Starseeds for Planting

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Who am I? said the world.

Tell me who I am.

You define me as you see me.

Look into my deep blue Oceans,

Explore my green primal jungles.

Hear my heart beat thunder.

My inhale and exhale follow the cycles of the Moon.

Make love to me when I am eclipsed.

Lay yourself down on top of me and close your eyes.

Feel me on your skin.

Let my wind caress your senses.

Go deeper.

Who am I? said the Earth

Can you know me?

Of course you can. We are the same. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Cosmically bound.

Starseed transmissions begin to pulsate through.

So you can bloom.

Reach higher, go deeper. Root into me.

I will rain on you, let the sun in, breathe my sacred wind thru you, flutter.

Geometrically forming towards perfection, already.

Time is everywhere, and holds all. Yet still I float thru primordial bliss, spinning towards center.

Nothing matters, because it is all divine. Perfect order, seeming chaos coordinated by avatars.

Brilliant design.

Reset to true self. Shed skins of old.

Its all in the eyes as everything else fades. Held there. Can you see it?


4/22/13  LA - City of Angels
LA – City of Angels



  1. WoW! Amazing. That was beautiful ❤
    I saw your picture and followed the link and I'm glad I did. I've been trying my best to find a picture resembling the woman that I am meant to be with but her characteristics are rare. Such as the crystal clear blue eyes that are so unique and rare. When I saw your eyes I thought, Wow, I found a picture of someone with the eyes I see that heal and hypnotize me into deeper love. She looks like an Angel. Sorta like you but different. You are very beautiful as well. She's my best friend. I need to find a way to connect with her. I know if we see each other, our eyes would instantly take us to a dance floor of celebration. I would like to share your poetry. It's absolutely beautiful and moving to the soul. Also, if by chance she would be reading this, it would be validation that what she feels is in fact real:-)

    Thank you for sharing your gift of love with me and others.
    I hope many more get the opportunity to read this.
    Madalyn Maty

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