I am a woman. Do I need to cut off my breasts?

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Cut off your tits! Be brave about it and thank your man for helping you do it. It is the right thing to do. 3 sisters – wounded. Survive. Prince Harry takes America riding in on his white horse to save the feminine. What? no king? A stunted male energy. Unable to claim his own. Hey Brad…. how about you tell her not to do it? Too much invested into it? Something tells me this is all for show.

Hey ladies don’t you worry about all your womaness. That can all be changed, through mutilation or sexual shame. You are the first to be changed. Can you see the manipulation? Decoded easily with eyes wide open. Her head is power, mind over matter…. power over the PEOPLE. Mutilated feminine – broken, incomplete. Paid off in trade for patriarchal perversion. 3 sisters… saved. Angie like a mother. Guided out of their deepest darkest places – fear of death and mortality. I’d say even fear of being human. Heart centered? doesn’t pay as well. Subliminal straight into your unconscious. That’s where you create from. Deep dark depths of your inner Universe. Womb and dream keepers awake. Help us to see the chains bound and misconduct, bring it to the light and show us where the healing is still needed. Open us inside out. Courage.

I am a woman. Do I need to cut off my breasts?

My moon has already been stolen. My heart has been broken. My body forsaken. Now you take what feeds the child? Rape of my nourishment?

Be brave and face your own mortality. Admit your age. Grow up quickly into your inner Sage.

3 sisters. Eternal springs. Feeding the Oceans. Fresh water pure. Clarity.

I see in the above picture Angie seeks to make herself a saint. Hoping all women will look up to her as she secures the greatest role in history as the woman who changed women into mutilated gene owners. Most women say, I have no uterus I’ve had it removed, I have no eggs they have been removed, I have no void it has been destroyed, I have no moon I take pills so I never get it, I have no voice my hormones have changed it forever. I see an actress acting in a 3D role, reality TV at its best. I will cut off my breasts for you, sacrifice the ultimate expression of my power of life giving mother! is her big line. Lines memorized and shot just at the right angle as to make everyone cry. I wonder how much she got on ebay for her cut off tits? It’s OK she can afford fake replacements. Maybe she can befriend Kim Kardashian who refuses to embrace her fatness as part of pregnancy. Where are you great mothers? I’m sure the surgeons are drooling to get you on their tables. An impotent mans wet dream.

In the above cover, you see only the letters showing in the name of the magazine PEOPLE……P E L E. Gee Angie, did you offer your freshly cut breasts to the Goddess Pele? Sacrifice by fire? or perhaps you served them up with a hint of garlic and lemon to your handlers. I’m sure some would pay top dollar to watch that.

Go ahead, remove all that makes you a woman. Those in charge of this world mostly prefer men anyway. So you’ll be right in tune with their frequency. Any man will love you who has no appreciation for what you really are. Who could possibly step up to the plate now? Who would have the balls to lay you on the altar to bless you for all you are? Broken men prefer broken woman. Cycles go round and round.

So you can look at the above COVER and see it as a cover story. A cover story that does no justice to women. Not to who they REALLY are beneath the wounds, under the trauma. Women who say I need a man to save me, a prince in shining white armor. No. That is the lie, sold. See it for yourself in the grand centerfold. Picture perfect people usually fold.

Idols selling ratings. Smiles conning pockets.

I don’t buy the story.

Who are you to fear death? If you run it catches you anyway. One way or another. What a martyr you are Angie. You should put this role on your IMDb Sag list. Emmy award winning I’m sure.

Who appreciates the woman for who she fully is? All of her facets, light and dark. Not to many. Most only like the shiny bright lights, and they get seduced by the image they sell to their own minds as perfection. Illusions on a grand scale broadcasted thru the collective crimes against women.

Free her.


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