Ship Rock, New Mexico

Ship Rock, New Mexico

One man. One woman.
Adam & Eve.

Return to the Garden.

Some have neglected the Garden.

Ancient fossilized Yin.

Frozen in time. Fertile.

Fire elemental. Kachina.

The Eagle lands and impregnates the Earth.

One man. One woman. …return to do the prayers.

Watched over by Raven. Sang the sacred song.

Over-riding the vines grown of hatred.

No more jealousy, said the Earth.
No more distrust.

Let into the holies of holy in this dimension.
Guided by wild mustangs.

One man, One woman
Symbols of the One.

Healed Elementals. Shining ones.


Imagine the energy.

See the beauty of Ship Rock? Now imagine the touch.
Womans Yin thaws. Back from the seemingly dead.
Blood flowing moons, filling the cup.

Can you see me for who I am? or do you turn away in disgust?
Choose wisely child.

Pure Yin, blood drawn from no trauma. Let it seep deep into the Earth,
Revitalizing immortality.  For if the Earth dies and you are immortal in your human form, what good is living?
Earths immortally is in your best interest. What do you shed your sacred Yin on?

Woman. Your Yin is power. It is the elixir of life.
Empower your Yin and you change the Earth.

Elementals. Initiated. Power passing  thru like electricity seeking a worthy conductor.
Human technology, natural 3rd eye to the sky kind.

After Ship Rock, the twins came in and taught the people to twine.
Weaving baskets of love. A container to hold the sacred Yin.

They were shown the power of it.

Golden indeed.
Like the Sun Star.

The dark saw what was happening and sought to destroy it. Working its poison in through the weaknesses of it.
Fissures and pressure cracks. Stirring illusions, deluded murky waters pured forth.
Polluting the clear waters.
Instant manifestation as your clarity fades.

Not this time. To much twine.

Let me share a theory offered by the Male Divine. I would say it is a vision, a prophecy, a prayer in its own right.
I was shown this just now, after writing what is written above. I saw the vision of the one who wrote it a few hours before he shared it.

Read consciously. Lucid and awake. It is a gift.

“DN8v.3 is my way of speaking the newly created form of DNA that is arising in each of us right now. it is what we are each developing in our own way, in our own time, according to our own path. it is the evolution of the physical/emotional/mental/terrestrial DNA to the spiritual/galactic form… and it’s happening within each of us right here, right now.

this spiritual ascension is real and it happens at all levels. it’s not just that our inner selves are opening to a higher energy.. we are bringing our lower selves with us as well. the spiritual transformation is manifesting in the physical… as we speak… as I type this… as you read this. it’s a tangible transformation that each of us will learn to intentionally harness and allow.

I know you can feel it. right here. right now. it is the energy of galactic love hitting the core of who and what we REALLY are… becoming.

our soul travels together have made this happen in a real way. this life is our own personal code activation sequence. live it. love it. light it up.

right here.
right now.

so regular, dormant DNA is the old way. when the dark parts of our DNA become activated, the old DNA turns into DN8… the “8” is infinity. our DNA goes from a linear structure to a circular/cylindrical/spiral structure that communicates back within itself. this new form of internal DNA communication is how our new DNA learns how to evolve itself. and it is our internal voice that tells it what to do. it already knows how to learn how to do anything we tell it to do.

DN8 is the perfect learning loop of 3rd dimensional creation. the “v.3” stands for version number three. earth human version one DNA evolved into earth human version two DNA. earth human version two DNA evolved into our current version three. we are each evolving into version three right now. the infinite learning loop is completing itself according to each of our sequence activation code activation sequence that is each person living life as an independent individual first… then learning how to become part of the interdependent collective that is forming. this is how we each will become part of the galactic collective… thru continuous learning and honoring truth in all forms and manifestations.

truth and honor within the collective is DN8v.3 in action.

Trinity. Infinity. Divinity.
DN8v.3 is you remembering how to be human.” ~ Kaleo Selah

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