What if every thought you have, becomes true?

Even those seemingly unimportant thoughts. In fact, the more whimsical the thought the faster it forms it seems.
What would you do?

Would you change what you are thinking? or would you trust those thoughts?

What if those thoughts were thinking thru you to be born into form?

Does that make you a prophet?
False or true, depends on what?

What if you closed off a section of thought because you said,
never again.

Closed the door. Boarded it up and covered it with something, anything.
Like a picture on the wall covering a hole. There, but never seen.
Forgotten. On purpose.

Then one day, what if a whimsical musing thought crossed your mind.
Gently, quietly, gingerly.
Caressing the periphery, only the edges of the deep far mind.
Vaguely familiar.

Seducing, alluring, intoxicating, calling for your full attention.
If you looked, even for a moment, would I feel it?

That is the power of thought.
Partner that thought with love, pure love, the kind that surpasses all else…
….what would you form?

What would you attract?

Like a moth to a flame.
I didn’t come here looking for an alibi.
I came to you with purpose.

Who thought it first?
Who opened the door and let it out?

The thought circles center like a tiger.
I let it graze me slowly.
Afraid to meet it head on.
Like a poisonous flower it opens with pure beauty.

Poison stops with anti-serum.
Opposites birth to counter affect.
Nature always grows a cure.

There is always hope.

You just have to choose to surrender.
Let go of control.
ego based nothings saying something about everything.

Your mind can allow miracles, it can also allow false formations to grow.
Egotistic false prophecies.
Never moving into the heart.

Hardening your arteries. Your blood thickens. Everything slows, ages.
Your mortality calls your name.
Clearly, with purpose. Intended to form.
Death knocking.

True Prophets don’t ponder death much. Too busy living. Making to much love.
Feeling with the body, knowing deeper inside.
Loving despite the signs of old.
Living by way of the spirit.
Touching like two galaxies colliding.

Present. Powerful. Love.

Welcome back to reality.
I knew you would return.
How prophetic.


Love, Hillary

One thought on “Solstice Visions, Sacred Seeds Revealed

  1. Dominick Carlucci says:

    Reminds me of a certain young woman – a brief, but volcanic affair – who once told me that I had dreamed her into my life……

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