On June 1st I wrote a blog post called “Intellectual Orgasm” where I mused on the profound image of hurricane storms plotted over the course of approximately 150 years. I mused on how the entrance into the Earths energy fields, her portal, was based in the South, the center of the storm, the eye. You can read it here: https://theyinfactor.wordpress.com/2013/06/01/intellectual-orgasm/

Today an article was released on Yahoo that showed the image of a black hole created by a supercomputer simulation. As soon as I saw the image I was reminded of the Hurricane image.

When I first wrote the blog post about the hurricanes what came in clearly was that the South pole ‘eye’ was indeed an entrance into the Earths other dimensional realms, a portal if you will. There have been many who have suggested this as well over the years. But here was this fantastic image that caught my attention immediately and showed how the fractal was playing out on the small and the grand scales, and now we have the black hole fractal showing the same.


Science is validating what Shamans have known for eons.

So here is another one I am watching to see what synchs arise. Today has been a busy day already. So many interesting synchs coming full circle, or at least around again for another look.

This article will be updated as it flows. Please check back.

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