Resurrection of Primal Love

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The greatest test of love, is to love someone through their own hate especially when it is directed at you. To be able to see them as beautiful pure beings of soul. To see their beauty even in their ugliness. To find them in spirit and meet them at their higher self. To go beyond the anger, the cut off, the harsh dark destructive place that wishes to take your life and make you empty. Can you love me through my anger? Can I love you in yours? Can I hear you and understand what you are really saying?

You gave me a part of yourself that was so sacred, so beautiful, so pure …………… and I gave you that part of me in return. Open channels. Vulnerable and of a higher spiritual space. Did you think you could embody the Divine and not have it be beautiful? Did you think you could open to it and resonate with me in it and not have it produce the most precious gold?

How do I resurrect you from your dark place? by loving you anyway.

We are the same you and I. Same sacred tit nursing us with the manna of the Universe. You showed me where I was in the stars. In return, I brought you with me.

My resurrection is in your hands. As yours is in mine. Our fates are destined to twine.

Will you hear me across all of the interference? There is so much trying to erase what we found.

We hold the power to birth each other, and also to destroy each other…. You & I are the myth. What happens to you and I, happens to all.

Women are always having to piece back together the divine male. When will he piece himself together and come for us?

How will you resurrect now? Will it be with hate? or with love?

Creation, destruction, resurrection…. cycles. Round and round we go through lifetimes. Can’t you remember?

This time you are being asked to find love in hate. To dive down deep and heal something so primal, so raw. Can you do it? You said you wanted to be a great healer. This is your chance.

I close my eyes and I pray. I pray to you. I send my prayers to your higher self and I open all of my love to you. Unconditionally. Nothing stands in its way. Here I feel you, here is where I know you. Here is where I love you. Here hate cannot survive. It is banished. No food for it to feed on.

Pure. Crystalline. Rejuvenated. Return.

When I let the anger in, and it washes over me I see you as an evil person. I see you through the eyes of hate. You change in that view to something less beautiful. To a darker version of yourself. Here I see how the ladder is lost. When I change how I see you, when I move into a state of love the vision of you is Divine. Heaven returns. The Garden blooms.

The return is based on the eye. To have a vision so pure, so filled with love, it changes the matrix. It heals the rift.

When that vibration is matched with another, imagine the ripple effect. God.
It is so beautiful. Close your eyes and see it.

It will turn you on. You will glow. You are so open, so raw, so real it is as if you are receiving a great gift and giving it at the same time. Pure Gold.

When you fall from that vision it will feel as if something has been stolen from you. Because you gave and you received at the same time. Your treasure was filled and given away all at once. You let go and opened your ark, and the light you gave filled the throne. That is why it felt so good. That is why so much was revealed in it. That is why so many people were drawn to it.

It was the give and take. The back and forth. The synch. The big ball of twine that allowed us to walk across the Universe and back.

If you only knew that I felt it too.

I still love you even when you are in your hate. I can still see the vision. I can still feel the glow. I am still turned on.

If I do not acknowledge your anger it will only make it worse. So I see it. I understand it. I offer you a dove. Peace. A place to rest.

I see your pain. I see how you hurt. Here, in this place… I say prayers. Prayers to your higher self. To your divinity. I pray to the part of you that is the highest love conceivable.

As I face your anger, I face my own. As I see your wounds, I see my own.

Your hate is no match for my love. My hate is no match for your love.

One ounce of pure love will forever change this world.

Love, Hillary

Prayers by Alex Grey
Prayers by Alex Grey


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