Divine Blood Descending

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Dreaming yourself forward by every choice you make. When you see the grand blood line it puts it all into perspective. I’ve been pondering bloodlines lately, and what makes them divine. What if you right now fully actualized into all you can be. Completely owned it and moved out into the world AS IT? How would that not only empower any future versions of yourself, but also your DESCENDANTS? Those who branch off your blood line and grow in their own directions would no doubt be affected. Blood is Yin, the most sacred and potent kind. Your DNA swirls around in it activated, twining, dancing, growing, turning on & off. What if you consciously, lucidly willed love into your own veins on a regular basis. They say falling in love activates a chemical reaction in your body that results in a multitude of changes. The more powerful the love, the more it is reciprocated, the more potent the chemical release. Like plants that warn other plants through underground fungi so they can release chemicals to attract or repel appropriately to protect themselves, so to do human beings emanate a chemical release into the surrounding environment when they are in a state of love, some say it can even be heard as a literal sound. What does it tell the surrounding environment? What kind of effect does love have? I guess it depends on how powerful of a love it is. Real strong powerful love, the kind that reaches across time and space, the kind that enables a powerful telepathic link, the kind that when touched explodes into a 1000 different colors of bloom…..what kind of effect would that have on your blood, your body, your DNA, your descendants, your environment?  Would it create water to wine? Divine Yin to carry it onward?

Can you manifest divinity in your blood line by intention and will? Can you speak to your descendants just as the ancestors speak to us now?

I recently watched Cloud Atlas for the 2nd time. Great movie, long but great and the second time around I was able to catch a lot more than I did the first time. As I watched I felt that familiar feeling coming forward again. The twining of powerful love that can reach far beyond what our ordinary senses can conjure. I felt saddened by how so many seem to disrespect it or not recognize it when it presents itself. I was curious about this. I felt it was important to ask myself why this is now. At first the answer would seem obvious, way to much focus on the outside of ourselves, compulsive obsession with the physical, implanted brainwashed programming as to what is considered beautiful. How petty the human species can be when it comes to the outer shell of a person holding more weight then what fills it. How many fall in love with another persons SPIRIT first? and THAN the physical, in that order? I will be the first one to admit physical attraction is important, and it is. To dismiss sexual energy is the equivalent of dismissing the importance of your thumb. So attraction on a physical level does have its purpose and benefits, it stokes the fire. But to place complete and total value on it is to miss the point and that is where most people get stuck. Our culture praises this immature behavior and endorses it through a multitude of ways that enhance this level of consciousness. Mostly to sell an image or product through the base levels of sexuality that harness so much dysfunction in people, and thru that dysfunction keep them stuck there.

I have fallen in love with spirit first. I know the affect of this. I have felt it deeply in every thread of my being before ever being physical at all. I have felt the telepathic resonance and the divine twine of golden tapestry. I can tell you first hand nothing is more sensual, more beautiful, more enchanting than this space of knowing a beloved in the ethers. To feel their energy body wrap around yours willingly and with permission. Love is a powerful elixir. I’ve had people say to me…. ‘you give off so much sexual energy!’….and I say ‘good’.  More people should. It is a vital force. You are here in your human form because of it.

Sexual energy is vital to life. To think otherwise is foolish. It leads to creation, it allows for two people to elevate their spirits out of their bodies into the cosmos, it allows orgasm to evolve into chiasm. What is a chiasm you ask? You may wish to research that on your own. I don’t want to spoil it for you.

This feeling with another is rare, like a treasure. One to be cherished, nurtured and protected. It can be scary, you can fear losing your current sense of self, a relation to your priorities, a fall to what you may consider real and important, even fear a lack of respect to yourself should you allow yourself to surrender completely to the feeling of intense immersion into another. Most are taught to stay within themselves and only care about what is there. Ego traps people in a state of less than.

Why do you suppose religions the world over shun sexuality, especially womens? Why do you suppose it is such a threat? control. It is a threat to control, to carefully laid agendas. Why do you suppose there is so much injected hostility between men and women? Intentional breeding. Like an infestation of maggots in the rotting meat. Decomposing corpses worried only about how big their lovers asses are, and not being able to see past that.

Fall into spirit, touch within the ethers, dream each other in sacred places, allow it to happen and grow. Let your love pour into the other as their love pours into you. Breathe in their essence, know them in their energy bodies before you touch them. If you do not  take the time to do this, to know your partner this way you will never reach a chiasm.

What stops you from this level of intimacy? Many things. Most will work hard at destroying any trace of this kind of connection once it shows itself. So many aborted love stories floating around the ethers. Half grown possibilities and infertile formations. Discarded through intentional means. Brought back to the void for a 1000 reasons why they cannot do it. Safer in the distance, relieved that you don’t have to hold up that much energy anymore and so it is sabotaged, even killed completely. In death at least you can find stability and continue on in some form or another. Yet how will you ever forget that level of resonance? It will haunt you forever in so many ways as you travel through time and space. Once you have tasted even a small taste, you will seek it out, knowing the life it enhanced within you, and the beauty it birthed through you.

Good, bad and neutral. The grand trinity of choice.

I had this connection once, and I sabotaged it in my ignorance and by choice. Afraid of it in many ways. For a brief moment in time something so powerful and so beautiful would’ve been birthed into this world. But it was not meant to be for so many reasons. But what it did was show me the possibility so next time I would make different choices and I would recognize my own self-sabotage and fear when they surfaced and I would not let them decide for me. It gave me hope in the human connection. It caused me to reflect on our ability as humans to shut this connection down out of sadness, anger and hate. It showed me how the mind can make you believe even the most perverse and hateful things about another – even when, and perhaps especially when, it is a powerful kind of love. Is it love to push someone away as hard as you can? On some level yes, because you believe so thoroughly that this love will kill you or hurt you on some level because you do not trust love, you have been taught that love will hurt you, steal something from you and leave you broken. At the time it feels like a choice of basic survival, a distorted sense of self-love or protection.

So what if you’re afraid? Get over it. It is worse to feel it and walk away never knowing what could’ve been born of it. The eternal ‘what if’ is far worse then any imagined fear you can conjure to keep it at arms length at the given moment. Learning how to receive love is the great lesson oft he 5th world according to the Shimas. Indeed.

So we continue, we keep going, and we try again. Only this time we own our fears and mistakes and not project them on to the other. We go slow and stay grounded and let the heart decide. How else will we ever know the potential of such a powerful combination, elixir. How else would we see the chemical reaction within our own bodies? How else could we observe the affect on the environment around us? The world waits for this emanation to be honored, cared for, and nurtured so it can grow into a powerful wave of resonance. A frequency that can literally and symbolically change the world for everyone. What greater good could you possibly offer the world and your descendants who will inherit it?


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