Nothing, and Yet Everything: 2012 Fall Equinox Message with Hillary Raimo

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There is so much going on in the world. Everywhere you turn you are watching events take place that seem to ask us to reflect on deeper aspects of self, life and our connection to all. As the walls coming crumbling down what is being stirred within the deepest parts of your consciousness….how does that FEEL to you?

What emotions are being produced by the instability that appears to be happening all over the planet? Perhaps it is manifesting as anxiety, worry, fear….as the clock turns back to the zero point.
The place of reset. Just what does that feel like? Knowing your slate as full as it may be or not be, will be reset? It is an apocalypse of consciousness. The ultimate letting go and letting God. Like a great tornado wiping out an entire town leaving a few survivors as they climb out of the rubble to see all they have ever accumulated gone. The reset factor forces you to find the priorities of your soul.

When we lose everything, we gain everything. Everything that is sacred, real, true.
We find our human-ness. The deep stuff under all the fluff. We see with new eyes. We feel with open hearts. Our vulnerability becomes our greatest ally. There is no more pretending, no more illusion drifting around our minds. We simply are. Nothing more, nothing less.

There is no worry here. There is no fear. Because there is nothing for it to grab onto.

An apocalypse of raw genuine rapture. Death of an old state of mind. Outdated and no longer useful. It sheds like a snake skin. Revealing new scales of balance weighing only what really matters.

As one reaches down further inside of themselves they find a place of deep sorrow, the kind one can become addicted too and not even know it on the surface. But here deep inside you can feel every grainy texture that it carries. It holds every possible scenario you can imagine awake or asleep that terrifies you. Swirling into a pool of sacred elixir asking you to drink it, to believe it alive.

As you sit on this swirling pool of you, seeing it for the first time perhaps, how do you die to it? How do you transform the milky brew bent on conceiving a dream?

Here on the edge of your sanity you must find the light. Here on the verge of total chaos, on the brink of death you must let even this go. Finding light is useless because it is what you are. It is like Buddha seeking Buddha. There is no need to seek. There is no need to find it. Because even as you sit beside this churning place of inner fires built on everything you are, you are watching yourself. You are feeling yourself, you are believing yourself alive.

You have traveled across time to be here right now. All of us have. To experience this time together. What are the odds? To deny all the work your soul has done to be here is to annihilate yourself back into oblivion. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. In the end that is all we really are. But to not reflect on the wonder of your journey here and now, to look up at night and see the stars shining back at you integrating into your brain as you catch their light with your eyes, ending the lights journey yet beginning a new one….

A true world is being born inside of you. True is not necessarily New. But old and ancient. You remembering you from the beginning. The place of creation. The star cloud you were born out of……….. and before that the world you were before you entered into the black hole on the other side, as everything you thought you were became nothing…… and everything.  Remember your journey as you were pushed out onto the other side as you floated in a space of eternal silence aware of nothing, yet aware of everything. Remember that connection between all. That fiber optic highway of pulse. That flow that allowed you to feel everywhere all at once. Float into the cosmic womb and spend perhaps millions of years there moving into who you are to be now. Here. As the world turns and your life happens. Oh what a journey it has been.

Sure puts paying the bills in perspective. As well as the resentment you’ve felt for those who have hurt you into a state of null and void. Or the fighting over what is God, who is God, and what is his/her name. All of it seems silly when you remember your existence as a piece of carbon mixing with the Earth to form a planet, all the millions of years perhaps that you moved through the mixture of solid life to become imbued with consciousness that could walk itself upright.

How old is your soul? ……………….and yet here you are right now on your computer, reading these words.

In remembering yourself, you remember others. Like grains of sand on the beach we travel the journey next to each other feeling the influx of waves after wave washing us ever closer to nowhere, yet everywhere. Those few rare moments when we touch and rub next to each other, causing the friction that causes us to become smaller and smaller melting into the Ocean. Every interaction assists us into finding our way back to the smaller into the Ocean of oneness. You may have been once a great mountainside, broken into a great boulder, crumbled into smaller stones, broken even further into sand as you washed up onto some foreign shore, only to be broken down even further to your most simplistic state of existence. Back to the very etheric nature that you were when you broke down and came through the black hole only to be born again into all you are.

Can you let go enough to imagine your journey? Can you remember all you are and all you’ve experienced so far?

Puts the nightly news in perspective.

Looking back to that swirling pool of all things you fear, realize it has been a swirling life filled galaxy all this time. You just had to remember who you really are to see it that way.

As you remember, others will remember. As you wake up, others will wake up. As you burn off what no longer matters, so too will others. As you reach out your hand in love and authentic sharing, so will others. You are intimately connected to everyone you share your life with and beyond. You are not alone and you never have been.

Does a grain of sand worry about touching another grain of sand? Touch is a part of life. Passion is a fuel that helps the alchemical fires flare. Desire is the want to go further, the drive to transform. Want is the power of the wind blowing you in the direction you need to go. Need is the warm blanket that wraps you in the cold and keeps you dreaming beautiful dreams.

You are perfection. You are here to understand your imperfections perhaps. To feel crazy love. To lose yourself in the manifestation you are now, here, in this grand life you live. When you were a mountain did you ever worry about being a mountain? ….remember. When you were a planet did you worry about being a planet? ….remember. When you were a grain of sand lifting and swelling rubbing against other grains of sand did you worry? …..Remember. Why then do you worry as a human? Why do you fear? because you have forgotten who you really are. Re-member your soul. Twine it with all you are and dance it alive while you hold onto what you love only because you can.

What are the odds we share this time together? Who is in your life trying to love you right now? Why aren’t you letting them? Now is the time to let it go and let them in.

In a true world we know who we are at the greatest depths of our being. In a true world we have no silly falsities that decorate us in a way that denies who we are. In a true world no one would believe them anyway. In a true world we can only be who we really are. In a true world there is no worry, no fear because you are the source incarnated. You can laugh,  joke and express yourself however you want because in all forms it is truth.

Here we are crossing the galaxy together. Side by side. For some mystical and divine unknown reason we are here together. Looking perhaps for the same thing as we watch the night sky………….. the trail we have blazed since the beginning and the trail we have yet to follow.

There are no images in this post, no visuals. You are the visionary. You must create the vision. You must imagine the beginning and the end of who you are.


Copyright 2012 and beyond


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