The Dimensional Newtown

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The universe is a puzzle, it’s a problem to be solved, it’s a conundrum, it’s not what it appears to be, there are doors, there are locks and keys, there are levels and if you get it right, somehow it will give way to something extremely unexpected…If the world is code, then it can be hacked. It permits magic, because it says: Behind the laws of physics is a deeper level, and if you can reach that deeper level, you can make changes there.” ~Terence McKenna

What is the point of going into the dark? Isn’t it better to stay in the light and refuse it? To talk about it means you give it energy right, you make it grow? I have always been taught that what we talk about and see and walk into with clarity, groundedness and a solid understanding of who we are gives us the power and love we need to see the scary things within us and around us. That ignoring such will make it grow stronger and allow it to thrive like a mold spreading everywhere. To see the darkness for what it is weakens its power over you because you have identified it. What you see and own cannot control you or consume you anymore. It loses its power over you.

Haunted Underground Tunnels Fairfield Mental Institution NEWTOWN, CT
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Facing your fears. Walking into them directly with courage will transform them, it releases you from their grip on your consciousness. That is how I have healed, and how I have been taught to heal.

How deep can you go? Within yourself? To see further……..How far are you willing to explore your own darkness? There is a grain of such extreme darkness inside every one of us. It lives there turning like a galaxy with no light. Spinning carefully, webs of dark creation….separation, fear, hate, violence, destruction. At the core of this dark spinning galaxy within is a giant black hole that feeds on every negative thought, feeling, action you have. It hungers for you to hate. It thrives on your sadness, your vulgarity, your hatred for yourself and for others. It smiles every time you send a black nugget its way. It enjoys you disconnecting from light and love. Every time you turn your back on higher connection you feed it. You tilt the scales in the direction of its core. Aligning with it in bigger and stronger ways. Every time you say don’t focus on it, the dark can better focus on you. It yearns for you to turn your back on it so it can fuel the anger and hate. It waits for you to ignore it so it can grow and channel outward into the 3D as an anchored force in the hearts of those who stay closed.

Must you look within yourself to see how dark your darkness really is? The brighter your light, the bigger shadows you cast. Are you willing to explore those places within you? Can you ever truly be free if you do not? Can your light ever really be fully integrated if you chose to ignore your anger, hate and indifference that fuels your inner dark galaxy? Can other dimensions ever be lifted upwards if the dark dominates the majority of hearts and minds on this planet?

What will you uncover?

Is my mirror of darkness your own?

Is your mirror of darkness my own?

Aren’t we all connected, as one?

If one of us is caught in the grip of the force of pure evil, then that lives within us as well. There are no wars or acts of violence that is not somehow a part of us. Inside dwelling deeply needing to be transformed. Haunting our veins and visions, our inner tunnel system.

ADAM needs to be healed. The Divine Male within. He now symbolizes terror of the mind. Terrorists now exist within the minds of men. No matter how it got there, it is still there living within the consciousness of us all. When 20 children get murdered in such a violent rampage of calculated slaughter as it is fed through the media and into the minds of all, does it empower what already lies there within us? If we are less aware of our own darkness will it empower it in greater velocity? The answer is yes, it will empower what already lives within us. The tunnels within us become more haunted then ever before. The inner spinning galaxy of darkness grows.

Perhaps if you have healed your own darkness, and you have gone deep and are willing to go deeper into the grand layers of your heart and soul where ancient things live, you can heal it. You can change it. If you are willing.

…..Behind the laws of physics is a deeper level, and if you can reach that deeper level, you can make changes there.

How many are willing to go into the heart of the darkness to change it?
It will know everything there is to know about you. It will name all of your fears. It will test your ability to believe in your light. It will find all of your cracks and stress test them. You could die. You could fall victim to it and lose your mind. You cannot fear death in your own underworld. Who thrives in your underworld? Who is the God of your underworld? The higher you go, the deeper you can dig. You may find God in one direction, and the Devil in another. Both are very real forces alive and well within the consciousness of humanity.

You want an easy answer. An easy way out.
It does not exist. There is no ‘easy’ to this level of healing.
I went to Newtown Connecticut to see and feel this force for myself. I walked into the heart of it. I tracked it. I traced it. I focused. I found. What happened to those children in Sandy Hook Elementary is but a tip of the dark iceberg.

The facts of the Sandy Hook event as I feel them intuitively are lies.

When I connected to ADAM psychically prior to going I kept seeing Fairfield. He was showing me Fairfield over and over. I researched the institution thoroughly before heading to Newtown. I kept seeing the tunnels in my minds eye.In 2010 they were uncovered and removed piece by piece.( yet I was still seeing the tunnels. I could close my eyes and go in. I could vision into them and into the places they led to which are not of this world. The maze of tunnels lead to the guts of hell. They light up a map of portals which allow that force to come into this world. Even though they are mostly dismantled they have left a permanent gateway, like the 9/11 site in NYC. The same ink black screen as I saw at the 9/11 site when I stood on the rubble. The same call to come and see it for yourself. The same message came through from the other side.

See it.

ADAM was showing me the underworld. He showed me the inside the core of the underworld where a seed of love needs to be planted.
A seed of pure unconditional powerful higher agape. Planted into the heart of evil.
What I saw in those dark tunnels was enough to scare me to my core. Terrifying.

I called in my angels as I approached the town of Newtown. The altars to the children where everywhere. The emotional energy was poignant and tangible. I felt threads of energy reaching all over the planet, like a wireless highway, a web or grid. Luminous. Throbbing with power.
Pulsing and alive.

I looked into ADAMs eyes and I saw love. I couldn’t find it inside of him, the act itself. I could find him included within it. But not as a perpetrator. I agreed in spirit to let him guide me. And he did. I got as close to the elementary school as I could, and I tuned in. I called in my guides and angels and I did my healing work, and I saw others tuning in around the school as well surrounding it with healing love. I saw all the prayers creating a dome of light that went over the site and underneath it like a protective shell. I saw all the good being done. I felt the love. I anchored to that feeling and I envisioned myself walking in to the building. Using a technique similar to remote viewing I went in deeper. I saw the bodies and the spirit beings around them. They came up through the ground. I also saw the angels. There was a merging of forces. As strong as they come. The angels took the spirits of the children home. The demons fed on their blood. It was a strange mixture of neutrality. I don’t know how else to describe it. The forces of good and evil both took something from the event. I was simply observing what I was being shown. It was an event. It has energetically stained the building and it will always be stained. Again he showed me Fairfield. So I went.

The grounds of Fairfield are very large and it has many buildings on it and some of them have been transformed into a active community center and even a school. But many empty buildings remain and the premises is constantly monitored by the police because this site draws many people for many reasons. I sat in an area closest to one of the ugliest buildings I could get close too. I tuned in like I did at the school. I felt ADAM next to me and he led me into the building. A plethora of images came through. Some of them extremely emotional. Letting the emotional energy slide off me I continued. He brought me down to the entrance of the tunnels. It was pitch black at the mouth of the square entrance. Like a giant black cube. I could not go any further. My guides said no. Adam just stood there at the edge of it looking sad. I wasn’t sure if that is because he is in there, or if because of what was in there, or both. I heard sounds coming from the black square. I felt the connections I had explored earlier from home clearer. The fear was a force that was tangible and could soak the entire mind and body. I was seeing the root. The giant big enormous root. I saw flickers of ceremony being held here in this building, inside and at the entrance of the tunnel. The same offset of forces as I had seen at the school, good and evil. Some to offset the energies and some to enhance them.

I felt extreme danger all around me. Yet something inside me felt as if I was looking it straight in the eye and if I backed down to the danger it would take me. So I stared back. There are people who pray to these forces…very powerful people, who are protected by these dark forces that are very real no matter how much we may wish to not think about them. As long as we avoid them or ignore them they will continue to grow in strength. This event called in the same very powerful light forces. We are not alone in the fight for love. In the end it is all love. As I sat there I was not afraid but I could feel the fear. In this stance it was tangible. It had a life of its own. A form. It was seeking an outlet to become incarnate. I heard the police cars pull up next to my car where it was parked. It was time to go. As I heard their doors shut as they walked towards me I closed my eyes and found myself back at the entrance of the tunnel. I imagined a candle and I lit it. I said a prayer of love. A prayer of understanding. I called in the ascended masters and angels and asked for their help. When I opened my eyes the police were closer. I got up and brushed myself off and discreetly laid out an offering of cornmeal and sage. I smiled and accepted my time here was over.

Since then the dreams have come. At night I am seeking out the sources of evil and they are well aware I am there doing it. They show themselves amused that I am there. I become lucid and in that state I seek to go deeper.

I am there because I believe….…..Behind the laws of physics is a deeper level, and if you can reach that deeper level, you can make changes there.

I am no different then you. You could go and sit there and tap in the same way. You can go as far as you want to go. Maybe you will plant the seed of love within the heart of evil. Perhaps every time you choose love you do. Perhaps every time you overcome your fear and your hatred you do. There is more to my visit. Perhaps it will come out in time. For now this is what comes when I write.

The afterlife is real. Heaven and Earth are connected. When we merge we become closer to understanding things we cannot without the other. There are different realities to consider. We are taught not to seek those realities out. It can become a maze in the mind.

The mental portals. Who controls those? God or the Devil? Which direction does your mind scale tip? How do you change that if need be? How do you help others do the same?

By Hillary Raimo

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