Miriam, Holy DC Temples, & The Rose of Creation, a story of one.

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My grandmothers name is Miriam. I went down to visit with her this past weekend in Maryland. We had a plan to go into Washington DC on a private personal pilgrimage for Beauty. As had been the case most of my life, spirit would have its own agenda.

Ever since 2012 my eyes have changed. I am unable to see things as I have before. After my ceremonies this year it seems to have permanently shifted my perspective into a different state of awareness. The next hoop. The last time I was in Washington DC I had seen the temples and monuments but I did not understand them correctly. This time around I was able to see how they were connected to grid lines and how they worked as generators of energy more clearly without the negativity.

I was called to the Washington monument and wanted to stand on the vesica piscis and pray for beauty. My grandmother did too. As we got close I settled into my sacred space and let the words flow.

Washington Monument photo by Hillary Raimo
Washington Monument photo by Hillary Raimo

When I first caught sight of the giant obelisk I was taken by the scaffolding that surrounded it. It was a giant grid system. A futuristic looking metallic grid. It was as if the power of the obelisk was being held in a container. I could sense energy pulsing through it recharging it, revitalizing it and healing the previous outdated patriarchal forms of thought that have consumed this planet for too long now. I could feel the feminine force holding it in a cocoon of soft glowing sparkling energy. This is a power source for the United States. Built according to ancient esoteric knowledge and aligned with a man-made force which has no doubt slowly corrupted with greed, manipulation and power hungry leaders who have forgotten their hearts. I saw the soul-sickness that resides deep in the heart of this country. The placement of the memorials throughout Washington DC was carefully planned and skillfully crafted and the words that were placed within these temples hold the original intention of the founding fathers.

It seemed that that energy was still accessible and able to be brought forward with the tipping scales of conscious citizens and leaders as they wake up and realize that they are in fact the ritual. As I walked the columned temple dedicated to Thomas Jefferson I was transported back to Egypt as I wandered the halls of Dendera and I could feel the ancient stream of the mystery schools and their heart pulsing as I read the words under the dome.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial photo by Hillary Raimo
Thomas Jefferson Memorial photo by Hillary Raimo

Could it be that in all of the chaos we have lost the original thought associated with the hearts of those who aligned our capitol with a greater power, a greater good so so long ago? Or have we really been hoodwinked right from the start? As I stood there I thought about the words I read all the way around the dome. The minds of men have been captured, tortured and in many ways manipulated beyond recognition. How free are we really? Here one thing is said, and out there in the world of everyday happenings another thing is done. Actions and words do not match with our Government today, a lost entity trying to find its way home.

Can we return to the state of higher good as a country? When we have truth tellers such as Edward Snowden being ripped apart for the revealing of secrets so the masses can know what is happening it can seem hopeless. As I read Snowdens words I feel his heart. I feel his truth. As I listen to his interviews I can see into him and what I see is truth. Many have lost the ability to do this. Edward is much like the original intentions of the monuments pure in many ways, but as the spin and manipulation happens the image becomes tainted and cloudy and difficult to decide how to see it. This is the way the current Government has been able to hide its secrets by way of tyranny over the mind.

As we wondered through the sights in DC, Egypt erupted – riots were happening as our footsteps proceeded. Egypt a place of origin. Where the columns stood long before Washington ever even took root. What happens in Egypt is a direct result of the awakenings of truth and hearts everywhere. The power that resides there is not the only powerful place on the planet, but perhaps the most highlighted on a global platform so therefore many people focus their energy and consciousness on it aiding in its continued twine of power and energy.


In many ways we are all still very much connected to the forces that be here. However, other very powerful although less well known places are emerging now and as they do our minds are connected to new ways of being and we are opened so we can see new vistas. New star alignments become highlighted in their rightful time.




Miriam and I proceeded to The Rose of Creation inside the cathedral. It filled me with this inexplicable energy. All around the church signs of the patriarch were clear. Yet here where I stood on the altar looking out over the sea of people focusing their will and emotion and thought energy and love was the great feminine force pushing it through. The Rose. There she was. Holding up the priests as they preformed their magical rituals, as they channeled her energy and those who sat before them into the directed channels of choice. Milking her tit for her ambrosia. She is the filter of love. Protecting, healing and slaying so peace may prevail.

Here I gave back to her. I prayed for Beauty.

We slept well that night, tired from the long day and the heat. I had a dream. I was standing on the dirt and Red Wolf pulled a disk from my feet. He held it up over his head showing everyone around us. On it was symbols and letters of a language I did not recognize. I looked down at my feet where he had pulled it from and I saw the ground, the dirt began to crumple and a hole opened up revealing a cavern below me. Red Wolf stood in the hole as it opened wider. He hovered there and I was fascinated by the revealing as I looked deeper. There was a tall very old object that I could barely make out down below in the hole.
Then I woke up. I wrote it down and recorded the dream to track it. I tried to recall the symbols and letters on the disk, it is in my consciousness but I was unable to recreate it in waking time at that moment. Until then it sits on the edge of my awareness waiting for the right time to reveal itself.


There are coordinating energies that exist way beyond our awareness and do not reveal themselves until it is time. The vast synchronistic coordination is so mind blowing when revealed it takes time to assimilate. It simply cannot be rushed, forced or distributed until you have allowed it in. Even then we can only stare in sheer awe at its divine intelligence.



Hillary Raimo
7/8/2013 New Moon

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