Pink Dragons & Twirling Swans

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I step off the ledge of the tower knowing the dragon will come. I fear not death as I fall but trust knowing I will be caught and carried. The dragon comes, pink and pearl iridescent ethereal, from another time. I land safely within the folds of the gentle scales. Carried to another tower I watch as the dragon flies away. Wait, come back!  I think out loud- I am not safe here! I watch as the dragon returns to where it came from in the sky. A man enters the room glaring at me. I look away from his gaze. I turn towards the open window and in it forms a scene. A graceful swan finds itself illuminated within the stars. Cygnus. Then the others illuminate around it. Below the window sill two bodies merge in love – not sexually – but in a  heart space. I watch as the energy produced from the two rise upward to the stars opening ways in and out. The swan twirls as the other constellations come to life they begin to speak to each other in grand council. Cygnus opens and a star filled wind rushes past the tower. A soft glow on the horizon where the dragon left. I feel it opening inside me. The man who means me harm is no longer in the same room. He cannot find me here. Here I am safe, the dragon knew. Guardian.

Ruins of the Harran University destroyed in 1251
Lacerta, Cygnus, Lyra, Vulpecula and Anser

I am a star worshiper. Keeper of the tower. Twin flame to the pink dragon. Dreamer of worlds lost and to come. I am the moth whisperer. Memories of Atlantis begin to swirl, twining within me like  the cosmic snake who births all. I remember.

There is a wind that comes from the twirling swan deep within the stars. A wind that breathes life into a higher state of BEing.
Through the portal it comes at certain times. Illuminating you deeper within.

Turning the twins.

Single and yet double.

Two yet one.

If you worship a God, that God becomes real.

If you worship a God you birth that God thru you.

If you worship a star, that star becomes real.

If you worship a star you birth that star thru you.

You become one with the sun.

Star worship is Sun worship.

You are the SON.

Cygnus Constellation
Cygnus Constellation

A bubbling brewing cauldron of star birth.

As far back as 1973, science writer and astronomer Carl Sagan proposed that cosmic rays reaching Earth from some far off neutron star might well have been responsible for sudden leaps in human development. More recently scientists are beginning to consider that high-energy cosmic rays might have played such a role, causing alterations in DNA sequences that become are carried forwards through subsequent generations. Evidence also suggests that human cognitive ability is much more directly affected by cosmic-ray effects as many of the great geniuses in modern history emerged in times of increased cosmic-ray density.

It is being suggested that a powerful cosmic-ray generator 37,000 light years distant (app of 10 kiloparsec) in our own galaxy might have contributed to the effect, which has been designated as the binary-star quasar Cygnus X3, located roughly in the middle of the Cygnus Constellation (also called the swan).

The perception is that Cygnus X3 is a neutron star that remained after a star explosion app. 700,000 years ago. It is deemed to be spinning at a rate of 4.79 hrs per revolution, producing gamma-ray and x-ray bursts at such intervals, and cosmic-ray emissions, and in addition for ‘unknown’ reasons also releases a radio wave shower ever 367 days. Since in general perception the recognition of electric forces in cosmology is ruled out, the entire phenomenon is explained by rendering the central object of Cygnus x3 a “spinning neutron star.”


Light me up. Turn me on.

Spin me round and round until I coil.

Read my codes and help me write them.

Dreaming new ways upward.

Central core.


Beyond the darkness there is a door. Through it there is only light.

When cosmic rays reach the Earth they typically do so in a scattered fashion and with just enough energy that few hundred feet of concrete is sufficient to dissipate their energy and stop them. Being electrically charged, they typically pass clear through the atomic structures in their path, according to the electric repulsion principles. (High-energy neutrons in comparison are immensely destructive, by not having an electric charge that assures collision avoidance.) Cosmic-ray particles from Cygnus x3 are evidently electrically charged, but differ in that their greater energy content enables them to penetrate 2000 feet of rock.

Cornelius A. Tobias (1918-2000), a founding member of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Donner Laboratory and an expert on space biology, had earlier predicted the level of cosmic radiation that future astronauts would be exposed to, and even described its potential effects. More significantly, he predicted that they would also see flashes of light before their eyes. In order to test his hypothesis, he devised a unique, but very dangerous, experiment. He decided to expose himself to sub-atomic particles produced by Berkeley’s Bevalac particle accelerator, which has been described as a veritable cosmic ray factory. Part of its function is to rip away electrons from heavy elements including iron, and then focus the nuclei into a beam of particles, which are then accelerated to virtually the speed of light, like the relativistic jets produced by compact objects such as black holes and neutron stars.

Tobias quite literally stuck his head in the flow of the particles and observed something almost unique on Earth. “You see visual flashes,” he recalled, shortly before his death in 2000. “It is an exhilarating sensation. It is as though you are looking into the universe itself.” Tobias repeated the experiment, even introducing his colleagues to the experience, until finally the tests were discontinued on health grounds.

“You see visual flashes,”

“It is an exhilarating sensation. It is as though you are looking into the universe itself.”

You align with the divine. You ride the cosmic snake up into the stars, beside the dragon and past the twirling swan.
Here you hear the sound of the Universe singing your true name.


If you were hundreds of meters below the surface of the planet, deep inside a cave, and you witnessed a blue-white flash before your eyes, the chances are that this was, in fact, a cosmic ray. Yet since only a tiny percentage of cosmic rays penetrate the earth, there has to be a small chance that what you experienced was a particle inbound from Cygnus X-3; and this is important, for it tells us something about why Cygnus might have attracted the attention of our distant ancestors. (See: The Cygnus Mystery – Have Cosmic Rays Affected Human Evolution? by Andrew Collins.)

Gobekli Tepe, Turkey
Gobekli Tepe, Turkey

What if you remembered everything you have learned in this lifetime in your next?
What if you woke up the memories, all the information stored within you DNA, from the last…now ?

What if the pink dragon appeared as you fell from the tower and showed you the way in?

Harran University Ruins

When I stood on top of the tower I could see a wand glide into place next to the swan. Like a scepter into the hand of a King.


Does this wind made of stars affect me? Does it stir my insides?

As it blows over all I am in form.

Like rain. Like rays of an invisible sun.

Opening me from the inside out. Churning the cosmic serpent like twines of DNA.

Whispering images of faraway places deep within.

Communicating instruction from worlds unseen with eyes.

ayahuasca visions
ayahuasca visions

Why is it so hard to believe that you are so much more then what you think you are.

So intimately connected to all.

Think about what you are being exposed to NOW that will change the code for generations to come.

Love, HR

My own heart & dreams.

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