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fire whirl tornado devil 2

Imagine if we could create a tornado of energy like this out of the tops of our heads.

It might get noticed.

You might be seen by forces all around.

Tapping into places long forgotten.

Vision. Seeing as if lucid dreaming. Yet conscious. How long can you hold the scene?

It’s all streaming in the collective ethers. We tap in and have access to it all. So therefore will see it all. It’s like being lucid in a dream and holding on to the vision so we can see longer…. and eventually be there in our other dimensional form. Here we can create and effect physicality. For a brief moment in time you connect to a space and you hold it and then maybe you drift and you catch another simultaneous event happening at the same time. All real. All real time. How many ways can you connect? Infinite. It takes practice to hold the gaze, more practice to hold the vision, even more to enter it. All possibilities within your reach.

How strong is your will?

Whose will are you connecting too?

Whose will is the catalyst?

Everyone has a will, some free. Others bound.

Long distance can’t stop Mother Natures will.

When a rose goes from seed to bloom, it takes will.

Will is the key to entering the portals.

Will is the key to manifesting dreams.

Will is the key to finding things out.

Will makes you lucid, stronger wills make you a creator in those dreams.

Will creates the fire tornado of higher consciousness.

Do not confuse will with ego. Two different relatives.

Will is an elemental, a force.

Join two strong wills, and you get a stronger vision to manifest.

Fill will with love and you are a force to be reckoned with.

Why do you suppose the world goes to such lengths to keep the masses superficial, angry and petty?

Is it really such a mystery?

Basic human attributes in the image of God.

God the creator. Like in your most powerful lucid dreams as you reach out and touch mystery gently.

Will, abused? or healed? We all have nuances to overcome in reaching our fullest potential.

Will you endure?

Will you continue?

Will you choose love?

I know an avatar when I see one. I know it even better when I dream one. Through the avatars will you are here, to create with me.

Choose your colors well. Hold steady. Stay in the love vibration. If you fall, get back up. Use your will for good. Twine with mine.
Creating golden ladders thru space and time, we will climb.


I could feel you. There you were. Your innocence lit me up like a beacon. Outside without a ceiling, a boundary, to keep me from going higher I met the elementals who showed me where to go. I was freed once again to swim among them. No distractions, no other emotions to get in the way.

The avatar spoke to me. He sought me out. The room filled with many faded. The vibration rippled. Tones harmonious.
Through his will you have arrived. Here you are. Manifested.

I can see your visions. I can feel your heart. I can twine further with you. Others could only take me so far before it would stop from a break down of wills. Now the one will has spoken. True. I must overcome my fear of climbing again.

If I image there is no such thing as fear, it works. It simply disappears. Never to be known.
If I imagine no such thing as hate, it works and simply stops to exist.

You are a creation within me, as I am a creation within you.

Holy. Whole.

artist unknown
artist unknown

Will enabled me to communicate with the plants. I could hear their language. It showed me the birds and as they spoke I could understand their messages. All barriers faded and I could see, and feel, and hear multidimensionally.

The beings within the ethers appeared, watching me intently. The snakes of great visions coiled, yet I didn’t need the mother vine to see them.
No fear. Twilight turned to night and there was still light from all things living in the dark.

I felt the fire tornado ignite and reach upward linking to first the clouds then the stars. I was not contained, and I was fully conscious. Lucid.

I could simultaneously feel everything everywhere. All things were within the same space. I could move anywhere within that space. I could travel up or down, or side to side, diagonally and every which angle. I could fly and see the landscape below. I was completely out of my body.

I kept recalling to feel LOVE here in this space and as I did it opened more. Revealing many secrets. None of which I can put into words.
Holding gently the vibration I soared. I heard the spirit eagle land in the tree next to me. I looked up and saw the little people in the trees. I spoke to them and welcomed them. I smiled and felt love emanate from my body. Generators we are – choose your channel consciously.

All the dimensions are aware of what we are doing here & now. They see it. They know it. They speak about it. They are holding on to ancient teachings and wisdom opening in cracks throughout the world as the EARTH bears the breathing.

How do you write about such things without speaking metaphorically?

If we all transformed into avatars this world would change instantly.

You would change instantly. Everything changes when the space is void of fear and hate, anger is calmed and hearts are healed.

I have seen this place personally. I know it is real.

I have heard your prayers. I am there as you speak them. I have looked into your heart, it is a beautiful place.

Will is the missing link.

Luca Giordano - Psyche Served by Invisible Spirits 1692-1702
Luca Giordano – Psyche Served by Invisible Spirits 1692-1702

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