Secrets. The root of all evil and distrust. If people only realized that secrets are what keeps the new frequency from fully rooting into our 3D experience would they stop keeping them? If we developed our supernatural abilities and honed in our ESP, psychic and intuitive telepathic to the point of mastery how could anyone ever keep anything from anyone?

Being a clairvoyant I FEEL the truth in the form of emotions most of the time and see in the form of visions and dreams. Many who are psychic struggle with working ‘real’ jobs and sustaining traditional relationships. If you place a very strong psychic into an office setting if will be very difficult for those around him/her to get away with the common back stabbing/gossip practices often found in these kinds of settings. Psychics in relationships often struggle because they can pick up on their partners stuff often without even trying. The key becomes knowing when to offer your insights in either setting. No psychic should ever offer their insights unless ASKED and given permission by the one they are reading. It is an abuse of power to read into someone without their consent. Although sometimes it may be overwhelming the impressions one gets from any of these situations the psychic has to learn how to deal with the energies present and how not to invade someone elses personal & psychic space. Being friends with a psychic can be tough too unless you embrace and understand who your psychic friend really is and he/she does not over step their boundaries as a friend unless asked.

I never give a reading to anyone unless I am asked. That does not mean I do not get constant impressions. Being psychic is not a switch you turn on and off. It is always ON and streaming, but you can turn down the channel when in appropriate situations. When you as a reader come to my blog, I as the author am always ON. What you read is what you get. You may not get everything I am offering, and that is OK. Writing is my venue of channel. It will come as it flows.

If we were all skilled at our intuitive insights and connected fully to our dreams, if we were all telepathic how could anyone ever lie? or keep anything secret? To some degree being built like this has cost me a lot of friendships and relations, but in other ways it has connected me to and opened up many others. Not everyone understands or gets what myself and others do. They want to make fun of it, test it, doubt it – and they do. That is OK. It’s up to each person to find their comfort level with not only others abilities but also their own. Often when one is uncomfortable with the intuitive clairvoyant side of other people they are weary and distrustful of their own.

To be an emanating force means to ripple outward even when you say or do nothing. You simply are the force. The force will seek out the disharmonious aspects of those closest to you and seek to tune them upwards. Like flushing out a splinter. Coaxing it to the surface.  There it is. Right there for everyone to see.

Keeping secrets is a dangerous game. More and more people are waking up. Opening to their true selves and abilities as advanced enlightened humans. Everyone has dirt around the edges somewhere. This isn’t about pointing fingers and calling people out on it, it’s about seeing the effect of ones vibration on those around them. Secrets keep the light out. They keep ideas/forms in the dark. One may think they are doing a service by keeping things in the dark but that is a lie. Keeping secrets separates and endangers.

People know when something is not right around them, they develop a hunch. This is what is decoding the Megarituals, and exposing old SECRET society teachings. They intuitively KNOW. The more they trust that KNOWING, the more they practice aligning with it – the more they SEE. It is NOT the same thing as projecting your issues or egocentric realism. The world does not revolve around you, but your world does – how you see it determines how you experience it.

What will become clear soon after accepting ones intuitive psychic abilities or power – YES POWER – power infused with love not the ego power we are so used to seeing and hearing about in the world – we then have to be responsible with it and hold our integrity higher in the presence of ourselves and others. It is easy to use these gifts against others or to hurt them, try to debunk them or destroy them on some level. This is the egos way of sabotaging the higher connection served out of the TRUST built between people in honoring these abilities and not misusing them. This is not about ‘fixing’ everyone else with your abilities or getting into their heads without permission. It is about co-creating effectively together on a higher level of love, trust and manifestation. It will take practice, and you will fall and bump and bruise yourself along the way. You will make mistakes and learn hard lessons. You will also overcome those personal events and take from them the golden nuggets that will ripen your awareness and deepen you consciousness.

The time of secrets is over. Guarding your true intentions and manipulating energy and prayers into some contorted funnel for secret purposes which you do not share even with those you trust fully is done. The veil does not discriminate and if it is lifted you see all, but all sees you too. You cannot hide your past, present or future in the wake of this unveiling. You cannot seek truth in the world and expect truth to not seek you.

Secrets are the originator of all things held away from the light. To keep hidden. To hide. To guard as to not be seen. To give out just enough crumbs of the truth to intrigue one also deceives because in only seducing senses and asking people to trust you in your secret holding in itself generates a kind of darker vibe that spreads accordingly.

Everything is love some say. Even secrets. Yet in revealing secrets we find freedom, a kind of freedom not felt before we shared. We become vulnerable when secrets are shared, people SEE us for who we really are and then we have to be accountable. THAT is very difficult for many.. being accountable for actions, thoughts, energy, deeds… you cannot point one finger in another direction without three pointing back at yourself. Being psychic and intuitive is not just about moving objects with your mind and reading peoples thoughts. It is about opening yourself up enough to be able to perceive them. It is a shift in the time space continuum and you become closer to the etheric worlds that surround you. You become seen by the other dimensions and as the veil lifts that allows you to hear, see and feel…so to are you seen, heard and felt. In holding secrets there is no real trust because what happens to one, happens to all.

Reveal who you really are. Reveal your higher self. Own it and be it out in the world. Look at the secrets you hold within yourself and ask where you can lighten your load. Disclosure happens on the collective platform when it happens within you. You must disclosure yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, your true face in the world and stop hiding behind a mirage carefully calculated and built even if its in the name of ‘protection’.

When everyone begins to open t o this nature, their natural nature, they will be able to see you for who you really are because they can see themselves and they embrace that vision. Everyones stuff will rise fast to the surface – heat rising to burn off the residual debris from the 4th world past. As a fully awakened being which embraced all aspects of self, you become an effective force of vibration that will ripple outward to all that is physically around you and it will trigger other peoples stuff to be released as well. Like toxins coming to the surface on the skin. Moving it OUT! revealing it. Healing it, and ultimately CLEARING it.

The more you practice being this vibration, the more effective you will be at clearing negative toxic energies around you – fast. You will be able to hone in on it like a high-tech radar system and in your presence alone will the secrets rise up. All you have to do is trust the feelings and images you get and pursue them to see what truth is held in it all for you.

Potent times we are in. Align with them. Work to emanate a vibration of love and watch the healing and the clearing take place. You will not see the same results if you stay in fear or hate. people are comfortable with fear and hate. They are most uncomfortable with honesty, love, truth and speaking it clearly without manipulating secrets to hold them back.

Love, HR

2 thoughts on “Secrets, the Root of all Evil

  1. Tim says:

    yes , very good ,very true

  2. Nina says:

    Absolutely Beautiful Hillary!!! Thank you sister for your gift of expression and honesty~ ❤ Nin This really made my morning extraordinary! I so fully know these truths to be vital for our conscious well being~growth and service to others~ommmmmmm

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