Snowden Games, Black Knight to D4

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My oh my Mr. Snowden. Just what do you know? Curious minds are tuning in to watch what this is really all about. Russia won’t give him back. They have stood up to the Super Boys. So the Super Boys run to mom and dad and while standing there in front of them lets the other know who has whose back. Maybe we offered Syria? Such a solid sacrifice.

If our minds have access to all that is, can’t we simply tap into the flow? Knowing how comes naturally.

Eventually later this week Mr. Kerry ends up in Israel. Home to the golden city. The Godparents. What can we believe about all that is going on around us? So many avenues into the mind. So much confusion. One thing is for sure if you watch closely you will see the evil being revealed by way of siding loyalty. Evil? perhaps I should have said shadow. Much nicer and easier for some to swallow.

If you follow Kerry, you’ll see how the chain of command goes. Quite frankly I don’t think the US will even care if they kill Snowden right in front of our faces. The mainstream media is hard at work tainting Sainthood. Sainthood? is he all that deserving?

Everyone is waiting to see what he says next. Time is being bought. Time to invade your mind with a dis-ease. To sway you to believe something. The mainstream media is the main stream arterial into the human brain. They are best at planting mental seeds.


If he has no access to the media, if the Guardian was shut down, manipulated to stop printing, along with the Washington Post what outlets does he truly have? Alternative media? Let’s see who he pops up on first? Maybe he could do some smoke signals, that might get a look.

So back to the Saudis. What could you possibly draw from if you went to Saudi Arabia to offer your request to Russia, what would be the power source?


There is the big black box again! Always comes back to the cube. That’s because the cube is a program. Running as if inside a giant quantum computer. I guess you could say a kind of PRISM. If you do not return him to me Mr. Putin I will turn on my black box and turn ON all the societies ready to serve it.

Sides can be falsely created. This one vs. that one, pit people against, divide and conquer. It’s always about making war between our inner places, others ….never nurturing resonation. No harmony. Harmony frees. Harmony brings all back to center. Maybe that is the Cube working thru them. Opening them up to the light as we have all prayed for. If you want to be ‘all one’ then you have to squeeze out the shadows. One way or another. You have to let those who have something to hide be seen. They have to come to the surface, like any good truth or secret.

Whistle blowing. Wind thru a tight place. The message is a little louder. Screaming for your attention.

I hate to break it to you but Kerry has been in some very deep dark places. He carries that within him. Oh my what a light bringing trip this will be for him. No more secrets. It’s time to see who stands on what color of the floor.

masonic-symbols-6-300x296Are you making a list? Paying attention to who jumps to aid the US in positions far and wide? You should be, unless you’re more interested in Kim Kardashians and Kayne Wests baby – North West – I wonder if those are coordinates for something bigger. Maybe Kim serviced the Saudis to make her millions. Mama knows best.  Anyhow, moving on from Hollywood….

Back to Snowden. Why do I care? because that is where my visions keep going. When I check in to the collective stream this is one of the things I see, like remote viewing a location, you get a lot but eventually you can focus in. This happens to be coming thru the strongest for me. I’ve learned to know to listen to it. It is just who I am. I am made this way. There now you know my secret. Now lets talk about your secrets, shall we?

If you want truth, you have to know it within yourself first. If you want honesty then you have to be honest. If you want disclosure, then you have to disclose yourself in all your guts and glory. Or if that is too much work for you then you can also go back to Facebook games. I’m sure Mark ZZZ would want it that way. He loves Facebook and he wants everyone else to love it too, keeps the money flowing and the NSA happy.

Too much real time for you?

I am in love with the Universe. It whispers in my ear all the time. Telling me things, showing me where to go. I am forever bound to this Universal bond. I am one with it. Divine royal lines of gold. Eternally. I guess you could say I found God. But I don’t care if you like mine, believe mine or even see mine.

The NSA thinks the internet and satellites will do it with big fancy coordinated quantum computers…. a constant check in. A big powerful all seeing eye high in the sky or deep in your brain. So many trillions of dollars wasted. All they had to do was learn how to twine.

DNA tracking is so much more efficient. Not necessarily through databanks, but through your own blood. The YIN Superhighway.

So Mr. Snowden. What will you do. I imagine you are stuck somehow right now. You can download information at the airport. You can make a phone call. Even on an old fashioned payphone! and heck at this point who cares if the NSA is listening. Tell us what you know. Let it all out once you’re safe. Because if you don’t we will know just whose side you are on as well. The veils lift with no discrimination.

We, the masses, are awake and watching as well.

What do you think Dalai?
oh and PS. Dalai – thanks for the hookup 😉


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