Wolf Dreams for the Future

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"Wolfdreamer" painted by Veronica Reichelt
“Wolfdreamer” painted by Veronica Reichelt

In a dream long long ago I was walking through the woods. I came to a clearing and I asked for my teacher to show itself. Out on the other side of the clearing a large Wolf came walking slowly out of the woods. I locked eyes with it. For a moment I forgot I was dreaming. “Teach me” I said. That was the beginning of the great coming home. It marked the path I would follow. I had met my dimensional dancing partner. For years I would travel to Joshua Tree national park in So. California to work and teach at the Joshua Tree Institute of Metaphysics, and I would make a pilgrimage to the Wolf Sanctuary not to far from the Institute. The Native American woman who owned it would let me in the wolf pens and I would sit with them for what felt like hours.

Photo by Vicki Dobbs. Wolf Sanctuary So. California 2005

I didn’t know it then as I watched the wolves circle and howl, but I would be given a very special name by an Apache holy woman, shima elder Maria Yraceburu years later, of Wolfdreamer. As I sit now and look back to reflect on the years gone past I am humbled by how many amazing beautiful people I have crossed paths with. Experiences clear as day stocked in my memories. So many amazing stories to tell my grandchildren someday. I smile as I think of those days yet to come. Life is a beautiful tapestry of moments spun. I often wonder what kind of world will they live in, and even their children beyond after I have long left this Earthly plane. Will any one them look at either of these images and know their grandmother? What kind of clues can I possibly leave them? Will I inspire my descendants? I hope so. Yet we all wonder if our lives will get lost in the shuffle of forgetting once we leave. I will try to be diligent in my clue making, so someday my granddaughter’s heart will light up. My sons and grandsons will continue to seed the dreams, and the first daughter born of my blood, will live them through woman. That is how I dream my future. That is how I pass on my power as a woman.

I met the wolf people in person. I honored them with songs and prayers. Their fur given away became part of my dreaming bundle. Over the years I became familiar with myself. Now the wolf lives within me. I am one. Shape shifting through dimensional folds of one self, closer to the center. I knew somewhere deep down inside I would be reborn and the wolf would show me where to go, which trail to take. I had asked it to be my teacher, and it is the closest kin to my true nature.

I pass my power down to my descendants. The love filled aura soaked DNA. My sons father is part Mayan (small part – but still a part). I often wonder if the great mother who merged with my egg – that soft gentle spark within the seed – smiles when she feels the love I have for my child. I feel all of the ancestors who make me who I am, and who have joined with my children to make them who they are which includes me, move forward each time I choose love.

We are the dreamers of the future, of those yet to come. When they arrive in form, we watch ourselves move forward in time. With each continuation of the sacred dream spiraling towards center, we move. Movement is life. Everything moves in some kind of orbit. I spend time meditating on the thought of my descendants. Sending love down the line. Generators of the gene. Will they someday patent the love gene? I wonder.

Procreation is a natural event. An original initiation designed by Creator. A rhythm.

So when I met Maria I knew it was by grand design. I was gestating, rolling around in the womb, forming my hands and toes. I was shape shifting into all the procreative stages. It was the great coming together within. And so the story continues. I have reached a new stage of development. These moments often feel familiar, a kind of deja-vu like, oh I’ve been here before kind of moments. Yes, but each time you are a bit more wiser, able to pass through in a slightly different way. Elevated yet deepened. Held, yet free. Flowing yet willfully.

I imagine my granddaughters spirit. I send it love now in the void as she floats like a star overhead caught in a beautiful constellation.

I hope someday, my legacy is still dreaming me.


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