Make a Wish

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I wish………

you would lay your head down on my chest and listen to my heart beating.

I wish……..

I could see the highest vision I have seen of you come true.

I wish……..

you to know me on the deepest of depths while skimming my surface just the way I like it.

I wish…..

to be your greatest love and for you to be mine.

I wish……

you to be my consort and I yours.

I wish….

to know God through you in all manifestations

I wish…..

to ignite your ancient flame and for you to light mine.

I wish….

that you would return NOW.

I wish….

to touch you with nothing less then complete focus, lucid, fluid divinity.

I wish….

that a great love, the kind books are written about, the kind that lives on in legends of heros & kings would deliver itself into my heart piercing my soul drawing blood.

I wish….

to show you who I really am.

I wish…

to know you as you truly are.

I wish…

to return home to the sacred land with you.

I wish….

to become one with you in all ways.

I wish…

you would enter into my heart now where I’ve loved you for eternity.

I wish….

my wishes into the Full Moon above me.


Owl Prayers
August 21 – September 4, 2013

Shida’a’muh… Uncle Owl, we weave the dance, weave abundance. We stand before Beauty, and forgive ourselves of our illusions of fear. We get free. We tackle this small task in this energy. It blesses us in special ways. We are strong in Spirit’s strength. WE trust Spirit to guide us on the path.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu nakia… Roots go deep, Rainbow Serpent. We are called to the Medicine Lodge. Beauty brings our hearts closer to true identity in this energy; we pay particular attention to the accomplishments of others – those close to us, and those we read or hear about. We believe their example and feel the forward push. Love embraces fear and transmutes anguish from our lives. We pray others can know the peace that love brings.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu hada’didla… Roots go deep, ThunderBeings. Grandmother Moon at night, we believe in the sacredness of beauty that is at once the beginning of our worship of life. We go within if we ever feel dissatisfied. We find our joy there, and our sense of well being, and that Sacred Law is in charge. We lift our eyes and set our sights on higher ground.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu eo’to’to… Roots go deep, Grandmother Bear. We light a Prayer Candle as the focal point of our altar, and connect to the central HeartFire of Taa-naash-kaa-da – the Great Coming Together.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu dolee’atee… Roots go deep, Little Ones. In sacred ceremony we speak the truth, living integrity realization. Spiritual regeneration restores humanity’s soul. A beautiful woman of ethereal strata is earth’s most sacred form. This wonderful reverence is our most sacred responsibility.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu tuma… Roots go deep, Thunderhoof Buffalo. Rattle in the mountains. WE come to honor and celebrate our union in this time of No Time. We are seeking a clear and helpful vision of ourselves, that we may move forward on behalf of All Our Relations. WE embrace the power and beauty of spirit.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu kachinas… Roots go deep, All Seeing Ones. Newly made people, we smudge with cedar. We breath in twelve times, slowly, allowing our bodies to stretch and move the air and energy into any location. We sit in the warmth of Grandfather Sun and allow our minds to drift upon the breeze, clouds or bird’s song.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu esau… Roots go deep, Yellow Tailed Eagle That which in the past has not been known, has been brought forward. Our divine form has walked on blue rays of sky, with the feet of eternity, to the banks of our minds, planting lasting footprints of realization there. We are children that walk through the flowers of time.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu nohwiza’ye… Roots go deep, Ancestors. Grandmother Moon who weaves dreams, we stand for 10 minutes with our eyes closed. The vibrational feeling comes to us. We feel our Mother’s mood.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu esonknhsendehi… Roots go deep, Changing Mother eart. We honor the women being without fear. The roar of thunder thrills the air and leads us home. Musings on illusion revealing eyes, we have seen invisible Spirit take form, in the morning stream.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu yusn… Roots go deep, Giver of All Life. A pinyon tree covered with birds! Listening to the melody of our wisdom, we are following the Path of Sacredness, which we have forged through the dark to bring the light. Since all of us are children, whether walking the path, sidetracked, or held semi-stationary by the fog of fear, we move at our own pace to everlasting freedom.

Grandfather Sun and the Star Nations, Changing Mother earth and Grandmother Moon come to us in our dreaming. Everything breathes. Everything grows from earth. Everything, we look upon as sacred. This time marks the edge of reality and therefore new life that unfolds. The day, the night, Grandmother Moon bring us vision fulfilling. Therefore this dream cycle is a symbol of time… all of time.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu echicasay… Roots go deep, All Our Relations. Those who are born have given us authority. We live in the hearts of all gathered life.

keghad dagowahgo yoiyahyu klo’bijii lanakai… Roots go deep, United HeartFire. Turtle Island belongs to Her. We offer cedar and express gratitude for our gifts.

Life was brought forth by the All That Is. Drumming energy saturated the space, now it directed into the seedlings of our dreams.

daaiina… and so it is.


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