Magical Rabbits & Virgin Cosmic Eggs

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I had a dream on Palm Sunday Eve………. of procreating rabbits on a white sandy beach. I kept walking past them and found myself at a dried up lake.  White sand turned into cremated bones. Strange writing on the surface. I passed my hand over the black symbols and as the surface moved away beneath them I saw the writing continued. Small shallow pools of tortoise colored water reflected the light of the Sun.
Where was I?  Once I passed the rabbits the scenery changed.  It Shifted.

I was born on Palm Sunday, many years ago. One week later I celebrated my first Easter.
Inbetween them I had my first Full Moon.
Inundated through Holy Thursday.

I don’t remember Easter bunnies and colored eggs. I didn’t believe in them yet.

My birth certificate says April 15th, Aries fire.
Even though the date changes year after year. This week now Palm Sunday /Full Moon/Easter …
… the original energy I had when first here, outside the womb.
These were my first ceremonies.
My mother decided on my name during the festival days of Hilaria.

My Grandfather was born on Holy Thursday. He died on his birthday.
70 years. His dragon ate it’s own tail.

“Holy Thursday” is an alternative name for Ascension Day……that would make one heck of a Good Friday.

But none of that mattered to me when I was 1 week old.
I didn’t know any story with the exception of ONE.
The Now.

In the NOW is the only place I truly know you. It is the only place you really KNOW me.
If you stay in the now, and you have no access to the past while there……. what good are memories?
So if I only know you in the NOW what does it matter who you were?

Who you were is in the past. The past is only echoes on a rippling mind. Still those ripples and KNOW peace in the NOW.
But don’t expect to remember. Being is a state of experience that you enter.
With nothing better or worse to do.
Only Neutral.

Like when I was born thru week 1.
New born. Resurrected.

But I didn’t know that when I was firstborn, I hadn’t yet heard your theories. So I had nothing to compare it too.
Imagine that, a state of no-comparison.

It would be like you and I becoming one and then creating the Trinity.
Leaving the footprint of the Buddha, deep within the sand.


My, what sound that would weave. TRINing notes of truth.

A rabbit saved my life once, but that was no ordinary rabbit. It was rabbit only in form. It changed time & space, warped it.

Like golden CHI.

Dripping off the lotus RHO flower.

That is how I felt as a baby.

Can you remember NOW?


If you can still your mind long enough and bring yourself into the NOW,

You will know me as you know yourself.

Here there is no when, there is only SHEN.

When that eye opens, you return to the original state.


……Before you knew words to define. Before you knew ideas of this or that. Before you separated into another thought.
Was I you? Were you me? Doesn’t matter.

No definitions or donations needed. No fancy sermons, no books bound well. No pictures of saints hanging down long stone halls.
No prayers even here really matter.
You are everything because you are nothing.
Everything is one because it is the eternal circle.

Here you do not need to get dressed up to look prim and proper. Here there are no such things as labels or colors. Your roles do not matter.
Here, your higher learning is done in a different state of UNI-verse-city. Shiny like the Sun.

Naked in truth. Freshly out of the great floating womb. A virgin.

In the now you are a virgin. A state of neutral virginity.

Virgin-ly creating.

All worthy men deserve one….


The Crowning of the Virgin by the Trinity. Velázquez, 1645
The Crowning of the Virgin by the Trinity. Velázquez, 1645

She is only a holy ghost as long as you choose not to SEE HER.
Open your eye NOW.
Breathe in your divine Spirit.

Build from there.



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