I am going to India.

Because you called my name.


I know because you taught me how to listen.

I found you once, awhile ago.

But it wasn’t quite time to meet.

First, I had to travel to Crystal River, and then to the Hallowed Winds.

I had to claim my power.

Passed on directly from Creator.


You called my name silly man, did you think I would not come?

Over and over you sang it.

With every thought you brought it to life with imagination.

Colored emotions mixed with clay.



Prayers answered only because we believe them. No separation from the prayer.
We are one and the same, you and I. The WE.

Ajanta and Ellora.

Dreams of frozen tornadoes standing in time. Some still slightly spinning, others still slowly turning, as if remembering.
Like your thoughts of me.

Twining deeper past space and time.
Yet even here you can go.
Deep within my darkest places you are carved in stone.


So when I touch you, I remember too.
Sexual energy channeled into all the right places.
Might just illuminate into those deep dark places, where stranger truths reside.



Healing the proper use of Kundalini.
The world is in dire need of it.
The healing of India.

Sexual energy.
No more manipulation.

The feminine energy returns.
So does creation.

In my dream a woman named Haviti showed me your door.
Your guardian opened it and there you sat.
Through your will I saw who you really are.
Only one dream in 5 days.


You gave me a gift. You showed me how to recognize your synch.
How will you actualize your love now?

Dream it alive.


Full circle.

Face to face, with only your self.

Do you have what it takes for that kind of honesty?

Dreamer of all dreams?


Where do I rest my dreaming head?
Recognize the symbol?
or maybe it’s ‘just a pillow’.


When I climb to the top of your castle, I will call your name.

And bring life back into the dome.


Because the first time I fully remembered you, it was hit by lightening in Rome.


That is when the memories started to surface.


A grand vision of love.

I Am Divine Love

I Am Divine Love

Are you in the mood for a riddle?
I know how much you love mine.


Rigvedic geography


I met an orb once who showed me a thing or two about maps.

Tracker, like  a shadow wolf

Sacagawea. Feminine wisdom holder.


Into your monastery I come to pray the prayers of NOW. 


They Awaken



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