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Photo by DS 2012

A friend of mine works in the building directly across where the Empire Shootings took place today. He sent me this picture by text as he was on lock down for 3 hours due to the shooting. What I find interesting, and I’m aware that it is most likely just a reflection of the light on the window as he took the photo…but look at the white sheet on the ground, that is the body of the shooter. In the street is a giant square of light and a triangle. To me, being who I am… looks like a doorway to another dimension. Interesting manifestation on 33rd/34th street across from the Empire Building.

The picture was taken from 5th and 33rd.

What I see in this picture is the optical illusion of the square in the street sort of directly across from where the dead body is.

It looks like a giant square screen. with a triangle of light at the bottom of it. See it?

On the building you see an orb, most likely a reflection of the photo being taken within the building, but on another dimensional level it is an interesting added piece.

The square in the middle of the street reminded me of something…………..

Photo by Hillary Raimo 2011

Portal. Gateway. It follows everything I have ever experienced with the 911 memorial. An opening just like I saw after 911. It also follows exactly what they built on the ground afterward….and here it is manifesting on the street during the Empire State building Shooting.

On Saturday October 25th 2011 I wrote about my experience with the 911 memorial and the screen portal.

“I was standing in front of a black hole. Square to rectangle in shape. Standing beside the hole were two huge Anubis figures. Both held giant gold staffs. Walking between them was a line of people. I realized I was watching the souls of those who died walk into the black doorway. There was no light in that doorway it was solid black. As soon as one walked through it they disappeared. It was not a hallway or tunnel, it was like a black screen. The Anubis figures marched in place. There was a sound like drums from their feet hitting the ground rumbling through the air. I tried to move forward towards the black doorway, or project my consciousness into it and it would not go through. I looked up and saw a circle of people sitting and floating around the perimeter of ground zero. I recognized indigenous men and women from all different cultures meditating with their eyes closed as if holding the space for the entire area. I saw more golden white orbs flying around the sight.” ~ HR

My sister and I on the 911 site (2001)

Woke up this morning (8/26) at 9:11am. My dreaming thoughts were 11 shot 9 killed as I opened my eyes to the clock.

2 killed 9 shot…….. 11 total at  the Empire State building shooting.
Most by police themselves vs the shooter.

What I am finding is a definite code of 911 119 and 116 611……………… I’ve had my theories about what this is for awhile now. It was elaborated on briefly by the works I and Mark Gray were doing on MEGARITUAL.  See the archives of that blog for more information and connections

The big question is………….and always has been……….. is it used, or does it just happen by chance. Is it a kind of KNOWING?

Knowing is a 2009 American-British science fiction film mystery-thriller directed by Alex Proyas and starring Nicolas Cage.

Plot: In 1959, student Lucinda Embry hears whispers as she stares at the sun. Later, she writes a page of seemingly random numbers and adds it to her school’s time capsule, set to be opened in 50 years.

Time travel, time travel technology. Handing the KNOWING back to us through time so we can KNOW. The hand that appears out of thin air, through the portal, or gateway.

In 2009, Caleb Koestler is a student at the same school. When the time capsule is opened, Caleb is supposed to read and write about some of the capsule’s contents. He’s given the page of numbers written by Lucinda. His widowed father Jonathan (Nicolas Cage), a professor of astrophysics at MIT, notices the numbers have a specific set of sequences referring to the times and locations of fatal disasters over the last 50 years, including 911012996 (the date and death toll of the 9/11 attacks). The last three sets of digits are dated in the immediate future.

Copy of Matthäus Merian’s engraving of Ezekiel’s “chariot vision” (1670)

In the movie KNOWING …….her daughter says that her mother used to hear voices and that the next date in the document, October 19, was the day Lucinda always said she would die. ((10/19 …119))

Searching Lucinda’s mobile home, they find pictures of the disasters she predicted, a copy of Matthäus Merian’s engraving of Ezekiel’s “chariot vision”, and a pile of small smooth stones near Lucinda’s bed. ((information traveling back through time))

The Art of Wayne Haag

The last number in the document appears to be “33” but they notice that it is really “EE” written backwards. They figure out that EE means “Everyone Else”, representing a cataclysm that no one will escape.

See it? …..119… 33.  Follow the code. 

The next day, John has a sudden revelation and rushes them to the MIT observatory, where he discovers that a massive solar flare will soon reach Earth, making it uninhabitable.

We are now in the phase of strong X fares according to NASA.

NASA came out this year announcing X Portals in the electromagnetic fields of the planet.

X-flare from giant sunspot group 1520 Jul 12, 2012

In 1959, student Lucinda Embry hears whispers as she stares at the sun. Later, she writes a page of seemingly random numbers and adds it to her school’s time capsule, set to be opened in 50 years.

……………hears whispers as she stares at the sun.

The sun is a portal, or gateway to the rest of the cosmos.

2012 Olympic Ceremony

The code can be cracked when it is written in that code in ritual or ceremony. It takes a knowing to follow it and to find the connections. It can be done individually or together or in groups of like minded people due to the hive mind factor.

Information can be sent back.

The hand coming back to us through the veil of time.

Technology advances are they because of our expanding minds? or are they sent back to us? by us or someone else? wonderful questions to ponder your knowing on.

Look again……

Why always a shining wheel in the sky and a hand coming through clouds or a mist? Like it is coming from some other place or dimension. You can see this in a variety of art pieces throughout TIME.

I found the following when searching for information sent back in time. The heading of the page was 1169 ((116 119 611 911)) Here it is…….


While Hawking Radiation does prove we exist in an E=MC2 compliant universe, this solution presents its own problems as well. Information is not lost, it re-emerges on the subatomic scale laterally over time. Someone wishing to send information back through time will have great difficulty in it reassembling on the other end at one point in the past. Of course the more time passes the more information there will be, but the results are spead out over alltime and as such has little practical use apart from helping us sleep at night.

The answer to the problem of interrelatedness is solved by utilizing the doppler effect and an understanding of the principles of existing in a 4D universe. This is the dual wave property of both light and matter- to the subject, the information is sent out in every direction, to the observer it only comes in one random particle at a time in a straight line. Supernovae explosions provided the clue by shooting narrow focused pulses of lateral information in one direction- invariably in the direction of the observer (tree in the forest) and we either percieve the supernovae or we don’t.

When you intersect three basic principles, the limits of the universe appear to break down in isolated spots in the fourth dimension:

1. Information is never gained or lost but transfered.
2. Matter and energy exists in a mostly virtual state.
3. Information exists in all three states but is subject to the doppler effect.” Fascinating article.

If the code is present in the timeline of events. There is a reason. I make no assumptions to that reason. I simply follow the code as I intuitively research them. It is there for everyone to see and KNOW.

Announced March 2012 “For the first time, scientists have used neutrinos – the exotic fundamental particles that routinely pass right through Earth – to send a message through the ground.

Researchers have long been intrigued by the communication possibilities of neutrinos, because these particles can easily travel through matter, including a planet, without stopping, slowing down or being misdirected.

Neutrinos are extremely tiny particles with almost zero mass and neutral charge. Thus they are impervious to electromagnetic forces and respond very weakly to gravity. They almost never collide with other particles, generally passing straight through the atoms that make up matter.

Now, scientists have successfully harnessed neutrinos to send a message from one place to another, spelling out the word “neutrino” in a particle binary code. ”

Scientists stand with the Minerva neutrino detector, located 330 feet underground at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Located 330 feet below ground.


33rd street.

See it?

Scientists have successfully harnessed neutrinos to send a message from one place to another, spelling out the word “neutrino” in a particle binary code.

The Code received from The SUN in KNOWING.

Information time traveled back to us from the future through the X portals connected to the SUN into the human brain by way of encoded neutrinos? enters into our neurons, the X portals within our brain and is then translated through the human intuition or KNOWING.

“Because neutrinos so rarely interact with other particles, they are extremely difficult to detect. The detector, called Minerva, contains layers of different materials, including carbon, lead and iron. As the neutrinos pass through it, occasionally a neutrino will collide head-on with the nucleus of one of these atoms, creating other particles that are visible to the detector.”

Minerva you say? Stemming from an Italic moon goddess *Meneswā ‘She who measures’ Minerva was the goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools and commerce.

Mosaic of the Minerva of Peace (detail), Elihu Vedder, 1896 (Library of Congress)

Minerva on the Medal of Honor

Often referred to as the “owl of Athena” or “owl of Minerva“, it accompanies Minerva in Roman myths, seen as a symbol of wisdom because the owl is capable of seeing even in the dark and of vigilance because the owl is awake at night.

Silver tetradrachm coin depicting owl of Athena

One more word about giving instruction as to what the world ought to be. Philosophy in any case always comes on the scene too late to give it… When philosophy paints its gloomy picture then a form of life has grown old. It cannot be rejuvenated by the gloomy picture, but only understood. Only when the dusk starts to fall does the owl of Minerva spread its wings and fly.
G.W.F. Hegel, Philosophy of Right (1820), “Preface”

As the neutrinos pass through it, occasionally a neutrino will collide head-on with the nucleus of one of these atoms, creating other particles that are visible to the detector….. “The likelihood of that occurring is very small, but if you have a big enough mass in the detector it will occur frequently enough to get a signal,” said study leader Dan Stancil, an electrical engineer at North Carolina State University. “One in every 10 billion neutrinos creates an event.”

One in every 10 billion neutrinos creates an event.

Information sent through time by way of Neutrinos. Every ten billion creates an event we can SEE.

“The owl is capable of seeing even in the dark and of vigilance because the owl is awake at night.”

Seeing into the dark unconscious collective mind. Being AWAKE in the DARK is key.

“Scientists have successfully harnessed neutrinos to send a message from one place to another, spelling out the word “neutrino” in a particle binary code.

Binary codes…………

To send their message, the researchers turned their neutrino beam on and off in the fashion of a binary system of 1’s and 0’s used by computers to encapsulate information.

I & O. Bab and El. 10101010101010101………..
Male & Female Divine Union of……………turned ON.

Capturing the power of……….to send information back in and out of TIME.

The neutrino beams normally come in pulses, one every 2.2 seconds.” ……..22 the number of the cosmic heart. 

Scientists beamed a message through the ground using neutrinos in a binary code. Photo University of Rochester

Beamed through the ground……….through the EARTH. The grand O. The female. The YIN FACTOR. Capturing and communicating the grand flow of information.

You do not need a computer. You do not need a bunch of scientist to tell you what has been KNOWN for eternity. But in todays world of needing proof, here it is.

In principle, you could have straight-line communication right through the center of the Earth, without satellites or cables,” Stancil said. “I can imagine there could be certain strategic situations where that could be very valuable.

………………………Through the core INSIGHT COMES.

Announced 4 days ago………..

NASA to return to the Red Planet, plans mission to study Mars’ core

The new craft, InSight, now set to go in 2016, will use tested Phoenix-lander technology and only cost $425 million, compared with Curiosity’s $2.5 billion pricetag.

Read more:

Image from

The inner SUN. Our core. What lies in this most intimate space within us? How do we KNOW what makes us tick?
When we close our eyes we bathe in the light of the Black Sun. When we open our eyes we bathe in the light of our STAR FIRE. The central hub of life on our planet. It follows a code we are just beginning to understand. As we understand we can track it, we can tap into it and go… other places within time and space.

KNOWING comes from within. KNOWING by way of insight. KNOWING is the golden halo of divinity. 

Written by Hillary Raimo August 26th 2012

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    Sometimes we need to go back in time.

  2. ckahniea1 says:

    Hillary, I am so afraid of SEEING and KNOWING and don’t understand why

    1. Because once we see and know we hold a tremendous amount of responsibility.

      1. ckahniea1 says:

        I will think about this and thanks!

  3. Every conclusion adds up emotionally. The more emotions in society, the sooner the ‘sky’ wll ‘fall’.

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