She stands in her moon. Fire from stars heating her seed. Then he comes.  Joins her in sacred communion. Knots of blissful innocence tied within fragrant Duats.

He is pure. Sun rising. His heat germinates her seed, growing root in the great depths of her fertile mound.
His light illuminates her other half. Awakening her one. Creating perfect balance within her. Cycles of higher mind glitter like stars in her sky.

His constant light. Never wavering in the shade. Strong. He protects her as a sacred guardian. Heart opened from the twine of intimate flow. Upwards always empowered lava within, fire water. Burning off illusions and limitations, blocks dissolve. Free flowing up to the throne.

Crowned once purified. Like the mind of a magical child. Eternal only in its finest form. Forever blended coiled gold.

Partners consensual, ripened vines of serpent kind. Golden apples.

Consumed to fly, innocent ponderings. Mothman rises. Whispering songs of Pa’chua Datura.

Come find my Duat. Swim within its starry nacre.

Illuminate my duality with your singular.

We are one forever.






Hillary R. Raimo 11/16/12 9:11pm

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