Love is power.

Your comfort level with power, is your comfort level with love.

Most think love is separate from power because they have misunderstood.

When we receive love, we receive power.

How comfortable we are with power is how comfortable we are with love.

Love is power.

Our relationship with love is our relationship with power.

Do you respect love? Do you respect power?

Do you trust love? Do you trust power?

Do you seek to empower love? Are you empowered?

To separate power from love is to be in ego.

Do you run away from love the same way you runaway from your power?

Does jealousy, anger or the cycle of revenge keep you stuck from allowing the evolution of empowered love in your life?

Fear of love, is fear of power and vice versa.

They merge when you understand your relationship with both and how they mirror each other.

Love seeks to evolve like everything else. When you manifest it you have a responsibility to protect and nurture it. It is easy to destroy it by self sabotaging your empowerment within it.

Your cycles of love will determine your experience within it. It will create levels of comfort that you must rise above and overcome.

Empowered love is intense. It will ask nothing less of you other then to show up and be responsible with what you have in your presence. It will require integrity and honesty of how you respect it. It will show you your weaknesses and where you leak personal power. It will show you how to heal them, should you choose to do so.

If you fail to be able to nurture it to evolve even further you must look back and see how you failed. You must forgive yourself and say sorry to the new form birthed that was perhaps aborted. Then be courageous in your efforts to try again.

It takes a foundation of trust to allow the evolution of love to bloom to its highest potential. Destroy the trust and the foundation crumbles to dust. Leaving you to decide if starting over is worth all the effort, perhaps it is just easier to walk away. You always have that option. To choose to not empower yourself, others, your families, communities, countries, or the planet.

The abuse of power is what has created a rift. A chasm of distance between the two. How do you rebuild a bridge of love to merge once again with power, to empower a higher version of love that effects everyone who is lucky enough to witness it to feel the radiant light it emanates like the shining sun. Heat, which brings life. Heat, which allows the friction needed to grow forward.

We have all made the choice to destroy love growing in new places for one reason or another, mostly based in fear perhaps. We have all walked away from that synchronistic moment that opened a brief portal for you to choose to walk through, or not.  What opportunities has life given you that you have allowed to slip through your fingers? Do you hold regret somewhere? If so learn to see why you allowed that to happen, seek to dissect it to understand how and why it happened, and then seek to not make those same mistakes again. Seek to empower your understanding and manifestation of love.

Do you think it has no effect in the world around you either way? Think again, and move into your heart to see why.

Is love a Once Upon A Time story for you that you perhaps read to yourself at night before you go to bed and dream?

If you only knew the magic forming all around you right now. If you could only see how beautiful you are. If you could only merge your power with love to empower all you do.

Once you do you must hold that love empowered in integrity. You must walk an honest line with yourself and your motives and take ownership of how you respect or disrespect that new life growing within the womb of life around you.

As we move into the 5th world and get comfortable with the new energies present, we must practice these empowered skills again and again until they become the ‘norm’. Until we hold that level of love up everywhere we grow.

It is not about not making mistakes it is about how you learn to own them, learn through them and move forward. Protect that new love within yourself and as you share it with others or your beloved, know that each moment is a decision to empower that love or to destroy it. In the 4th world we learned to not trust love, to not respect it, to think it was a silly cliche that meant nothing more then what do you go buy on birthdays and holidays. That time is over.

Did you think coming into your own, that in opening the portals, you would be able to only step half of yourself through?

You are the living symbol of the world. What you do happens within you and out in the world. There is no separation of the two. How you treat others is how you are in relation to power and love, and how empowered you are within both. Can you make love and power one? Learn from your experiences and seek to go further each and every time. To do so is a choice. It is a yes or no question only you can answer honestly.

IN Love,

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