In February of this year I traveled to Crystal River and 3 Sister Springs in Florida with Maria Yraceburu, Apache elder Sal Jemez & Phil Chavez to participate in a passing of power ceremony pilgrimage. I wrote about it here on this blog.

Towards the end of that post I shared events that had manifested after our ceremony/pilgrimage was complete. One of those events was the meteorite that landed in Russia. On the last night of our Florida journey I shared with the group a dream I had of two meteorites one went off to the right side of my field of vision and another came into where I was. Days later the news broke of the meteorite in Russia and the footage of it was very similar to my dream. A few days later a meteorite was seen in Florida over the area where we were. Just like in my dream. As well as an angel like cloud formation that I wrote about here as well.

Shortly after the 2nd part of our pilgrimage in April to Twin Peaks in Arizona where I participated in the 2nd part of that ceremony,  I had a very important dream where an orb came to me and I touched it and it revealed a map to me. The only country I could identify on the map was Turkey the rest of the region was written in an odd language I did not recognize. I wrote about my dream here on this blog.

At the time of the above post the Boston ‘terror’ event had occurred and many people thought it to be a drill of some sort and have since questioned the timeline of events as portrayed by mainstream media.

Synchronistically I was brought back to this series of dream events TODAY by way of researching some connections in preparation for my show this week with NSA whistleblower John Stanton. In doing so I found my way to this article by Christopher Germann called “The New Game

In his article he discussed a major drill performed in this area.

“The Great Game Round-Up brings you the latest newsworthy developments regarding Central Asia and the Caucasus region.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) held its 10th joint counterterrorism drill in Kazakhstan this week. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan assisted the host nation while China, Russia and Uzbekistan observed the drill. Since 2002 the SCO member states have been conducting joint military exercises, primarily focusing on anti-terror operations. The recent drill featured a terrorist invasion in Kazakhstan:

The drill stimulates a situation where terrorists enter Kazakhstan by helicopters and automobiles, hijack hostages in a bordering village and attempt to conduct terrorist activities.
The mission is for counter forces from SCO member countries to crack down on the terrorist group and rescue hostages through both ground and aerial operations.”

Will the above drill play out somewhere else in the world? If Boston was indeed a drill, where would it have been practiced?

Also in his article was an image that triggered a memory of all of the above that you just read:

THIS image was how the map in my dream looked (the image I used for the previous blog post was as close as I could get that included Turkey) but this map had the same SHAPE that was highlighted in my dream.

I was paying attention.

So I posted it on facebook today and and a friend commented on the Russian space launch that is there Baikonur Cosmodrome ( and I was interested in going deeper. I felt that familiar PANG in my gut saying GO DEEPER. There is something here.

So as I was digging, that same FB friend then said something very interesting. He said to check out the meteorite that fell there back in February. He said thousands of researchers went to investigate it and no results were ever discussed publicly. This was the SAME meteorite I had dreamed about in Florida that fell when our pilgrimage was complete.

Another powerful synch.

Meteorite lands in Russia 2/15/13

Meteorite lands in Russia

Orbs, maps, meteorites, signs, synchs, ceremonies, dreams, intuitive researching…..
This has twined itself.

Lets see where it goes……………..
I’m definitely paying attention now.


Emblem of Kazakhstan

Emblem of Kazakhstan

This article will be updated as it flows. Please check back.


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