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Monday April 22nd I will be attending the LA premiere of Dr. Steven Greer’s film SIRIUS. I attended Dr. Greer’s Mt. Shasta expedition back in 2010 and it was life changing. As a radio host I have interviewed many people in the realm of ETs and UFO research. It has been an integral part of my work as a host and researcher since. I may not always write about it or speak about it but my work with my Apache Shima Maria Yraceburu has always been built around the native star beings legends. It is a fact of who I am within my public work as well as my personal work. I have had private conversation with many of the UFO legends in the field itself and even for a short time help Dr. Carol Rosin build the platform for the Space Treaty project. These experiences have allotted me priceless insight into the realities of the subculture and the overall topic itself.

Once you seriously begin to explore the subculture you can hardly deny the evidence presented and it is ignorant to conclude that we here on this small rock in the giant Universe are the only lifeforms possible. To deny that is to do nothing short of wishing to stay contained within your own happy tightly lidded universe of belief systems and ego.

I can say sitting outside for seven nights under the stars at Mt Shasta with the equipment we had and seeing the things we saw and having the experiences I had, there is no doubt in my mind or heart! that we are being visited on a regular basis and that there is a substantial and massive effort to cover it up and slow leak it to the masses on a timely and tightly controlled basis.

My own experience cemented the truth for me. Nothing can convince me to change my mind or heart because I can account for my own experience and I trust it. It is not second hand, and it is not based on anyone elses experience.

My work with Carol Rosin enabled me to see and hear some very disturbing things as the plan to weaponize space in the name of protecting the planet against meteorites has, over the last few years, taken on a fast track effort to build them as quickly as possible. The truth is most people have no idea what lies above their heads surrounding this planet. Space to Earth weapons and Earth to Space weapons are being built as I type and have been for awhile now. With the privatization of NASA came the ability for privately funded companies to deliver undisclosed payloads to outer space and Mars without the publics awareness. This has allowed the very powerfully funded weaponization to continue under the dark cloak of secrecy. Most people just have no idea it is a reality, or they have often been victims of disinformation.

Dr. Greer’s efforts have been consistent in the face of disinformation, lies, and a hard campaign of coordinated efforts to stop him. What he is doing is a very complicated and challenging path to assist the human race and to raise them above the ordinary and all to common ETs are bad and will suck your brains out so you better plan on destroying them and blowing them up with a patriarchal war mongering type attitude before they destroy you! Well we have for too long now seen where that kind of attitude gets us. Look around on your home planet as terrestrial beings!

If you have studied the military industrial complex to any degree you will no doubt agree that it is like a hard core boys club that you simply can not and will not break into unless you are literally initiated at the highest levels. It is indeed the ultimate conspiracy.

Alternative energy is a passion of mine. The time is now to release the realities of the technology that exists and has for sometime now. This is based on my own efforts to validate facts from fiction. To infuse the technology into the general population would mean the crumbling of the fossil fuel industry. It would be the saving grace of our planet. It would free people from the credit/debt cycle and it would begin to raise the new world  that we have all been dreaming of in our hearts, not the new world order of the puppet string pulling handlers that run the show now. Their dream is not my dream. I have a different vision. One where those working within the game rise to help revolutionize it. I believe in good. I believe in love. I also believe in the ability to be able to stand up for what is right. No matter how the tables seem to be turned, there is a divine force working above the good vs bad to coordinate it in the best interest of all.

I have witnessed a kind of separation in the truth movement, people pitting themselves against others who believe differently. Researchers and authors who work hard to bring the truth to the table as they see it being targeted for this or that, discredited by mudslingers who are jealous or perhaps paid to disrupt and divide. It is a well handled tactic by pros who know what they are doing. Get close, show up, pretend they are followers or patrons of your efforts and then when the time is ripe they try to discredit and destroy you at all costs. It can and has happened to the best.

Is religion universal? maybe, its here on Earth….maybe not on other planets. But one thing perhaps is true…that LOVE, the feeling of connection, synch, hope, happiness and evolution does. How do I know this? because it is in my sacred knowing I feel it to be true. Love transpires across specie lines here on this planet. Animals can love in return. Ask any good dog or cat owner. I have never seen an animal act religious or recite scripture and dogma.

I look forward to April 22nd. I look forward to attending with almost 1100 people to what surely will be a moment in history. I can say I was there to witness it. I was there to help support it. I was there to see it happen in real time. So many dimensions tie into this event for me, and it is all very exciting.

Hillary Raimo
Upstate New York, April 14th 2013

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