My altar for the energies this weekend held the space as I worked through them. Consciously traveling through the dimensional bridges built in sacred etheric form. Passing my love & power on to the Earth. Lucidly holding the thought in focused will as it sank deep into her skin. I meditated on the energies flowing through my body. Lighting up the pathways of passing power initiations down the linage Yin. Projecting my energy into the spiraling twists of golden ladders within my blood. I connected to my Great Grandmother and my Great Granddaughter to be, holding them balanced as a center piece of gravity in the NOW.

What we believe becomes real. I believe in love, and love was becoming real as it formed a full spectrum of color before me and within me. I let go of all cycles that control or damage love. I released them back into the ethers for recycling. Knowing what has stopped me from manifesting it in the past I let go all of my own dysfunction with love, the anger, the revenge cycles, the hate. I lovingly breathed it out of my body, a generator for frequency and vehicle for traveling through time. Allowing the full spectrum to be honored in all ways. I accepted myself for all I am – the good, bad & ugly – and allowed myself to be in love regardless of those traits within myself that seem to lack the expression of love. I forgave myself for those moments of blinded sight and moved on. I allowed the belief into my consciousness that receiving love even thru my own perceived imperfections, is love. To see and honor the full spectrum of expression without hiding any part of yourself, without self-judgement, IS love. To allow the beliefs of those who see you as anything less then love incarnate is also OK and worthy of inclusion into the full spectrum. because the belief lives within you it will manifest on the outside as physical. So these feelings and thoughts were all in harmony with sacred law.

5/25/13 Full Moon SuperExposedFullZoom (photographer unknown)

5/25/13 Full Moon SuperExposedFullZoom
(photographer unknown)

I breathed love into everything I hated: past, present and in the future. I saw all the faces of those I had felt betrayed my love, and I slowly released my breath through them in honoring of their love disguised as hate. I saw their purpose in my life and how they had been some of my most powerful teachers. I willed their etheric manifestation and placed  them in the center of my altar, the holy of holies. There while they danced in my most sacred place I opened my heart and received their love. I allowed myself to move into the heart with them and we danced the sacred dance. I saw their spirits and we held council on the records now being released and brought out into the open – no more secrets. Nothing is hidden. It is only because we believe that to be true. Change that belief and you see what you felt was being kept from you in dimensional forms. It all opens up for you naturally and effortlessly.

The 13 prayers for NOW played as we danced. The Apache Holy One’s words resonated throughout my entire being, speaking me into form, waking me up and opening my eyes so I could see further. I know that feeling well, as I have had much practice. Opening to the Universe dissolves your small identity into the grand ocean of who you really are and from there you twine in love with all who are there with you.

I settled into the vision and released it to the four corners of the Earth. Visualizing a golden web of life rippling outward covering all things with love – a grid of awakened ones took hold and anchored them into the sacred places on the Earth- some known and some unknown. I felt a telepathic connection with all these places on earth at once as I illuminated within their light. I was here, yet there, and everywhere at the same time. True nature revealed.


The wolf people circled me. Lone wolf no more. Family initiated. The alpha male approached me, his size and power overwhelming yet welcomed and received. All the other family members laid down as he approached. The snakes came out of the ground and their rattles shaking they came into the circle and coiled peacefully in a balanced stance. Their eyes mesmerized towards the center of my altar. The sound of their rattles heightened the Alpha wolfs presence. He took a step forward and moved into my body. He filled me with all he is. I embraced his totality within me and accepted his love into my heart. I felt his impeccable strength holding firm within me. A catalyst flame forever within me. Impregnated with direct source. The essence of Wolfdreamer present in the NOW, filling me in all my totality. Baptized in natural form. The snakes shape shifted into Grandmothers sitting around the altar shaking their rattles. I looked into their eyes and gazed to find the vision. I saw who I am staring back at me. Purpose driven. A resonator of frequency, a castor of webs – golden should I choose.


The ancestors have arranged the dream within their sacred will. It is carried forward in the descendents of now. As it will be in those yet to come. To actualize the supernatural powers within us we must align with love and seek to express that in all its various forms. To hold back is to slow the process. To resist is to try and block the flow. All temporary distractions meant to dissolve eventually, in the meantime passing on valuable and precious lessons to the spirit infused with them with love anyway. There is no escaping love because it is what all is made from. To reject love is to reject yourself at your most intimate level. It is the force of creation.


The Grandmothers rattled and as I gazed into their eyes, into the soul of the Earth herself, I saw the long awaited return in all of us, every single one of us, not just in one person specifically – in the form of a messiah, but the return of the divine messiah within all of us – man, woman and child. With no boundaries as to what color, or religion, or what state of living or what origin they are from. No one is left behind in this return because it is thru consciousness in which we are all a part of and have access too. What happens to one of us, happens to all of us. It is thru the DNA we all share, that spark, in which we can experience each others feelings, experiences, memories, hopes, prayers and dreams. You have access to mine, as I have access to yours, naturally, organically. Telepathic sensuality. You can bring me to you, as I can bring you to me. Not in the spirit of captivity or manipulation, but through the openness of love and the state of oneness it conceives. The choice you make through your free will can open doors to all the imagined places you can dream of, it can also close them.


The Grandmothers returned to their snake form and left the circle. The wolves fell asleep and returned to the dream world. The alpha curled up inside my heart to dream his beautiful dream inside me. I opened my eyes and the rainbows twirled around in the crystals on my altar. I could see universes spinning inside them, star pathways lit up and I knew that we can and do travel to them at will. There is no place we can not be, there is no difference between etherically and physically, they are intimately linked. I envisioned my African sister and the Maasai tribe dancing and I linked to her heart and we danced together I could feel no difference between her and myself. I felt the African sun on my face and could feel the lions and elephants circling. I envisioned my star sisters dancing and I joined with them around the fires lit within the Shaman caves throughout the Southwest. I envisioned the Oceans, the 3 sisters swimming with the manatees deep into the ancient parts of the Oceans down into the sacred temples of the star people. I envisioned the trees in the ancient redwood forests sitting in the tops of them with the Eagle people as they swayed back and forth the leaves shaking as they speak to each other sharing the messages of the winds that  travel around the globe bringing truths from all four corners of the world.


I envisioned my moon seeping deep into the soil bringing regeneration to the land. I envisioned spider weaving the dream, guarding the star bundle next to the birthing winds of change. I envisioned the thunder beings and the lightening people gathering, I said a prayer of gratitude for the weather. I envisioned the Dalai Lama dancing by my side moving the ancient emanations of the dream out into the world, while the plant kingdom spread the word over the entire planet. I envisioned the words of my big sister and Shima – her prayers for NOW – resonating through all of it.

I took out my 40th birthday gift from my Shima. I held it in my hands and twirled it with my fingers. I fell into the repetition. I imagined the above visions spreading out thru the golden grid. I kissed the object and placed it back into my sacred pouch.

Love is what we make it.


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