Like a spinning crystal disk of ancient billions of memory visions. Strong enough to hold the charge. Lucid enough to hold the vision.

Humble enough to not allow ego into the mix.  Pure enough to create a song.

Recorded. Do you see why it is worshiped?

What makes a symbol strong? Depends on how many focus on it.


Burning our human records into it, one way or another, sounding a stream of waves just waiting to be accessed.

By way of consciousness.

What are they all focusing on? What if they had a unified vision? Could that be broken down by way of war, scandal, crime? It is harder to break into a unified vision then it is to break into a single thought vision. Yes now only because time has proven people to believe less about themselves and their self love has dimmed or been stolen for the sake of others selfish purposes. But this will change and people will believe in themselves again and they will see beauty in others and a single unitary vision will be powerful enough to access it as one with self, because the one will represent all others, their will be no separation between what a single thought can do and what a billion thoughts can do. No more dimming, fully charged newly made people. They will learn to overcome their old programming as each chance that presents itself love will be chosen more often then hate and revenge. It is rare to find your way into a unified field of strong powerful emotion and not be of it somehow. You will need to know yourself better then anyone, and then let someone know that part of you in trust and love. There is great power in vulnerability.

Perhaps those unified fields create the rings on Saturn. Why not our emotions create the weather.

If you knew what you did and thought could create a ring on Saturn, what would you want it to remember? what would you want to say/put into it? How would you dream it?

What if right now you had to decide because it was happening at this very moment? Would you believe it? Would you stop everything and add your love into it? or would you doubt and walk away busying yourself with other stuff avoid it at all costs and instead add that energy to it.

You are building a disk on Saturn. Simply because you are on this planet. The great secret held by secretive elites has always been dominate the mass of consciousness and program what you want. Dream it into reality and cast it into the dimensions to be held as a crystalline ring around the great planet Saturn. Make your mark in time. Why else would they all worship it symbolically.


Can you read the billions of lifetimes written in it now? Can you see your massive incarnations? How many times have you lived? loved? how many times have you hated and destroyed? Yet here you are right now, doing what you are doing in your life right now, at this very moment. Loving who you love, hating who you hate, and who gets the most air time? the love or the hating? Hate is nothing more then fear. The purest kind. You hate something when you are primal level afraid of it.

Look at the rings what do you see?

Painted visions. New definitions of love, grace, kindness, what it means to be one with someone, healed whole relationships of all kinds, strong powerful partnerships that succeed in raising the vibrational levels of human consciousness to a state of higher and finer crystalline frequencies. I see humanity rising to higher ground, I see humanity knowing who they are as open vulnerable kind humane beings. I see humanity letting go of what is no longer sustainable.  What brings more life to the Earth better then powerful humane love?

I see men and women whole, healed, and powerful as fully functioning heart centered humans. Embracing their bodies and recovering them from ruins. Rebuilding the temples in the sacred old ways that resonate with Earth and the Heavens equally. I see the ancient power sites glowing with star being light as the memories held by them start to be dreamt again.

New languages will arise and come from very old places, far away above the clouds where the owl kachinas dance. The oldest twin flames incarnated now will reunite and their reunion will conceive the love catalyst that is required to light up the world by way of magnetic fields on the planet connected to the sun and all tied thru the human body.  The space between the angels will glow and the flowing forth will connect them. They will know each other by way of inner sight. Powerful ancient dawn of time purity, crystalline archives held within them. Like lock and key they open each other and together when all of them have connected the download begins.

You must find the great love of your life and begin the work.

The distractions will fall away, the headlines roaring dimmed to a slight hum. The global platform begins to get smaller. Those who are seen as to big to fail, will fail only because they are not so big anymore. As people wake up and see their worth, claim it in a humbled way, the heart will trust it can come out again and begins to beat stronger. The collective force of millions of heart openings will attach to the magnetic lines of the Earth wherever you are. Combine that with your ancient pure love vision memories and you will create a holographic memory for all dimensions gone and to come. You will send out a cord of energy through all space and time for any conscious life form to access.

It is time to dream the vision consciously, as you like it.

Free will decides how you paint it.

I see humans waking up to their most actualized potential. I see men and women reclaiming their divinity, despite how many twitter accounts the pope has. I see men and women honoring the child. Placing the elders in the proper stance of wisdom and experience. I see balance coming back to the land, the countries, the communities, the families, the lovers.

It is not about me, yet it is about me. As it is not about you, yet it is about you. In unity we are all the same, you and me.

Expand. It is not about up or down anymore, two directions, black and white.
It is about expanding in all directions, all spectrums and all ways.

Expand your love to include those things you normally would have rejected in others. Let those in to your heartspace who honor you in the appropriate ways. Then find love for those who do not honor you in the appropriate ways and expand that. Look for beauty in places you would normally reject as ugly, and learn to expand your love for it.

I see myself as I wish.
Your assessment of me reflects it.
You and I are the same. So how we see the other, is how we see ourselves.
I choose to love you.
Perfect mirrors into the deepest parts of our inner oceans we are.
Some say star beings live in our deep oceans.

I will dream this vision alive. To that I commit. I see you dreaming this vision too and as one we will commit.
I see a great white glowing disk spinning around Saturn that is being programmed with love and highest potential.

Hillary Raimo

2 thoughts on “A Vision

  1. Dennis W Simmons says:

    Yes… Yes…. your words ring so true. the energy… the love…. the power… I feel the the love from your soul for all of creation. You speak of things that are in my dreams… visions…. my thoughts in my very heart. You write so gracefully it touches me so very deep. I so long to connect with my twin flame. Knowing the love and power from that connection can change the world. You give me hope and inspiration to keep loving to keep trying. So thank you so very much for these powerful loving words and energy…. Much love Dennis W

    1. Thank you Dennis, for reading this. Birth it into the world in a beautiful way.

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