell.

IFFY could never decide what she wanted, so she always choose it all. never really staying in one place for to long, to long being 3 seconds. some call her the jumpy Goddess. always jumping from one thing to another. Anyway this is not important, but what IS important is that the IFFY Goddess only accepts offerings of mediocre attempts. attempts at what you ask? attempts at getting a rise so she would have to make a decision. love or hate.

Her consort was just that good, so good that he would conjure up all kinds of things to get her to respond to him, and each time she responded in hate, he would stand there and watch to see what she would do. he prayed and hoped she would love through it.

He knew of a prophecy written in an ancient long lost language written in numbers and codes of the star nations. It said that if he could get her to face everything she hated with love, she would transform into something else. but the pages were old and tattered it just wasnt clear what she would turn into exactly or what they would call her. so she was the name-less goddess, and they wanted to know. Drawn to her by a force much bigger then them.

so they sent her a great teacher and healer, Jesus in his 33rd year of life. she was instantly in love. a great state of love, so deep and real it began to transform her body into a fish. but halfway through this process someone got scared and the transformation stopped. leaving her what many call today a mermaid. half human and half fish. Some say her consort has returned to continue to transform her.

Can you rise to your own creation?, asked the Oracle.
Of course I can! said the young boy. I know everything.

So you have no questions? asked the Oracle.
I do! said the young boy. When will I become King?

The Oracle answered:
You aren’t’ comfortable with a womans dark side. You seek to provoke it for your own purposes unrelated to what is needed right now. Somehow you have married the dark side of the feminine energy and now you must divorce it and at the same time learn how to make love to it. Otherwise it will destroy you and all chance for true love to enter your heart. You show what you believe will stroke the fire of the dark mother, and you are right, it will, but you are not ready for it. You are not worthy of that kind of power. Not yet. You do not understand it well enough. So you will draw experiences to you that will invoke it and seek to ensure you know it better so you can learn. Kali and the dark mother energy that lives well within the Goddess realms you claim to know so well, are no easy task masters. They will rip your self-perceived comfort zones out from underneath you and claim them for her own. You are out of your league with her.

Fishing for the big fish takes bigger bait, but not the kind that hurts, or does harm. You have not learned to understand your own darkness yet, so you will not understand hers. Until you do, you will be wandering in lost lands of fog. The Dark Mother is strong, fierce, and direct. She does not fear your taunts, your hate, or your weaknesses as you do hers. She can stand strong in your storm and still see you, this is what you hate and love about her. You will not reach her kind of primal love by ways of jealousy, envy, resentment, or any other unresolved wound-ages. But these will stroke her fire and you will feel her heat, which you cannot stand for too long and she knows it. She seeks to consume your fear, your weaknesses so you can stand naked in her light. Your ability to run is greater then your ability to stand strong in her wake.

You will go no higher then your ceiling in the room of your ego without her. No one can replace her because she is one with all. That includes her shadow and her light reflected in everything, everywhere. Her grace is her ability to love even while in her own darkness, or yours. You see this as a fault, but fault lines allow movement, shifting tectonic plates that change over time allowing growth and death. You cannot fill those faults with blame or concrete. She will break both down into ATOMS.

You hate her ability to get inside of you,
yet you crave it like a baby craves the tit.

Said the Oracle to the Young Boy.
(2:22 The Oracle Series)



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