PRISM, NSA and Diffracting Light Sources

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People often ask me why I post things about certain subjects such as – politics, Government issues etc – that doing so is somehow negative. To them I say, to stick my head in the sand like an ostrich and to ignore these important affecting topics is negative. What we refuse to see about ourselves – those shadow aspects within us- rule the unhealed ego in many destructive and self-sabotaging ways. The heart of most healing formats require some kind of shadow work in the name of spiritual healing. It is NO different on the collective platform or in the collective consciousness of which WE are all a part of. Truth in ALL FORMS! is relevant & lifting the veils does not discriminate only certain things become clear vs others. Transparency of self, resonates as transparency of collective entities and institutions. What we are watching COME TO LIGHT in politics, in governments etc IS positive because it exposes the shadow aspects of the collective on all dimensional levels.

How does a PRISM separate white light into SEVEN colors?

“When light passes through a medium boundary – from air to glass, for example – and if it strikes that boundary at an angle of incidence that is less than 90o, (that is, the light does not strike perpendicular to the boundary), then the light diffracts, or bends, or changes direction slightly.
The angle of diffraction – the amount the light bends – depends upon two things: the difference in the diffraction index between the two mediums, and the wavelength. The diffraction angle is proportionate to the wavelength – meaning that the longer the wavelength of the light, the greater angle the light bends as it crosses the medium boundary.
Since red light has a longer wavelength than blue light does, red light diffracts, or bends, at a greater angle than blue light bends when they both strike the prism at the same angle of incidence. White light contains all the colors of the rainbow. So when white light strikes a prism, the red component of the white light bends at a greater angle than the blue light, and so we see a fanning out of light – red at one side of the fan, blue at the other side.”

It makes the light VISIBLE. We SEE it.

It brings light to what was once not seen, shadow to the surface, healing shadow aspects of self, and what we are seeing is a large grand scale at work showing us the collective shadow aspects that are rising to the surface by way of evolution of spirit within the collective global population.

Have the scales tipped? I believe yes. WE are bringing light to the murky corners of self and at the same time it will manifest on the collective global level in form of what we are watching right now real time.


One of the most important experiments on light was made by Isaac Newton. He discovered that sunshine (white light) is made up of many colors. Over 300 years ago, Sir Isaac Newton passed a beam of white light through a prism. A prism is a triangular piece of glass, which allows light to spread out into a band of colors. These colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Newton then sent this light through a second prism where the light became white once again. What did Sir Isaac Newton do? He first took the white light apart and then he put it back together again.


What is light? Does it travel from place to place? Sir Isaac Newton thought that light was made of tiny particles that flowed in a stream from a light source. Other scientists argued that light traveled in waves, like waves you see when tossing a rock into a lake, or pond. What do scientists today believe? Most believe that both ideas are right.

Lights acts as a stream of particles and as waves. It is made of tiny packets of energy called photons. Light is made of various waves, but the length of these waves determine the color of light. Violet has about 70,000 waves to the inch and red light has about 40,000 waves to the inch. Where will you find the other colors? All the other colors are in between the light spectrum.

We do not know of anything in our universe that travels faster than light. The sunlight we see today left the sun 93 million miles away to reach us about 10 minutes later. Light from stars farther away may have taken billions of years to reach our eyes. How many times can light travel around the world while you are saying your name? More than four times.

There are colors which are invisible. These are called infrared and ultraviolet. The human eye is unable to see these colors, but science has special photographic films which can see them.

Let’s say that again……………………” Newton – He first took the white light apart and then he put it back together again.”

Today we are watching the take apart stage, the breakdown of the light spectrum, the fanning of the wave lengths, all of them, we are SEEING them for what they are – TRUE COLORS SHINING THRU. At some point we will witness the PUTTING BACK TOGETHER AGAIN as we transform, shift and heal what we see that is in need of healing. So out of the diffraction comes the re-uniting as we pass through another prism. Some call it the great coming together, the 2nd coming, whatever floats your boat – or whatever resonates with your spiritual belief systems. Perhaps, as I like to believe, the human body itself – naturally.


If light comes from the sun, then the Earth acts as a prism. We see the wide spectrum of light transformed into a variety of expressed lifeforms on our planet. Perhaps then the human body is the second prism which brings it all back together again. So as the sun illuminates now in its very high active phase, projecting photons like we have never before experienced in our current lifetimes, it activates us, diffracts us into broader and broader spectrum. We as human beings become wider, bigger channels for light. Light is information, data, it holds and carries with it what our human brains need to process when our eyes make contact with it.

During certain times of year we are exposed to a great amount of light photons that stream through us as we act as a prism. Our bodies create the rainbow bridge, we access the full spectrum even those dimensions we do not SEE. It is a great time of celebration and joy.

When light enters the eye, it first passes through the cornea, then the aqueous humor, lens and vitreous humor. Ultimately it reaches the retina, which is the light-sensing structure of the eye. The retina contains two types of cells, called rods and cones. Rods handle vision in low light, and cones handle color vision and detail. When light contacts these two types of cells, a series of complex chemical reactions occurs. The chemical that is formed (activated rhodopsin) creates electrical impulses in the optic nerve.

Electric charge, turned ON. Illuminated mind coursing through the body waking up all the sleepy cracks and crevices. Bringing light to the dark musty corners so in need of it. Shadow aspects healed and others yet to be discovered dancing on the brink of our awareness calling our name so they can integrate into our whole self.


Speaking of Rods….Hermes conducts a soul with his rod! Look at the use of the ROD throughout history and in ancient alchemical symbolism.

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We are waking up to the realities of who we really are and how that manifests in our world. It is the breaking out of the cocoon. Transformation on the brink of completion. Re-birthing has never been so real time. Twining together in relations in new ways, undestanding the importance of meeting someone where you are right now and tuning in to the frequency and vibration of a higher plane of consciousness. Let us not forget we are human and in our human-ness we have free will, and in  that free will we make choices and sometimes those choices are hurtful to ourselves or others and cause us pain. We fall down and bruise our knees. But in doing so we recognize our weaknesses and we get back up and continue on hopefully knowing better to make different choices perhaps otherwise next time around. Pain in itself creates growth and change. Ask anyone who has ever gone through any kind of major health challenge. There is priceless necessary experience waiting in all of it. You can choose to be a victim who has no power or affect in that circumstance or you can do something about it. The fractal of how you angle yourself into the medium that diffracts your spectrum into a form of manifestation is determined by your choices and attitude.

Soul sickness healing. That is what we are doing on small and grand levels. Yet we are in the last vestiges of the remnants of the 4th world and we are establishing ourselves in the newly founded cycle and new age. It will take practice and discipline. It will take a newly vowed sense of integrity and a higher form of love. It will require you to drop your boundaries and embrace a new kind of transparency where there are no more secrets but only truth. Raw, juicy and relevant.


Magic. In the Governments attempt to control and corral humans into one big data farm. In their efforts to categorize our thoughts and posts and virtual abilities they forgot something. They forgot that in that connection to control we would find our freedom. We would discover a new kind of resonator between each other that acts as a catalyst to activate our superpowers. The ability to communicate and feel, to twine and sensually understand yourself and others long distance, around the globe no matter where we are, we connect. Just like that. You think of me, and I feel you. I think of you and you feel me. Information highway indeed. No need for upgrading your bandwidth. It happens naturally by the light, thru the prism into the spectrum as it widens and opens up to reveal more and more about the human condition. Did you think that this grand design of a Universe would forget us in the evolutionary processes that expand beyond where we can even remotely imagine?

To stay centered in this extraordinary feat is a skill that requires focus, attention and nurturing. A commitment to the ever expanding revelation of spirit. To see into your own shadow is a great healing. Celebrated and honored. Why would the unveiling of the collective shadow be dealt with any differently? You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. This law applies to yourself as well as the world platform.

Who are you to play small and insignificant when everything you do has an affect.

This goes beyond beliefs. Beyond labels. Beyond institutional memorization and regurgitation. It goes beyond conspiracy into the realms of ultimate design. Beyond duality yet it can be seen because of it. Appreciation for the tools we have as humans is called for. To be grateful of how we process the connection around us. We are not separate. This is no surprise to those who already feel it.

New World indeed, as you create it with every thought, act, and emotion you do or do not have.

In an effort to bring truth to those who wish to and need to know, the truth bringers bicker and argue about who is right and who is wrong, they point fingers at each other and blame one another for this or that. They spread lies about each other to vindicate their own feelings of doubt and insecurity instead of voicing them honorably. Pride and immature egos run rampant as they scramble to try and explain world events while throwing more and more confusion into the mix creating deeper and more complex illusions. Instead of coming together and twining a higher synch capable of revealing more. Theories are protected viciously well anyone with new thought and energy is immediately questioned and dismissed, kept out of the close knits circles of tightly guarded with ferocious identity of self. Unable to let go and flow they turn rigid and unforgiving.

Yet still the white light hits the form, the prism and diffracts anyway. Still the rainbow is revealed. No matter how much hate or fear is produced, nothing stops the rainbow from forming. It only stops us from appreciating its beauty.

Everything is a fractal. No matter how small you go or how large…. it is the micro reflected in the macro and vice versa. That is how you break the code. Look around your life and watch the synchronicities happen, follow your own signs, know them, remember what they are, and when they light up the field, know how to track them down to see where they go. Stop waiting around for other people to do it for you. Get up and be yourself.

Why is the prism on the American dollar? because those who designed it know how powerful symbolism is. They know that the white light comes into all things, including a piece of green and white paper, and it will illuminate it diffracting into many forms of manifestation. Money then acts a conductor of this and moves through economies creating the spectrum in whatever forms it is used for.  So what do you do with your money? Where do you focus this channeled energy form? You can say the same with the body, or any other form of appropriate prism. Why did the NSA choose the name PRISM for their secret project? Because data is light, and when you intercept it you create wavelengths that are identifiable.

Written by Hillary Raimo

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