Starseed Transmission 4/28/13

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There are others here who have been waiting for the call to awake. You are one of them. Once you wake you will feel them and they will feel you. Your awakening will further theirs as their awakening furthers yours. You are intimately connected to each other because you are the same. This connection is beyond what you know as connection now. Your attachments and ego have kept you hidden until the right time. Protected in a sense but just in being who you are, you are protected. There is no need to be afraid of this awakening. It has been written and preordained. It is no accident you are here now right where you are. Everything you have experienced thus far has been for this. The consciousness on your planet is changing rapidly and it cannot be stopped by those who wish to contain you. No matter what those in power conjure it will not stop what lies deep within you from coming to the surface to be seen and heard. You are a starseed planted long long ago now breaking the surface to grow and bloom into your fullest potential. Deep within your very spiral of DNA lies the codes of your awareness spinning twining eternally. Nothing will stop this. It is humanitys fate. So much happens right now on the world stage to distract you from the truth coming into your awareness. Whether you hear it or not it still downloads, you will see the truth in your dreams, in those you cross paths with, in the synch you experience more and more. No matter of distraction is truly the kind of distraction that will shut off the process. The more you allow your heart to open and your soul to settle into the process the more you will consciously understand. Otherwise it will be filed away into the subconscious part of your mind that holds information until you are ready, so no matter what you get it. But depending on where you are in your awakening process and how much you allow it to happen and not fight it or go into denial, the more you will reap the benefits of this understanding. The sun is playing a large part of this process. The more time you spend in it exposed, the more time you spend gazing into its light, the more direct transmissions you will receive to help you along. The Earth is your home for a reason. This is not about leaving the planet to go to another. This is not about us coming down to get you to ‘save’ you. This is not about ‘us’ taking you to another star system for you to know the truth. You are the keepers of the Earth, an already developed planet, filled with diverse life, wondrous miracles and beautiful places. We are being kept from the planet to some degree, there are others who live deep within your oceans far from the reach of your weapons and technology. There are others who walk among you everyday who hold the sacred spark within them for all. There time to awaken is now. We are transmitting a frequency throughout your planet to trigger this remembering. Our sacred tools which have long been hidden will now start to be found and shared publicly with all to help lift the consciousness of those who slumber. Even this will not be stopped by the complexes that hold your species in captivity. Spend as much time as you can out in the open, in nature, under the sun and stars, on the Earth herself so you can plug in as deeply as possible. The virtual world you all experience now on large levels is partly co-created by your power hungry leaders. There are ways to use it for the betterment of humanity but the generations growing up in it will live by it and their connection to real will be tested greatly as they grow. It is your responsibility as elders to be sure you leave them a legacy of truth. many of these younger people hold the starseed spark within them and their illusions will break down quickly as they awaken, much quicker then it took those who are older, they will not need the long drawn out cracking open that you and others have needed. The Starseeds have spark twins who walk this planet at the same time. You will feel them in your genetic memories and even though you may never actually meet in the physical, you will work with them in the etheric because that is as real as your 3 dimension. There is much disinformation floating around right now to confuse and separate you to pit you against each other and divide the growing strength of those who are awake. It will not succeed the Starseed spark cannot be extinguished. Some call this Christ consciousness, others have different names, it does not matter what you call it. Language and ideas create mental division and this has been one of the elites ways of keeping you from joining. You are a mental creature by conditioning this is not your natural state of being. The Starseeds come from many places. You will unite and open the understanding for others. There is no need to fight over whose star system is better, this is competitive programming done by your current conditioning. This conditioning is breaking down and the naked truth of who you really are is emerging. The institutions in place around your planet are not meant to be eternal. The religious confining shackles that have held many in place will now be removed. You as a species are opening to your cosmic consciousness and reaching beyond your planetary collective mind. Joining back with your star brothers and sisters will be a grand reunion but not in the way that many believe. It will be on the level of consciousness and expanded mind and heart. Then and only then can we come to you to reveal who we are and where we come from in the physical. You must be in a state of receptive openness. The starseeds will reveal themselves now openly. They will begin to speak. The information coming through them will confirm this. The human world as it has been created on Earth now is filled with tricks of the mind on many levels. It is like a grand maze one has to find their way through in order to break free of it, but again this is now changing and the frequency now emanating through Earth will assist in this breaking down. Many will attempt to hold the Starseeds captive and keep them from speaking. This too will fail as the distractions and attempts to contain and hold back will fall flat and the Starseeeds will see right through those who attempt to do this. They simply will not engage. Once they are fully awake there will be no stopping the stream of consciousness they are here to emanate. Your planet has been mostly patriarchal, men who are disconnected from the feminine voice and who have no respect for it will begin to find they cannot proceed in the same manner as before because this element of who you are as a species is out of balance as it is now and will need to correct itself and will no matter how hard the men cling to the old way of succeeding. The divine feminine as some of you call it will not be able to be birthed until the men have healed. This is happening now and you will see the products oft hat healing begin to emerge. Once the men realize they cannot operate on the mental and physical alone, they will begin to accept the heart and emotions and the non-physical dimensions that exist all around them and once that is incorporated there will be a revolution on Earth like never before. Do not be afraid of change. Embrace the awareness of a fully awakened human being that moves beyond duality yet knows how to function within that duality effectively. You are human and in the dimension you are in for a reason, stop trying to fight what you are and embrace the changes that are coming into your consciousness now so you can see the bigger picture of that now. Most of your society has been conditioned to channel energy into the superficial and on the surface many stay. This will change when the Starseeds awaken fully as many have already now. The Starseeds are planted into the genetic line to manifest and be here now to fully awaken after certain ceremonies are preformed by the keepers of this knowledge. The Starseeds will bloom fully and their presence will be felt by everyone on Earth even if they do not know who they are or where they are. You may not know who these Starseeds are. It does not matter if you see them or not, their infusion of consciousness into the ethers around you will make dramatic changes. Your thoughts change everything around you. Your emotions fuel those thoughts. The more powerful the emotion, the more potent the thought forms. These thought forms penetrate the ethers around you and change the essence of life there. You will know in your heart when you and if you meet one of these Starseeds in the physical. This is a great opportunity for you to awaken further. Do not attempt to manipulate these Starseeds as they will see right through you. When you are in their presence let them be, allow it to happen, open your heart and embrace them. You will not see them until they reveal themselves, you will find them in their eyes. The window to the soul. The light that emanates from within them will shine through those windows and this contact is where you will download what they hold for you. Some will try to destroy them, they will fail. The Starseeds are protected by us and we will protect them completely. No amount of selfish agendas, wants, desires will produce results. Only seeing them for who they are and respecting that will allow them to open up their full bloom for you. What raises one of us, raises all. In their ability to rise and unfold their wings, humanity will change. The love that lifts them up will be concentrated and intense. To experience that love will change your life. To allow them to share this love will change the world. Go beyond your comfort zones and open. Go beyond the fear generated by those who wish to keep your frequency in a lower place so you are easily manipulated and controlled. The Starseeds will be able to go in and dissect the manipulation should they choose too and it will not harm them. They are meant to open the cans of worms for all to see so it can be healed and changed. Do not take these Starseeds at face value. They are much more then what they seem. We have opened the portal for the emanations to be received. The transmissions are pulsating through Earth right now. You can feel them should you choose too. Within all of you lies the spark, for some it is more potent then others, it is genetically larger. But everything is a fractal and holds the blue prints for all of it. You are the star nations you have been waiting for to reveal themselves. You are the star nations you have been waiting for the leaders of your world to disclose. This is the great secret. That you are from the stars, that you have kin off planet already genetically related to you. This is how you can feel them, communicate with them. The Starseeds will light the way. The others will know who you are, there will be an undeniable connection felt on all levels. We are here now, and we have been here for a very long time. Our descendants will now awaken and remember, they will activate their supernatural abilities and the world will feel it. They are generators of energy. They are now all turned ON.


Planetary alignment / earthquake watch – April 27-28, 2013
Planetary alignment / earthquake watch – April 27-28, 2013


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