The Dalai Lama/Lunar Secret Agent of Love

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So what came into my house/my space today on The Day of Love? on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse portal?

The Dalai Lama.

An unexpected visitor who met him personally last month happened to stop by my home today with no more then a few hours notice. He gave me a signed copy of his holiness the Dalai lama’s new book ….. Ethics for the New Millennium as a gift.

When I opened to the page where his holiness signed his name in the book, I felt his breath enter my home as I ran my finger across the indentations of ink on paper. I could see his smiling face extending his arm in love.

My visitor said, did you know he is a living God?
I replied, yes.

Then the visitor left.….so I sat down to meditate with Dalai to see what message he had brought me all this way through the ethers, on a special mission of his own.


The visitor is a family member by DNA. He has always been so very secretive about all things, especially his job. I’ve been praying for no more secrets in the world. When he gave me the book, he had left his business card in it, an accident perhaps on his part, but not on Gods part. I finally know what he does. He got his picture taken with his holiness. Through his DNA I  could feel the moment. Thru meditation I could connect to that place and time. Thru his DNA I could see where he was, who the visitor was guarding. I could also see the Dalai lama smiling. He could see me seeing it all.

Suddenly he and I were in a tunnel, a kind of energy tunnel. His big happy face filled most of it. I could see the child-like innocence and love fused with a knowing. I recalled at that very moment a dream I had when I was with CSETI & Dr. Steven Greer at Mt Shasta in 2010, about the monastery and all the young kids being trained as Yogi Jedi-like masters, all dressed in brightly colored tailored samurai-like clothes and all moving to the moves of a teacher in a very Tao-Chi kind of movement as a group as one entity. I was watching in the other room, I was a teenager and I was dressed in street clothes and I was there with other kids the same age as myself. We had already been through the training in the other room. I looked down and there was a TV and a cord going into the wall. I picked up the cord and I focused on it as it turned from a regular physical cord to a cord of energy as my perspective changed, as I willed my perspective to change back, the cord changed back to the form of the power cord. It was easier to turn it into an energy cord, then it was a physical cord but I could do both. Then the dream changed. I woke up and I shared the dream to the group in the circle of CSETI and nobody said anything.

The recall of the dream slowly faded and I was back in the tunnel with his holiness. “This is how we do it. It is also how they do it” and he pointed to the diplomat in the room that the visitor was guarding.It was a secret meeting, on a secret mission, yet the Dalai had a mission of his own.

I came back into the room in which I was having this vision/experience in. I opened my eyes. How could I ever put what I just experienced into words. I saw and felt a convergence of moments/synchronizations/ events that all led up to this very point in time as I sat there still buzzing from the meditation.
I took a big breath in and let it slowly out. I went back in.

Who have you ever experienced as a living God? asked His Holiness.

I thought carefully. I had experienced one as an etheric manifestation, and another as a physical manifestation. Both men. I had experienced both the etheric and physical with one woman.

What would happen if you merged all of that together into one feeling and added your sexual energy? asked his holiness.

So I did. I focused with all my will the manifestation of the living God both ethereally and physically with both male and female energy as one. I lucidly went back and forth with the energies, carefully placing my intention in areas as they light up and sent in the feeling of love and innocence consciously. The living God I had met in the physical, now met me in the ethers. I could feel him physically as I poured more energy into the etheric manifestation of him. As our energies merged he could hold the frequency and i was really with him. All the moments I had known him, seen him for who he really is, all the revealing dreams opened up and showed me more. With every cell of my body I focused my energy on him, and as it developed more and more a chiasm rolled through me. After it passed through every inch of my body, I focused on staying lucid and I opened my eyes and picked up the rocks in front of me, one from Ship Rock in New Mexico, and the other from Taa-naash-kaa-da. I willed my chiasm energy into the stones. I then watched with my spirit eyes as the blessing moved forward through all of it – the visions, dreams, manifestations and thru my DNA.  At that moment I imagined the energy swirling around me willed into the vision of my great grand daughter and all the woman to come.

I could feel the Dalai Lama’s smile and love. I felt his blessing course through me. I felt my spirituality become real.


According to astrologers right now is a closing portal from 1998-1999 suggesting to look back to that time to see what would be relevant now. I was giving birth back then to my 1st son. I was manifesting my DNA into this world. I was moving forward in time. I had just posted the other day about my great grandmothers journals here on my blog and being able to run my hand across the handwritten words and feel myself connect to her, even her consciousness. I mused about time and space how to time travel with ones consciousness. Now the Dalai Lama’s own handwriting, his own mark, his own energy form with color and intention was in my hands and touching my heart on this very special day. I was humbled.

According to Astrologer Carol Ann Ciocco, this Tri-eclipse portal began on April 25 with a Partial Lunar Eclipse. What’s interesting is that the April 25 opening eclipse was the very last eclipse that ENDED a Saros series. Meanwhile, the eclipse that closes the portal on May 25 will BEGIN a brand new Saros series!

What is a Saros series? Eclipses are grouped together in several different ways. For instance, they occur in “sets” of two or three eclipses. (We are currently ending a set of three). Eclipses have many other kinds of relationships as well. They even have families: every eclipse belongs to a series of similar eclipses that are 18 years and 11 days apart. This is called the Saros Cycle. The new Saros series emerging on May 25 is numbered Saros 150 (using van den Bergh numbering system); or Saros 15 South, using the Jansky naming system. The birth of a new Saros is a rare event – kind of like the birth of a baby that will grow and mature for the next 1280 years! What’s interesting is that we have seen TWO new Saros Series born in as many years – a new Saros also began on July 1, 2011. The Saros beginning on May 25, 2013 will start at the South Pole with one of the most imperceptible eclipses possible, then the Series will wind its way like a snake up toward the North Pole. In the middle of its journey, it will peak with a total eclipse on July 4, 2680. It will reach the North Pole after about 640 years; and then will wind back down to the South Pole when, on June 30, 3275, it will end with another imperceptible eclipse.

Today is also a Super Full Moon. With an alignment in the stars as well, I’d say today is a pretty special day. Love and all its forms, ins and outs, giving and receiving….IS the new ethic for the 5th world forming.

May 25, 2013 will start at the South Pole with one of the most imperceptible eclipses possible, then the Series will wind its way like a snake up toward the North Pole. In the middle of its journey, it will peak with a total eclipse on July 4, 2680. It will reach the North Pole after about 640 years; and then will wind back down to the South Pole when, on June 30, 3275, it will end with another imperceptible eclipse.

Like a snake. Winding up and then down. From 2013-3275. As I finished this blog post, I received a picture from the person designing my moon pot. I thought the image,  the form that was birthed in it today was fitting for an ending of this post. I can still see the Dalai Lama smiling.

Today 5/25/13 my moon pot took form
Today 5/25/13 my moon pot took form

Carol also continues to include in her Astrology newsletter:

Everything has its season, everything has its time. And for cicadas, the time is now. After living underground on the East Coast for 17 years, the insects – millions of them – are about to resurface in the Northeast United States. They’ll be making plenty of noise … and love. – CBS News report. As this eclipse portal closes, I wanted to mention the occurrence of periodical cicadas – tree grasshoppers – which will emerge this spring/summer in the Northeast United States I think it is applicable for all of us, since both Washington DC and New York City are in this location, and we know that these cities are pivotal for developments on a global scale. What’s fascinating about the cicadas is that their cycle is very similar in length to the eclipse cycle, which is approximately 18 years: “Periodical cicadas mate on a 13 or 17 year cycle, depending on the brood. There are about twelve 17-year broods and three 13-year broods of periodical cicadas, each with different ranges, although the regions may overlap. In 2013, Brood II of the 17-year periodical cicadas – genus Magi-cicada – is emerging this spring across portions of eastern North America including Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia.” ( What also made me take notice is that this particular ‘brood’ of cicadas are called genus Magi-cicada as mentioned above. The name lends itself to whimsy: Magi-cicada! Abracadra! Presto Chango! Poof! You have just manifested your heart’s desire! It also puts me in mind of the MAGI, the wise astrologers/astronomers who sought the Light of the World and who helped guide humanity. Magic abounds! Welcome to the Summer of Love!”

I can hear the Dalai Lama saying as he smiles, “you’ve done well young grasshopper”


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