Sakurajima Volcano with Lightning January 2013

Sakurajima Volcano with Lightning January 2013

I forgive you. I am letting it all go. I can’t hate you, I wish I could but I can’t. I’ve tried. I don’t believe the things you say or think about me. So I can’t attach to them. They are your thoughts not mine. I know who I am and I love myself. I know my heart is good. I have seen your halo. How can I ever destroy that vision of you and live with myself?

Once I have seen and felt your divinity how can I destroy that vision and live with myself? Every time I return to that place of love where you glow I am blessed. I can feel deeper, see further. I can touch angels and hear them sing. I am resurrected in that light as a divine being myself. If I destroy you.. I destroy myself. Before it was part of the cycle. It was how the Phoenix rose from the ashes each time over and over being born on wings of fire. Hate and recreate. Hate and recreate. What is created out of that? Look around you. It’s everywhere.

My vision makes you who you are as it makes me who I am. I am the observer. What I see is what I get.

I am the divine feminine rising. My blood boils in heat as I rise to the surface. You called my name. You asked for me and I came. You invoked my divinity by way of your sight. What you saw birthed me from my deep slumber. Long over due to awaken. In my birth I saw you as light. I felt you as love. Therefore that is what was birthed. You cannot abort it now. Why would you want too? You are responsible for what you sow. Reep well.

My blood pours out of me like a volcano. Without trauma. My blood is my moon. See by the light of its fullness. My blood can create Earth. It can create anything. Look between my force and see yourself forming. Out of my ashes.


Life force, an elixir of love. Alchemy at its highest. Creating the divine male out of my vision. In my rebirth lies your own. In my divinity lies yours. We are the same. Everything you do resonates through my field. Because I am that field. For to long you have left out the feline eye. For too long you have worshiped men in dresses. Wanna-be women. They have no womb. Barren seas. Patriarchal fantasies.

Your old vision of me no longer serves me. It is outdated and a lie. I was never meant to be your servant. I was meant to stand by your side.

To embrace your holy light. To accept your divine love and let it wash over me as I transform. To allow your seed to set in my hollow Earth. To dream alive your legacy. To create blood to bone. To carry your cosmic child while it dreams a beautiful dream.

I am a dreamer of sacred dreams. I can travel to the other realms and return with great things. Golden treasure. Sacred stones. You lift me up as a catalyst so I can swing among the stars. You showed me how to get there and I brought you with me.

New Moon in Pisces, water bearer…. pouring sacred song from  the heavens to baptize you. But not in the old way…not in what you are used too.


In your release from the old anger. In your surrender to love you bless me with a new vision. A new feeling of love. Contract completed. Full circle. For the first time a woman can move on without hate. Her heart cleared of all karma.

Your water has emptied onto my Earth, your emotions have flowed over me. No judgement in what you spilled. You need to empty your overflowing waters. They needed to go so you could start anew.

Powerful seeder of new life. Fill my womb with a new dream. Show me the way to higher places and I will take you with me.


Now you are fertile to create like me. But first you must open the door into yourself and embrace your own divinity. I cannot do that for you. That you must do on your own. In your own way and time. You must ripen enough to find the key to the no lock. There is nothing keeping you from finding me. Only your sense of reality. I knew as soon as your read my words. I could feel you gliding over them. I knew your heart changed. I smiled and welcomed your return to the senses of higher ways.

The day I felt you even if for just a moment in time. Pope Francis was announced to the world. Then in Florida a sign.

Maybe it’s fake, a photo shopped farse, heck maybe its even HAARP. I see something else. Something clear. Something even more divine. An answer to my prayers. St. Michael in time. Pink feminine focus. Here to cut through the hate. To clear the air of a millennium of darkened residue. Clarity.

I see peace manifesting. I see a new energy infiltrating born of the rituals preformed by the true of heart. I see a conquering of the darkness. A true vision of new love. Not the fluffy love & lighters kind of love. The raw primal real hardcore kind.

You want the return of the divine feminine? Well then you best be ready for a strong deep raw voice filled with a mixture of deep raw emotions busting out. You better be ready for some initial feelings of uncertainty as her voice grows stronger. You better be ready to support one hell of a powerful being whose time has come. She will knock you off your comfort zones faster then you can say your own name. She will see into you like a microscope. There is nothing you cant hide from her XRAYed vision. She is tied into the Earth as herself by deep strong juicy roots, and she can ride the sun like a bull. Her energy is the very life force wrapped around this planet nursing everything to life. You prayed for her return did you think she’d be submissive and bound? Did you think she’d put her kitchen apron on like a good little housewife and cook you up some soup? Silly human. You invoked the power of woman. You invoked the primal divinity of truth, creation, destruction and resurrection.
That ain’t no walk in the park.

Buckle your seat belts……. or don’t, if you have the balls.

Don’t worry I am in no need of a sword. I use a flower. Soft and delicate folds of essence.

Ascending truth.

Divine man you are. I crown you with a halo. Light golden and pure. I see your true love. Here there is no more hate. There is no more revenge. there is no more war. Here there is only peace. No going back, only forward.

I see your soul freed from eons of shame. I see all of your hard work to rise above the chains. I see your stigmata. I feel your 5 rays. I release you of your pain. Fly back to the state of heaven. Rest and grow stronger. Know I know who you really are. Rest in my vision. Protected by angels.

by Adam Philip Poulson (designed from the Florida cloud picture above)

by Adam Philip Poulson (designed from the Florida cloud picture above)

From my womb you are born. From my 9 months of dreaming. I dreamt your love, your struggle, your path and your fate. I saw how you would live and the choices you would make. I knew your time of birth and I know your date of death. I am an oracle of divine speak. I can see the visions of possibility. The templates of beauty. Choose one. I can see so many. I know what you think before you speak it. My intuition scares you.

Together we are stronger. Together we birth the second coming. The return of the divine love. Together we seed the garden.
Who are you to say no? The angels laugh and hold you closer. Soon your eyes will awaken. Soon you will see beyond the veil like ISIS. Joining her side by side like Claire and St. Frances.


Holy conversation.

Communicating in LOVE.

Not hate or distrust.

Not darkness and mud. LOVE.

See the opening, feel the fire.

Watch what forms.

I know you can do it.

Resurrect into it.



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