The Keys to Heaven, Sacred Eclipses

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Look at the storm we made. See the bio-lluminate in the sand.
Look into the fog and see the star beings call.

The tree of life fell on me.
I got scared and ran away.

I was afraid.
You would try to contain me.

Then you left.

When are you going to call?… you’d say.
I would smile and not answer.

You helped me find a piece of me.
Way back in time.

Your voice re-membered me.
Singing me softly, I’d listen.

We picked the date, without even knowing.
Or did you?

I said I would call.

Could it be you see me better then I see myself?
I don’t fully trust you.

First of Three.
Lunar Eclipses.

Storms raging across the Oceans.
Countries warring with one another.

So much energy swirling.
Acting like you don’t know it.

But you do….know.
That I trust.

Here’s to the 25th of April.


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