Sandy Forces A Shifting Course

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Water floods the 911 construction site during Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12 Full Moon

When the first chakra is disconnected from the feminine Earth, we can feel orphaned and motherless. The masculine principle predominates, and we look for security from material things. Individuality prevails over relationship, and selfish drives triumph over family, social and global responsibility. The more separated we become from the Earth, the more hostile we become to the feminine. We disown our passion, our creativity, and our sexuality. Eventually the Earth itself becomes a baneful place. I remember being told by a medicine woman in the Amazon, do you know why they are really cutting down the rain forest? Because it is wet and dark and tangled and feminine.” ~Alberto Villoldo

My good friend Gail Swanson said it is time to speak our truth. The kind that lives deep within our bones. The kind that makes you cry deep tears of flooding emotions. The kind that clears all the pathways. The kind that opens us up and turns us inside out so that everything within is exposed to the light of the sun. This morning her words were the first thing I read as the dawn broke after hurricane Sandy.

Last night as the wind hurled outside and the rain fell. I stepped outside on my deck and talked to the storm. The words that came out came from some place deep inside me.  Wrenched out of the very core of my being. Everything I am went into those words.

I came back inside the house surrendering to the fate of what Sandy would bring. Then it came. A gut wrenching sadness. Deep powerful and strong tears began to flow. I was overcome by the emotional flooding. I had been observing the storm and researching it and watching how I felt. There is no doubt in my mind that HAARP technology was used on this one. I will post some of my findings below. But for now it’s more about the larger picture then it is about specifics and research writing.

I love to ride out storm energy. I’ve been doing it my whole life. As I have grown up over the years I have always been drawn to the wild powerful nature of storms. I am very familiar with their energy. This storm was different. Everything about it was different. I felt off, dazed, heavy. I tried to meditate over the weekend and I felt as if someone had put a blanket over my body and I couldn’t get out. There was no wind and the atmosphere felt strange and foreign. Birds were flying as if they had lost their way and were uncertain as to where to go.  Someone had shown me a link to the HAARP monitoring over the weekend and the low frequency waves that were the highest were in my area and over NYC.
I was in the white zone and so was NYC.
I asked a friend how they were feeling in the city and he replied “subdued”.

This was two days before Sandy was to hit the area. If you click on the link now the HAARP waves  are weakening. I have read and researched HARP for a very long time now. Most of the time when I bring up the subject people tend to act as though they are sick of hearing about it. However I feel strongly now is the time to even further ones understanding of it.

Great book to start with is here:

Up until Monday night I had been feeling angry. Angry that I was finding a bread crumb trail that was leading to places that showed all the signs of this being a manipulated weather event.  In 1997 they Simulated a Major Hurricane based on the Data provided from a major storm form 1938. The hurricane Drill and simulation was named after the director Sandy Fried.  There was a Hurricane Sandy Drill back in 1997.
Maybe its just a coincidence. But my gut says no.

Hurricane Irene 2011 compared to Hurricane Sandy 2012

Through Irene I had a tree fall down on my house during the storm. The winds were bad and the effects far reaching in the area I live. This storm was on the same path and was far bigger then Irene.
NYC and my area in upstate was in the direct path of the eye. With Sandy we had nothing but slight to heavy winds and some minor rain. If you look at the picture above that goes against your very common sense.

Projected path of Hurricane Sandy

Was the HAARP activity causing the storm? It can potentially do so. As I looked through the many books on weather manipulation I have in my library, my heart was heavy. I found numerous articles on how weather manipulation is profitable. I traced the Government agencies connected financially. Who gains from these types of events? You would be surprised.

Here we are October 2012. On a Full Hunters Moon – Monday October 29th. Right before Halloween, better known as Samhain, a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of Winter or the ‘darker half’ of the year. Most commonly it is held on 31 October–1 November, or halfway between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.

The high tide would hit as the storm made contact with NYC. Increasing the storm surge. Inundating flood waters throughout.

Like a giant tongue licking NYC. The path of Hurricane Sandy was projected.
“From the aboundness of the heart, speaketh the mouth” or as the 3,000 year old traditional Chinese say….”the tongue is the sprout of the Heart”

I began to connect to the deeper cleansing love of the storm. Knowing it would cause great damage but knowing even deeper that what would rise from the ashes would be what was needed. I long for this. Deeply and this is my truth. I know the Earth has it within her to regenerate this world. To bring the deep healing change needed so badly. I do not wish to participate in a patriarchal dominating force any longer. I was cheering Mother Nature on. Bring it. The very heart of our country was about to get an indigenous healing. I felt a bone deep relief. Here she comes. I connected to the elemental forces. No matter who or what was behind the storm….beyond them she is still there. She is who I connect too.

View of Hurricane Sandy from space. Two systems headed towards each other along the North to South jet stream.

I saw the aligning of Heaven and Earth. The great coming together. The birth of the Divine feminine .

I felt the Heartfire opening. I felt the return of the sacred marriage. The bridging of above and below.

(Photo by Stacey Sophia Robyn – founder of the Go Gratitude Movement)
October 24-27 and October 31st are all ‘HeartFire Opening’ days, according to Apache Holy One Maria Yraceburu. What is HeartFire Opening? “Changing Magma force days from Earth have an influence on our physical, mental, emotional health. The answer to balance is our spiritual practice.”

Those of us in THE WHITE ZONE of HAARP where in the sacred hot white light of the Holy Heartfire.  To offset the low frequency waves dowsing the area people had to walk their talk of their spiritual practice to lift and raise their frequency.  I lit my altar candles. Cleaned my home and smudged. I took salt baths with Blue Lotus oil, I got out my Slim Spurling tools – all of them – and wearing my personal harmonizer – I began to feel better. I gave myself a Rife Machine session to offset the low frequency waves coming in. My headache subsided and I was able to sleep better. I watched what I ate carefully and kept my water intake high. I gathered my will power and put my spiritual practice to work. In times like this, with all the ‘advances’ in technology, with all the changes to our food & water supply – your spiritual practice is the balancing key.
It gives you a higher set of eyes that see a fuller spectrum.

So I medicated myself with my spiritual practices. I allowed issues to come to the surface. I had focused on purging hate the week prior and  I wrote a series of things related to that as I did. I apologized to those I may have hurt. I sought out peace where I could and rectified others by speaking my truth.
I tried to be as true to myself as I could be. It connected me to a higher place to ride the storm out……

………..and I kept digging.

I found articles on Geo-engineering, weather manipulation, HAARP, climate change agendas, carbon tax, and a long list of companies involved with Governments around the world dedicated to increasing the use of these technologies with little regard to the consequences of the planet or the people on it. Almost as if on auto pilot I found my ways through a tangled web of lies, deceit and corruption. It was as if the deeper I went within myself, the further I could go in these places.

It was as if a higher power was guiding my mind and my hands as I typed.

Then the path of the storm changed direction. It took a sharp left.

Hurricane Sandy takes a hard left turn and spares NYC the brunt of its force. Where the storm bends and around the NYC area is where the HAARP white zone was for the past 5 days. According to the site those frequencies are now waning.

As the storm channel blared in the background I suddenly heard a tidbit of conversation live on the air between the Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick and the press.

It took a hard left turn and seems to have missed us, it worked well

A reporter in the audience yells…what worked well?”

The governor stumbles on his words…….”ahhh uh mother nature

I got up from my computer and rewinded the segment to be sure I just heard what I did. Yeah I heard correctly. My only regret now is not recording the footage or being more careful to document it.
My next thought was yeah, Mother Nature my ass.

As I watched the projection of the storm change on the radar I noticed the white zones of the HAARP map where in the area that the sharp left turn allowed to be missed. That included NYC. Even though they had substantial damage and flooding the brunt of the storm did not impact them due to this successful left turn.

It worked.

Was the HAARP technology used to avoid a direct hit? Was NYC and the surrounding white zones dowsed in the highest amount of LF waves to create a curve ball effect?

If I hadn’t seen for myself the map of HAARP waves and felt what I felt in my body I would’ve said this left turn was a divine intervention. But knowing what I know about HAARP and weather manipulation technology I can’t do that. The left turn was to unnatural. I felt as if I was watching a technology demonstration. Why the Government doesn’t come forward and publicly admit the use of this technology is simple ………. to much liability and the people would demand its use on drought effected areas and reimbursement for financial loss. Being kept in the dark keeps $$ in pockets.  If people knew the effects of the technology on the human body they would demand it to be stopped.

As I watched the path of the storm change and heard the Governors comments I began to cry. Who can stop a train wreck of ignorance? The very feminine principle of this planet is being dominated by a patriarchal system who has no respect at all for what it is. The winds of this planet, the weather patterns themselves keeps the CHI of the planet circulating. It is the life force of Mother Earth. The patriarch has stuck a big fat IV into her arm and loaded her with bio engineered nanaotech artificial god serum. The elite create these huge world stage platform rituals and they always leave a signature.

Lights out, Manhattan. NYC in darkness except for the unfinished ONE WORLD FREEDOM TOWER.
photo by Alana Newhouse
**special thanks to Dr. Mark Gray for showing me this photo**

The human powers that be on this planet have cracked the creation code.
Your new God is the elite. The ones with money and power to do so.
You are at their mercy and so is the planet.

I felt a deep sadness flood me as I pondered this.

……………and then I saw it.

911 construction site flooding with sea water from Hurricane Sandy

The 911 memorial was flooding. Water was pouring over the site like an inundation of healing salve. Hallowed ground within the energy of All Hallows EVE. The day when the veil is thinnest between worlds. The day when spirits can communicate clearly with the living. I felt STEVEN come in. (Steven is a spirit I have communicated with since 911 happened – I have written extensively about him on my other blog). He laid a hand on my shoulder and the tears changed from those of sadness and hopelessness to ones of deep understanding and love. She – Mother Nature – was not forsaken by the abuse of controlling technology. She was working her magic through and despite it. All of the heaviness washed away. I feel a quiet sweet soothing love fill me. Mark Gray called it a baptism, and that is exactly how I felt. Like I was being baptized. I have stood on ground zero. Many of you know the story as I have shared it many times publicly.
I have a very deep connection to the site.

I felt Steven whisper in my ear …”This was the plan all along…..not their plan, but ours. It worked. You can find us in their signatures. We are working from the other side. That’s why you see both us and them in the code.”  I felt a great rush of air move through me and then he was gone. I felt a great relief and healing course through me. I felt a deep understanding settle into my consciousness.

We are not alone in the Universe. Life continues in all dimensions.
We read the writing on the wall and see the signs all around us.
Speak your truth so others can have the courage to do the same.
When you find others you resonate with know that soul groups are finding each other now to assist.
Treasure these connections as sacred & divine. Protect them with all you are.

The New World Order is real. So is the TRUE World Order……..
There is good and evil in the world.
You are being enlisted by both.
Choose your side wisely.

By Hillary Raimo 10/30/12 All Rights Reserved
Special Thanks to Veronica Reichelt, Mark Gray and Kasia Ovenden

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