A Native American elder once told me that our emotions affect the weather. I doubted that statement at the time, but now I no longer doubt it. I have seen people move the clouds with their intentions and even hold off storms and create a circle of sunlight right in the middle of them through the use of prayer.  If our emotional energy creates or sedates storms what would that say about the recent Tornadoes in the mid-west?

When I look at the location of the devastation, I see them clearing the center heart of the United States. If collective emotional energy responds accordingly what is it about the HEART of the United States that needs clearing? A lot. If you look at the entity of the country from outside of it – many call the Western world, soul-less. That the energy of the country lacks depth and hinges on a constant angle of superficial consumerism that has no heart.

Do we have a heart here in the Western world? We can so easily forget the suffering of those who have less then us. Most seek competitively and everything is a race to achieve more and more at the cost of everything around us. We treat our children and our elders in a way that is destructive to the human spirit. Men and women can barely reach their beloveds soul – those who do seem to be a rarity.

You have asked for the truth of the United States to be revealed, and it has been, slowly over time our consciousness has revealed the death gripping control grip it has had on its citizens and all those who appear outside of the supposed 1%. For years now the alternative truth movement has worked diligently to expose the deep dark secrets of those in leadership roles making major country wide decisions who affect every last one of us and generations to come.

The rest of the world has rebelled against the US in a wide spectrum of ways furthering the reveal-ations of our country-wide crimes against humanity. Who are you to hurt us! says US. Yet when I hurt you….it is always justified. Sound familiar? In what ways does this macrocosm infiltrate your microcosm?

Mother, Nature, Earth is not a victim of humanity. HUmanity is a fleeting manifestation of form destined to evolve. Into what? remains to be seen except only in your most sacred visions. Hopefully those visions are lucid, willful and charged with love.

Clearing of the HEART of US……….. taking away the old to rebuild the new. Forcing winds of change in the HEART of US. Asking us to let go of what is not important, the transient material. Asking us to treasure what matters the most, life and others. Imagine if you had all your possessions exorcised out of you and all that was left was you and your beloveds? How would you rebuild the HEART of US?

The US is the dominant collective force right now in the world. The superpower of most. The powers that be within the US – are they abused and used to hurt others? or are they used to create peace? How do you bomb for peace? Dominate for peace? Force beliefs for peace? Implement such powerful control onto your citizen CELLS that you do not at some point mutate and cause a collective US cancer?

The storm damage is real. It will strain institutions across the US. It will break what is weak and strengthen what is strong. It will wipe away all the superficial and material to leave only the spirit within the HEART of the US.


Earth knows how to regenerate itself. She will seek to clear the heart of the dominating abusing force on her and press the reset button. She has heard our prayers for the awakening of a more united love. This asks for the destruction of what no longer serves that unification.

We are all responsible for the weather, even with the most advanced technologies, the human technology is by far more in tune then any machine can ever hope to be. Soul-filled manna powered. My prayers go out to the HEARTS of the microcosms directly affected, hit the hardest, loss of beloveds. Yet in your experience lies the possibility for hope and love to be reborn. Through YOU, the generators of emotional energy – through you the HEART of US will be cleansed and reunited with a truer more powerful way of life.

Tornado ally. The HEART of the ‘US’. Could you live fully in the heart? Could you chance the total reset of everything you are this way? Those who do live there do a great service for humanity, all on this planet. They are in direct line to the powerful collective emotional energy of the planet. All eyes are on the United States – the united states of collective essence, the united states of perception, the united states of the collective heart of the humanity on the planet.  Indeed the clearing will take place, the love, the heart, the electromagnetic force – THE US – will regenerate and heal. It will beat to a greater drum far beyond the slight fanciful whims of the ego as the ego itself evolves beyond selfish agendas.

You have asked for this, prayed for it. You have lent your emotional energy into it. The love, fear, hope, hate, all of the collective emotional energy swirls together to create a release of this energy somewhere. As it manifests into the HEART of the U.S – the UNITED STATES OF BEING – the US/WE……….. we will all witness our own growth, our own rebirth from the rubble. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes mother nature churns up her fire, not a manipulated man made fire – yet in many ways it is! Man made in the sense that we are connected to all.


Each home is a self-contained microcosm in many ways. A container for each families beliefs, way of being, connective bonds, emotional charges. Many separated from their neighbors, separated from the US/WE.  How can a heart beat strong if it is not in a UNITED STATE OF BEING?

Each home is like a semi-conductor into the country itself. Built like a chip inside a grand computer. Each neighborhood generates a collective energy in and of itself made up of the even smaller fractals. How unified is that collective community? Perhaps after losing everything thought to define it, it will indeed realize this. Again this is not about JUST THOSE that live there, it involves all of US. This land – the center of the country – is the symbolic and actual heart of our country. The HEART of US. The heart of the western world.

Each home is a family unit. How healthy is that family unit? Is it functional and loving? or is it competitive, separated and isolating? Where is  the mother/woman in each home? In what state is her heart? The divine feminine is represented in each home like in a cell within any form. The STATE of US and its vital state of health is reflected in every man, woman and child…and in every home across the Western world. Just because your home may be whole, doesn’t mean everyones is. The collective majority rules in the grand scales of justice and energy. Do you reach out to the other in your state of unified bliss? or do you self-contain and put up walls to keep everyone out so you don’t have to be exposed? Even in this – there is a selfish-ness, a want to keep the love for yourself and only those you deem worthy of sharing it with.

I see a clearing within the HEART of all of US. Not just in mine, or yours…. but in all. The US, the WE. I see a clearing in the country of UNITED STATES. A soul retrieval at the deepest level of humanity.  A 2 mile wide force of Earth driven by the collective emotions of all who are waking and asking for truth. In the end truth is not about exposing more and more corruption…in the end once all of it has been exposed, you need to at some point start repairing and rebuilding. Losing ‘everything’ puts us in the empty slate space of mind to become the full force of creator. A generator of will to do just that. It will ask us to rethink our priorities, reset our comfort zones in the most drastic of ways – isn’t this what love does? Have you even fallen so deeply and completely in love with someone that it has changed everything? I have. I know the feeling well – I have only felt that full force affect once, with one other person directly. It can be terrifying to survive a tornado such as this, or surviving falling in love, the allowance of letting everything you have known prior to dissolve back into the void to be reborn. Powerful stuff.

The more you love, the more you change the UNITED STATE OF US.

The tornadoes of Oklahoma 2013 followed the same path thru as back in 1999. http://news.yahoo.com/oklahoma-twister-tracked-path-1999-tornado-232609115.html

The tornadoes of Oklahoma 2013 followed the same path thru as back in 1999. http://news.yahoo.com/oklahoma-twister-tracked-path-1999-tornado-232609115.html

What issues of the heart were you dealing with back in 1999? As the same clearing happened then. Think back. Remember. How do they relate to today?

What timing! Three planets are coming together in the evening sky at this very moment, putting on a celestial show that won’t be seen again for more than a decade. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are gathering low in the west-northwest evening sky, and next week they’ll form the tightest grouping of three naked-eye planets that skywatchers will see until 2026.

Add the 2nd lunar eclipse for the year on May 25th (3rd Lunar eclipse will be this Fall completing the tri-lunars for 2013) May 25ths Lunar eclipse closes the tri-eclipse portal for the Lunar/Solar/Lunar that has happened recently as some astrologists have highlighted. SO bottom line…we have a unique alignment, a 3rd eclipse (2nd Lunar) AND Full Moon! Add the recent quadruple X flares emanating from our Star…and you have a HOT mix of energies right now exploring all of who you are.

May 25th, the DAY OF LOVE. Add your emotional energy to the weather, see what happens. Align with your heart and be honest with your emotions. Make peace with what still unsettles it. Own the parts of it that still hurt you, let go of the past and embrace the now so you can birth the future clearly.


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