The Ultimate Conspiracy

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There is a lot of energy moving around right now in the fields of the forces that be. With the twin bombing in Boston, the letters of poison sent through the mail to senators and the President, security is at a all time high. I watch these things carefully. If you read my blog on a regular basis you know that I mix a lot of linear and intuitive research together and weave them into a mixture of sorts. That is my MO.

This week in history is notorious for major events that hit our consciousness in ways that often stem fear and panic. You can look back and find all kind of connections proving that. This month is hot, Aries fire churning and burning. For me it is a week of celebration as my birthday falls on the 15th and my grandfathers on the 19th. So personally I am not dragged into the mix because of that and so I can often watch from afar without being emotionally plugged in. This allows me to observe detached and decode accordingly.

Infowars released some interesting photos this week. I must commend them in their efforts to gather information and piece it together. Click the link to look through:

One picture specifically stood out for me, for a variety of reasons.


If you cannot read the wording on the image above, you can click the link on Infowars and read it clearly there.  I have been primarily focused on the Newtown connections with the Boston Marathon. Which I wrote about at length in my last blog post (see archives). Newtown was a gateway into the amending of personal rights and freedoms and used by policy makers as a chance to exploit Americans rights and further invasion of privacy regardless of the who-done-it theories and evidence trolling around the internet and minds of humans all over the planet. Regardless of who did it, shit happens, and the Government of the US uses it to make fertilizer of their own agendas and desires.

I shared some of my tracking on the Newtown event here on my blog, as well as on facebook. I even spoke about it on the air as well. The threads of the event went into some very deep and dark places that shined the light on some gross and evil moldy entities growing in the corners away from the eyes of the masses and involved big names and heinous organizations. Most of what I found I did not publish.

When the Twin bombings, as they are being called (nice play on old wounds within our psyche Twin towers/911),  happened I immediately noticed the connections between Newtown and Boston. For me this is a sign from the forces of good who assist in the decoding, that this is and will be used as the same gateway into those same agendas as was used by Newtown. I feel strongly real people got hurt and killed. There were just too many missing pieces in the Newtown event and way to many unanswered questions and even less actual footage for me to not question rationally the coordinating of events and the dissection of the investigation. We were just left hanging, and even had those who questioned the ‘official’ story attacked in the mainstream media. We the people got nothing except legislation to disarm the masses.

Then the momentum began to fade and people started to let go, heal. We can’t have healing! That would go against the predictive programming and psych-op head fuck that is played on the American people on a regular basis. No REAL healing! No letting go and moving on! That would go against all the carefully laid foundations of the elite complex built and striving to control and influence everyone in this country and ultimately the world.

Boston will be different. There will be LOTS of footage. Plenty of eyewitnesses. Full force use of coordinated agencies. Careful reporting of the ‘facts’ and less confusion as there was in Newtown. This I assure you. The symbolism is strong with the Boston event as I discussed in depth in my last post.

I am going to make a prediction. I can see a path carefully laid out. I hope I am wrong. But right or wrong is indifferent when working on this stuff in this way – intuitive investigation/research. This will be blamed on homegrown terrorists. Any international organization would’ve gladly accepted responsibility at this point. That is how they work. It also would’ve been bigger – like 911 – look how well coordinated that effort was on 911 (rolling my eyes because I don’t believe for one second it was done as the ‘official’ story reported). 911 gave us access to the Middle East – and we are still there – killing people – controlling governments and fusing our agendas and goals into that region how many years later? SO much of our freedom has been taken away from us since it happened…shit into fertilizer, no real healing – fake and ill.

The agenda now seems to be focused on getting into peoples MENTAL HEALTH. Like with Newtown. Now focusing on the Governments ability to invade the mind and control consciousness through medication and the obamabacare health network, which was to be connected to Universal background checks in recent legislation which was turned down much to Obama’s dissatisfaction. (karma for the passed non-labeling of GMO bill? I like to think so) All things digital. YOU as a data bit. Everything about you organized neatly somewhere for the super computers like ORION to sort and figure if need be. Computerized sheep. Chip agendas rolling out over long periods of time. Each player playing their part and being paid well for it. Military industrial complexes building ivory towers to the stars, untouchable. You see the patterns if you are awake and aware. It is easy NOT to be duped if you are a healed, whole conscious person centered in yourself.

Have you done the work on yourself? Have you healed what is broken inside you? Do you know who you are? Better start if you haven’t already.

There is an influx of energies at play here, and not all are striving for selfish greedy outcomes. There are others at work helping to balance it all out and offset the hate and negativity. There is a multi-dimensional effect at play that crosses time & space. It is indeed a galactic chessboard in many ways. Many egotistic giants are getting the wind knocked out of them.

I have mentioned April 19th/20th, 25th and 30th as dates to watch. WATCH not fear. Now is the time to power yourself up. To gather what empowers you, what nurtures you, what connects you to love and a higher state of consciousness. It is a time to observe the game because the veils are being lifted so you can see.

It is no accident that this week, on Earth Day April 22nd Dr. Greer and his CSETI team is releasing its long awaited docu-film Sirius in LA and making it available worldwide for all. That this information and data is being infused into the ethers over the course of all of the other tragic events happening. Although to some it may seem a reach to connect the two events, I assure you, it is not.

What does the fact that life exists elsewhere have to do with controlling people and keeping them enslaved here on Earth? Let’s start with containing the mind, keeping people small, in ego, fearful and unable to move in any direction other then simple survival – paying bills, putting food on the tables, keeping a roof over their heads – striving for the American pipe dream which feeds off materialism and capitalism that depends on people being superficial, asleep and in their egos. All the while making the elite hoards of money to stay at the top of a carefully constructed system meant to do just that. Within that constructed system fossil fuels energize it all. What if there was a way to provide everyone on this planet – not just the super power countries and those who control them – EVERYONE! – free electricity, heat with no negative side effects on the planet and delicate ecosystem, and that is just the beginning.

What if billions of dollars right now are moving into the development of that free energy technology and away from fossil fuels. That would piss off a whole lot of very wealthy and influential people on this planet with the know how and resources to coordinate events to cause revolutions, change laws, and limit freedoms to take down those doing it. Is it the ultimate conspiracy? It would require a knowledge of a whole lot of connections and realities requiring huge amounts of hours of independent research and fact checking to figure out. Who has that kind of time in todays world? not many. But those who do, we thank you enormously.

Waco ended on April 19th 1993. Today an explosion took place at a fertilizer plant just North of Waco (shit to fertilizer – go figure, been saying that for days now)–abc-news-topstories.html … The Gulf Coast Oil Leak started on April 20th 2010. Oklahoma bombing April 19th 1995. All government involved. Now we can add the Boston Twin Bombings and the Fertilizer plant to the list. History repeats itself. There must be a strong and powerful reason why these events coordinate on these days! Megaritual. There is a code, a flow, a source of information streaming through levels of consciousness that we can and do tap into for deeper awareness and knowledge. It is how one navigates that flow, co-creates within it and how one uses ones own power and love to nurture it that determines the messages brought forth and the truth of reality revealed in it. In other words it reflects how deep and how high you are willing to go within yourself as well.

Will the blast that happened on Patriots day make you more patriotic? Maybe that is the hope. Depends on the intention of those truly behind it.

It will and has already, increased the air of collective paranoia, provided a heightened distrust of others. It has turned our airports into a war-like military zones policing innocent people who have already paid hundreds of dollars to travel, exposing us to radiation to see through our clothes and degrade us in the most invasive ways possible. It has already disrupted the lives of everyone in this country as your perceived personal information is sorted and categorized with every email and text you send. There is no such thing as privacy anymore. It is a dead idea. And most people – the majority rule – just take it. Most people just stand in the TSA lines like cattle waiting to be branded OK. Allowing the invasion of their minds, bodies and souls all in the name of what? What have YOU done to deserve this treatment in a country where you pay taxes, give up freedoms and liberties and get told what to do with every aspect of your life like a toddler.

So now the wheels turn in those who turn shit into fertilizer and they ask themselves how do we benefit from this? How can we move forward with our agendas? How can this deepen the collective mental illness already rampant in the minds of the masses?

Speaking of mental illness……….. look around you. Watch the news. Read the headlines. Watch the laws change to chain you more. Companies seek to patent your very genes within your body.

Corporations seek to invade your brain with nanowires that mimic the networks within the human brain.

How do you know someone hasn’t come back in time and is trying to change the future by changing the human being from the inside out? Erasing unwanted characteristics that lead to free will and thinking. Modifying behavior at a gene level. Ever wish your screaming 2 year old had an off switch? Someday they just might.

Freedom lives within the reclaiming of our minds, bodies and souls.

As the US government now knocks itself out by trying to capture and conjure the ‘official’ story, have no doubt they know there are awake people in this country and around the world watching what they do. People are starting to put it all together. They are starting to figure the pieces out and connect the dots because it follows a pattern. It has a form. It is identifiable. It is in the collective consciousness as a thought form and so therefore those of us who have figured out how to tap into the collective know how to see it, find it and can bring  it back. We are evolving beyond the cage. Is it the 100th monkey syndrome? What raises one of us, raises us all? If one person breaches the glass ceiling then we all do.

It will interesting to watch how Boston plays out. What and who it is blamed on. How the web will be spun. What liberties and rights we will lose as a result. How traveling will be delayed and disrupted over the country as efforts increase to deepen the mental collective illness of paranoia and distrust. Is the heart opening to wide for the likes of the control masters? Time to close it down a bit? It cannot be stopped. It is like an egg cracking its shell – you can never put it back together again. We as a people know how to heal and move on. It will not bound us and keep our feet cemented to the ground anymore. Let those in power play their games, we see them. Pray for those caught in the middle – the ones who lost their lives, their families and loved ones. Pray for their healing. Pray for their ability to make peace and move on when they are ready. Pray for those who lost their limbs and have to learn how to walk again.

True healing and true forgiveness is the ultimate act of revolution.

No more hurting people, Peace. Indeed.

Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy killed in the Marathon bombing,
Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy killed in the Marathon bombing,

Hillary Raimo
Upstate NY 4/18/13

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