Some things are just so divinely coordinated you can do nothing but submit to the sheer power of the brilliance.
You were the last thing I expected to see. There you were standing at the door. I had to slow down and focus to be sure.
Was the Universe testing me? Why your manifestation now? What could this possibly mean?
I didn’t expect the flood of memories to follow. Inundated. Overwhelmed.
I just wanted to reach out and touch you. Muscle memory activated.
Its always been you. This influence you have over me. The things you do.
Love still flows powerfully.

You and I have this impossible connection that has proven itself time and time again for decades, centuries, lifetimes.
Timeless when I’m in your arms. Everything just disappears except you and me. Nothing else exists other then the merge.
How many stories have I written about you. Always you.

You were already deep inside me the first time I met you. Imagine how far down you go now. Swells of emotion.
When you read these words, do you know it’s about you?
Close your eyes and remember.

That look in my eye is because of you. Pure, rare, real.
My soul remembers your touch inside my most sacred places.
I could trace us back to the very beginning of time, every time I laid in your arms.

The great love of my life.
Touching the divine.

You are still so beautiful.

What are the odds? This kind of stuff happened to us all the time, every time, no matter what we tried to do to stop it.
Fate is real.

Manifested from a powerful thought. About you.

What does the Universe want with us now? The timing is surreal.
Powerful emotions stirred. Long settled dust in an ever moving stream.

Layers of you inside of me.

3 thoughts on “Fate

  1. Dominick Carlucci says:

    This resonates with me more than even I could have believed. Thanks, Hillary.

    Many Blessings…

  2. Nick Aitken says:

    Beautiful words Hilary.

    Thankyou deeply


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