There you are still. Emanating your life force. All these years later. Still humming your tone. Holding your center. Even as pieces of you fall away, still you are strong. Built solid right to the core. As the modern world closes in it creeps along your boundaries. Still you hold it at bay. Not allowing the corruption of energy to infiltrate. Two different worlds touching on a ledge more like a crack. The form of you still lives. Your symbol still vibrates with the original thought. Powerful you are. As above, so below. Connected intimately. Joining your yin and your yang . The very star of David. It is alchemical magic at its highest. Weaving threads of golden energy. Protected that boundary is. This is the spell cast onto this land. The cities with all their shiny things will never get in. Here you are mummified as God, divine, eternally pure. When people return to visit here they will feel the truth in their bones. Their hearts will burst open and they will feel the rhythm of their soul dancing. They will breathe in the freedom of the release of the ways of the modern world. Here time and space meet. Edge to edge.  This is your living symbol. A toroidal junction.
You have found the key of life. You will stand among the stars in the Heavens eternally. Empowered.


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