Weaving Webs, Orbs & Sacred Synchs

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I had a dream of orbs in a field. I reached out and touched one. I could feel their pulsating life course through me. I could sense their conscious awareness merging with mine. At first they were shy, and then they came closer. Gentle creatures. Sweet and kind. Here to help. What a beautiful dream. As I reached my hand out to gently touch it in the dream it began to change form and show me things. It opened, or maybe it was I who opened because of the gesture.


Childlike curiosity prevailed as I reached forward. A higher kind of love expanded from my chest. There was no such thing as fear, it simply did not exist. So much so that I didn’t even know it was gone. It had never been. So therefore I was free of it. So I reached out to embrace in pure trust. Never doubting for a moment that it was appropriate. My grandfather taught me this. My first teacher. I still to this day cherish his teachings they are my foundation. I have grown up with them. They are what I know. I have had many teachers since, and our work together has deepened my beginnings. But nothing will ever replace what he taught me. Like layers they enhance. I seek not to memorize. I seek to simply be so I can see in only the moment. I track within the center. This is my truth, no one elses. My ancestors are my own. I honor them and their stories because they are a part of me. I have lived many lives as many things. So all things are my relations. My incarnation is on purpose. Selected from seeds of gold.


Perhaps someday I will be an orb. Floating gracefully over your fields hoping you will reach out and trust me. Smiling gently down on you as you extend your boundaries beyond what you believe you can. Waiting patiently for you to touch me. So I can show you a thing or two. Maybe I have been an orb in some other time and these are my true ancestors. My circle. My tribe. What a beautiful thought. It makes me smile to imagine living in a place so innocent and so loving with others glowing. Perhaps there is a lesson in this golden circle incarnate.

Angel Seated on a Throne, the Orb in one hand, the Sceptre in the other, c.1348-54 (oil on panel)
Angel Seated on a Throne, the Orb in one hand, the Sceptre in the other, c.1348-54 (oil on panel)

There is so much going on in the world to take you away from a place of centered love within yourself. So much distraction, willing separation, so much anger and inability to forgive others and truly love all no matter what. How did this happen? Where did we as humans fall? As our angels disappeared into other levels of dimension around us and our eyes became blurred….did we slumber and snore. Perhaps they never left us. Perhaps they are here all around us coming to us in altered states at times, because they must and can, to remind us that who we really are despite all the labels and thoughts of ourselves and others.

The orb opened up to reveal a map. On the map I saw Turkey. That was the only country name I recognized. The others were all changed.  A place of reference. So I would understand. So I could track it.


Pergamus. Unfamiliar, but remembered from the dream. Brought back into this dimension. I was being shown something important. I was unsure of what it meant yet. But there it was. Just like in my dream. Right there. The orb was taking me back further in time. A time when the lands were made of something else. Brilliantly communicated. Tracking with a map can be very helpful. It is not always a linear process to translate yet you must balance linear with intuitive sight or you can’t read it at all. An inner marriage of male and female energies, the divine male and female within. The right and left brain merging building a bridge to work as one. How else can you get anything real done?


Worlds layering upon worlds. Living conscious love formed into entities that seek to evolve and share. Not everything is out to get us. Protection is held securely within innocence and love. Nothing can deflower the consciousnesses of a virgin. It is not always about that vagina. It is on the level of soul, spirit that we will truly know others. The physical is a byproduct. An important container but you cannot know the level of sacred orb within by only loving what you can touch. True love grows deeply at the center of the circle, the circumpunct. How many ways can I love you here? one way. From the center, equally balanced. Whole. Unafraid of anything. Innocent and pure.  What other way is there? The rest is all illusions built from your attachments here, in this place of now. Smile because it will all shed away someday like flower petals as they fall to the Earth to be recycled into the soil so other things may grow.

Pergamon Altar in Berlin
Pergamon Altar in Berlin

I walked through the small golden door with my son Michael. Into the secret garden, the land of the little ones. Everything moved to the song of the wind. Then a road to a corn field where the orbs began to show themselves. The map, & Pergamus. Here on the altar of revealing your true self, of opening up to all you are, to giving of your total self in trust. I found the Pergamon altar.


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