2013 Superbowl BEYONces half time show

2013 Superbowl BEYONces half time show

What is it that you see?

You think you see me clearly?

You think you know me?

What conquered form do you create?

You are absolutely no match for me.

So pack it up and go home.

Back to your comfort zone.

I have a direct line to your guides.

They don’t like what they see.

That’s what they told me.

You are creating a war, a giant rift.

You are falling in.

Holy Grail by Alex Grey

Holy Grail by Alex Grey

The resistance to the new world is everywhere.

Even in your bones. So filled with hate.

So unwilling to let the new love in.

Afraid of what it will bring.

Death to the old, birth for the new

Resurrection pure.

How can you be pure when you see so much hate?

Purple fire flies…burning off your wings.

If we never had change, we’d have no butterflies.

I am the carbon spiraled inside you.

Creation of man, a new man…. divine Atom.

I am a volcano whose anger gives off heat, blood flows out of me to build new earth.

I am the shake deep within your core. Shifting plates.

You are no match for me as you are, in your current state.

So pack it up and go back home.

Maybe then you’ll have a special dream.

I hope you dream in color and not shades of gray.


Still think you know how to see?

Thinking changes everything.

They say I was made from a rib. But that is a lie.

The ribs protect me like ancient guardians.

I live beyond your bones inside your heart.

I was made from your love.

Your love created me.

Inside my cave in the dark, find your way carefully least you trip.

Falling has its benefits.

So dream on beautiful dreamer…. create your world as you see fit.

Your the one that has to live in it.

Love is a level of sight. So is hate.

Mas’nabiyeeti is my real name.

Now you know it, but can you say it?

My name has power.

You’ll know that when you learn to sing it.


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