Can you nurture love beyond the seedling stage?

Can you allow love to mature within you?

Ripen all the way.

Do you hear the call and ignore it? Walk away?

When you realize that is what you have done, can you heal it?

Do you have it in you?

Love is         the key to the higher realms.


It is not a theory. It is a fact.

How many times have you had the opportunity to open the door?

What has always held you back?

Too busy? not sure how? maybe you prefer the easy way out.

Doesn’t really matter what it has been. All illusions anyway.

Dis-armored and bitter don’t mix.

Move on to new star systems.

Travel thru time and space, together, as one. Do you know what that means?

Can you do it with another?

Most can’t.

I believe you can.

I can see it in you. When I conjure you, you arrive, on time, thru space, here and now style.

I am happy that you are here. I’ve waited for a long time.

2nd coming indeed.

Revelation causes the friction and opens the way in.

Your fear keeps it closed. So stop.

Open and hold your stance well, while clear and grounded. Observe and learn more. Pay attention.

Nothing I do is without reason. Nothing. Meaning in everything. Even when I don’t mean it.

Can you find it?

Born of the silence, raised on the sound, waves of gentle emanations.

It takes skill to stay balanced in the bliss.

Codes embedded well. Awaken holy.

What signals the rose to release her scent?

Ceremonial grind, loosening threads of Gold.

Surrender to it.

It’s more fun.

You cannot see me with those old tired eyes turned to stone. You won’t find me with your anger, or your arrogance.

You can’t fly with me if you fold your wings back in.

Doubt weakens life force.

Believe the beauty, and you’ll find me staring back at you. Can you hold my gaze?

Long enough to climactic shift?

Climate change within. I feel your gentle winds.

My inner sun is growing bigger, turning to white light. Exploding spots of ripened wise. Penetrating shields of magnetic hold.

Who are you for God sake?

Where did you come from?

I know.

I can see your deepest places. I know where you dream.

I hold you with only open hands.

Yet you struggle against the grip.

Breathe wider. Circles of tense release.

Duality splits into four ways. Poles of inter-dimention.

Earth emanates the light from within as she awakens, woman. Divine long slumber parts ways as the veil thins holding only open views of further reaches. Believe and it will come. Hold the vision not yours, yet of you. I am not meant to be here long. So enjoy it while you can. Taste the virgin dew as the eastern sun rises.

Dance with me, step by step, take the lead, then submit. Comfort and balance in both stances.

You cannot destroy me, I do not die. I am eternal in all ways.

I am the olive tree, peacefully swaying in the desert wind. Can you find comfort in my shade?

Judgement is a lie, something used to control you.

We are here. We have come. We have been here all along.



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