How to Turn Her ON

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Winter Heat by Michael Page
Winter Heat by Michael Page

How do you wake a woman up from her long slumber? Why do you turn her on?
So she can regenerate and that regeneration can spread outward to all things.
What’s in it for you?

You can’t find what you can’t see.

Push your soft spots. Apply some pressure.
Open up and bleed.

Sexual, why not.
Light ’em up whole.

Spiritual expression. Speaking from source, maybe she’ll tell you a thing or two.
Can you copy the process? Only if you are a droned frequency.

I am only interested in what is true. Real, not faked.
You won’t manipulate me, it simply is not possible, free to will and think for self deletes artificial.

Free to believe whatever eye want. Mind – less – the ego. Integrated, healed and whole.
How about you? Truth or dare? Do you dare speak?

Take her on. See where she takes you. Honor her, love her, feel her zone.
Stay long term. No rules only synchs. Let her open your wings so you can fly.

Drink from her rose, and let her know you. Vulnerable are her petals as they bloom and fall.
Catch them. Spread them out over the Earth and lay her down. Let her open to you. Fill her with yourself so you can be reborn through her.

How do you heal her without lighting her up? How can you light her up if you don’t start a fire?


Are you afraid to wake her up? Scared you can’t handle the task? Impotent in your abilities to hang?
Can you change?

Reciprocated hard core. Try it some time. It will change your life.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking spiritual can’t merge with sexual. That etheric can’t manifest. What you pray, what you think seeks to live, you are the creator of its form. Birthing every time you make a sound. So right now as I close my eyes and see your face and say your name and fill it with emotion, I birth you. How I see you is how you are. Created life forms in the dark abyss.

When you touch her take her deeper inside herself. Seek to find her soul. But don’t let her take yours. Hold strong as you share without giving in to the spell. Don’t try and trick her, or manipulate yourself through her. She will know who you are the minute you open to her. No lies live within this space. No secrets can thrive. Transparency lifts.

Chiasm. Is love reciprocated. True love….not the bottled fake plastic kind.

Pull on the threads, light them up, send the wind. Whisper her name.
She will come. The true challenge lies in keeping yourself grounded around her.

The ultimate love story lies within you. Turning her on depends on how you tell it to her.
Trust what you feel under all the other emotions. Hidden away in your most secret places.

She is not interested in copy cats. She craves your originality. Your ability to know her. She prays for your twining. She wants to believe your vision of her in love. The stronger you see it, the more she will dream it alive. Treasure the sweetness.



  1. a good read i guess i have a lot to learn .i could have read a lot more of that .strange how i read that and has it went by i got faster and faster. strange to that i cant put it into words how i feel after reading it. thx

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