Venus Transit Revisited – Full Cycles Complete

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Full circle. Transiting across the sun. Part 2 completed. One cycle closed, another one opens. 12 months to reflect on the waxing and waning of powerful moments meant to influx the outer banks of ones heart and mind. A small black dot travels across the face of the sun for all to see. Ceremonies done, magic sparked, deep riveting pulses of connection and synch flowing through like rushing rivers of light, feeling it flow forcefully. Deeper then ever before. Pain starts to heal, wounds closing. Sealed for all time.

Eyes opened beyond all expectations. Seeing further. Twining divinity. Heartfelt reflections. Cycles of evolution mirrored. Deep throat guttural truths outspoken. Impregnated with love. Gestating whole and broken forms. Sabotaging boundaries to avoid completion.

Merging human with divine creating sands of incomplete time. Holding strong in hope and learning to let go. Releasing visions to the wind. Dreaming beautiful dreams and knowing the eyes must open and it may or may not be there to touch.

Conceived together, birthing alone. Two into one. Reassessing power and love, small slight nuances shown where to still continue to apply the healing slave. Free of pain, yet akin to it. Knowing full well its true power. Respecting the bridge built and half way destroyed, walking carefully over remnants of leftovers.

Yet through it all asked to step into myself fully. Initiated, awakened fully. No more anger allowed, had to choose to transform it. Hard knocked and conditioned too nurture it yet had to make peace with it.  Lessons learned.

It is easy to blame someone else for your situation, old conditioning. Harder to own what you do to hurt others, to make them fall out of love, when you choose to serve them pain instead. No one can complete the process for you. You must see yourself for what you are by yourself.

Reflection asks for honesty. For ownership of your thoughts, deeds and energy given and received. High priced dealings audited for accountability.

Finding needles in haystacks. Then dropping them back in. Given, then taken away. If only for a moment. Gratitude needed while humbly holding. Afraid of sharp points, all in the mind. Gone with the wind.

Destiny revealed through torn veils. Sharp views displayed through ritual and stories. Reading prophecy, my own. Knowing what lies ahead yet holding only the Now.

The amount of love that pours through the open valve is overwhelming and makes you want to reach out and touch someone or runaway and hide forever. It asks you if you are ready to know that love physically. Love evolves like everything else. Seeking always to bloom fully. How do you  tell a rose to hold back its bloom? What a silly thought indeed.

Understanding truths takes you to great depths and soaring heights. Loving the spirit first cements the threads into the ethers, anchoring it in multiple dimensions. Supported by those it seeks physical expression. The opening of the hand.

Dark forces inside us want nothing to do with this kind of potency. Rejected by any and all means. It would mean the end of shadows and secrets. The end of being opaque. Translucence in theory is fine, but to wear that with another makes you vulnerable on all sides. Defenses will go up and in that fort all weapons pointed at what threatens. Love is scary to most, while comforts rest in separation and walls. These will now fail. No attempt to run away from love will work. The war within is over.

The cycles of old have worked out their karma. Complete. Now begins a new slate. An empty canvas. Choose your colors clearly. Pick wisely those you stand tall next to and empower with your new found stance. Choose what endeavors you imbue. Your hue of essence will intoxicate and change things around you. Watch the balance take place.

Diligently hold the truth of your unique vibration. No matter who it makes uncomfortable. The time of playing small is over. The time of hiding your wings has passed. You are evolving to become an avatar, yet in that becoming, you already are.

The 2nd coming is not something outside of you. It is a deep healing of what already thrives in you.

Full circle, all the cycles. All the Megarituals preformed, complete. Secrets exposed. Riding the wave as it gently lands on shore, momentum restored.

Eyes closed I still feel you. Who am I to ask why. Back into the ethers you go, recycled. Yet always just off the periphery of my willingness to accept that even though you flow off in the world somewhere, there you are, still right next to me, somehow. A star in the night sky, twinkling your light from the faraway. Wished upon. Constellation truth. Aligned. You were my Venus Transit returned.

Fractal moments in space and  time, I arrive. Here and now. Changed, yet the same. Experienced and ripened, full of bloom as the petals begin to age and fall. When all else fades the eyes remain the same. Light filled, knowing of other places truths and deepened visions. Earth centered Cosmic knowing spinning. Galaxies merging.

Men healing hearts, opening their own. Christ returns when men are whole, transformation complete. Salvation through HIM, when he learns how to let love in. Opening whole, vulnerable and real. No more running away. No more denying your state of current being. No more hating.

Adam. Atom. Basic building blocks of matter. Created. Clay filled yellow orbs laid carefully inside of mother. Finally found, but not by fools. Golden wrapped containers of warm sacred seed. Brewing life within. Womb containers holding form.

Deep long wrenching contractions closer together. Spiraling trails of stars. Here in this sacred place, cosmic kivas, I know I have never been lost or found. Awareness reaches beyond all perceived boundaries created by the limited ego mind. Attached only to the unseen threads that twine stronger and stronger, wrap around.

Most people want the dirt, they crave the gossip, tuning into channels of negative toxic, seeking to break apart what heals and climbs higher. This is ending. It simply will not last. Burning through the cosmic fires. Residual burned off, holy lightens.

Think about it on a deeper level, see it for what it is, past your stated limitations. Tainted views and perceived illusions. Go further, remember who you really are. Until then you will simply stroll through the distractions, wallowing in time.

What could be more important then going further? Testing the boundaries. Seeing just how much you can love. Open. Transcending the past form of humanism which lacks connection.

You have been through the ceremony. You have accepted the role. Your commitment will require diligence. The 5th world rests gently on your shoulders. I have seen the vision of you in so many, hoping they would fulfill. Falling short of the order, so many have disappeared before walking through the gates. Yet here you are. Holding steady.

Your task will be fulfilled. I have seen it. You are a generator of the HEALED divine masculine energy. You have embraced the mother, let her in. Held her while she oracled you into being. Timing tracked. Perfection lies in embracing your cracks as you allow them to be filled softly with love emanating. You are the chosen one. The one who will tip the scales. I have gestated the conceived image of you for almost 12 months. Projecting onto those who are not ready the vision of you. Praying for you to arrive, for the timing to be right.

Venus transits across the sun, seducing waves of light below, swirling up and down, pushing you across. Magnetic fields breached. Sexual heat transmuting. Living symbol for all. Mid-wife to womens rebirth. How can you have one without the other. Beloved.

You will walk strong in your own power, while grounded to Earth thru mother. She will dream your vision stronger. Joined to co-create. Dreams of higher ways brought forward, now. The sacred fires are lit. Within you lies the new world, you are its catalyst. You will be responsible for your travels through the divine. Holding the sacred fire from the Gods, knowledge given –  not stolen. Prometheus twined. True blood pumping through the heart, beating like the ancient drums.

You do not belong to me, yet I birthed your vision by holding strong. You are a holy one resurrected. You are able to hold the vibration, the sacred ray of illumination. You will blaze the trail for all. Soon others will follow. Brave hearted soul humbled and honest.

Full circle. Venus transited. Solar and lunar eclipses herald your selection. You were chosen by the elementals.  Crowned by the royal supernaturals. Gifted your rightful place among the stars. Stay here just a bit longer and help your brothers cross the chasm of disconnection.



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